I put a lot of thought into creating this walkthrough so that it would be useful for all types of people. Basically, you should be able to use this walkthrough if:

  • You want a comprehensive guide of the entire game
  • You just want to know the tricky things about the game (like where to learn new magic)
  • You want to play the game for yourself, but have a translation of what's going on and when
  • You want to avoid premature spoilers
  • You don't even have the game, but want to know the story because you're planning on writing a Harry Potter - Magical School Lunar crossover fanfic (it's begging to be written, you know)

In the design notes below, I try and describe how you could approach the guide to find out as much, or as little, of the information you're seeking.

Walkthrough Design and Usage

This walkthrough is divided into the twelve chapters of the game (the extra sections for controls, menus, names and places, and magic spells are all self explanatory). The walkthrough is organized along the lines of what you need to do, and what happens when you do it.

The guide is split up within chapters by changes in location. When you arrive in a new area (a new cave, a new town, etc.), then you'll see a break like this:


Actions listed directly like this are necessary actions you need to do in order to progress the game.

OPTIONAL| Actions labeled "optional" are actions that are not necessary to progress the game. Some of these will help you find out more about the game, are relevant to the background story, or just contain interesting or funny side-events.

MAGIC (OPTIONAL)| Actions labeled as "MAGIC" and optional actions that you have to take if you want to learn a new magic spell; but, these actions are not required for progressing the game--only for getting more magic.

MAGIC (AUTOMATIC)| Actions labeled as "MAGIC" and automatic are events that occur, automatically in the course of the game, that you get a magic spell or two out of.


Events in these boxes are just explanations of storyline events, translated dialogue, things like that.



Events labeled "CINEMA" are the explanations and dialogue translations for cinematic events.



Things in these boxes labeled DIRECTIONS are directions through the overworld, caves, dungeons, towers, or any other place you can get into random battles.



Things in these boxes labeled MAGIC come after explanations of what you need to do to get a particular magic spell (optional or automatic ones), and list what magic spells you obtained and their effects.

If you want a comprehensive guide...

The guide itself should tell you everything you need to do, and most or all of the interesting side-events. The dialogue boxes below that will give storyline and dialogue translations.

If you just want to know the secrets...

The 'secrets' of the game mostly relate to when and where you can learn new magic spells. The walkthrough itself will have the MAGIC (OPTIONAL) and MAGIC (AUTOMATIC) labels for all of that. Also, the OPTIONAL label is used for other side-events that aren't necessary to progress the game.

Also, all the information related to learning magic is in one place in the Magic section.

If you just want a translation...

You can focus on the things given in the dialogue boxes. The translations are organized along the lines of what you'll see in the game itself. Given the character expressions that accompany in-game dialogue, you should be able to tell who's saying what, and when (although all that's already given in the translation, it should make things easier).

Now, one of the things I did intentionally do was to leave certain things vague. Generally, anything you can gather from on-screen events only, are referred to rather vaguely. For example, when I say:



You go with Glen into the Dark Castle D.

I omit explaining just how you go with him to the Dark Castle. (You gotta get up to Chapter 8 to see this.)

My purpose was that I wanted to make sure there's a lot in store that makes the game really worth playing. To do that, I try to only do enough to help you understand everything in the game that you would, if it were originally in English.

If you want to know the storyline...

If you don't have the actual game, but still want to know the story, this guide should still be what you need. I do leave certain things vague, things that you can gather from on-screen events. But, all those fall in the realm of just interesting bits that aren't necessary to understanding the story itself.

Spoiler Avoidance

It's impossible to write a walkthrough that eliminates spoilers, especially one that is supposed to have translations along with it. But, I do what I can to avoid premature spoilers. That is, if you progress through this guide at the same pace as you progress through the game, then there should still be plenty in store for you story-wise.

Much of this involves leaving things vague up-front, and filling them in later on. For example, if I give directions through a dungeon up to a certain point, I'll do something like this:

Go through the dungeon to [the vague story-related event].


All directions will be given here.

And the specifics of that story-related event will be filled in here, after the directions.

Anyway, I hope the design of this walkthrough is easy to understand. I tried to make it very intuitive, so even if you don't want to bother reading all of the above, you should be able to figure it out for yourself pretty easily.


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