Opening cinema and theme song, "Wonderful Fantasy".

Run far and as fast as you can,

A new day lies ahead!

Last night, all I could do was worry,

Crushed by uneasiness around me.

I asked the stars above to grant my wish,

But they only twinkled in response.

What will happen?

Open up the door!

Start an adventure, a wonderful fantasy!

Get a running start, and head for the skies,

Aiming for the break in the clouds!

Run far and as fast as you can,

A new day lies ahead!

What will happen!




Memphis says an incantation to open a door, and retrieves an orb.

MEMPHIS: With this, I can... hm hm hm... Ha ha ha!

The scene switches to Ellie and Lena in an orchard picking apples.

-Ellie and Lena laugh-


The village of Burg is picking apples. Lena and Ellie are talking when an old man, named Glen, arrives, lost. He asks them about a cave in the area, and so Ellie offers to help him despite Lena's suspicion. Before they leave, Ellie's father asks her for some help; she flies up and picks some apples from the top of a tree, much to Glen's surprise. The three of them (Ellie, Lena, and Glen) then leave.



Ellie and Lena guide Glen to the cave at the beach.

GLEN: Oh, now this is a good cave. You wouldn't find one with an airway like this in Vane... My, yes, this is just as beautiful as it was rumored to be.

After they arrive, the ground starts shaking.




Memphis uses the orb to call forth a spirit and demand its power. Meanwhile, the ground around Ellie, Lena, and Glen starts shaking, and a castle rises from the water and floats away.


LENA: What's that?

GLEN: It's the Dark Castle D... ...It was supposed to have been sealed away...


Back on the beach, Glen agrees to explain himself: he is a scout for the Magic School, and has heard that there were two girls in this village with an innate talent for magic. Lena completely distrusts him.

LENA: Hold on, reality check.

GLEN: No, I'm not lying! I go around to towns and villages to find talented people for the Magic School. The ability to fly in the air is certainly proof of such talent.

ELLIE: ...I don't think he's lying, Lena... but something is up.

Lena's father eventually comes running in, and she accuses him of being in league with Glen to sell her and Ellie off. Lena's father confirms that Glen is who he says he is.

LENA'S FATHER: (pant pant pant)... At last... Are you Glen!?

LENA: What, dad, you mean you know this old man? Oh, I get it. So you're in league with him to sell us off!? I'm telling mom about this!

LENA'S FATHER: ...You're jumping to conclusions, as always. Listen to me first. This gentleman here is Professor Glen, a scout for the Magic School. I trust you were not rude to him?

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