Main Menu
Main Menu brought up when you hit A

Battle Menu
Menu brought up in battle

Main Menu


Bring up the menu with the A button. Press Left/Right or L/R to switch between characters, A to select, and B to cancel.

There are three sub-menus you can go to, described in detail below:
  (1) Magic
  (2) Status
  (3) System

Also: (A) The bottom-right corner will show any special plot-related items you have.



(1) Magic

Each character's magic spell and MP cost is listed. Press A to use a spell, B to cancel. You can only use healing spells (highlighted in white) outside of battle.

Magic spells for each character are listed in the Magic section.



(2) Status

The first screen is the basic stats for the character. Press down to see the list of magic spells.

The status is listed as following:

  (A) Name (B) Level
  (C) HP: Current / Max
  (D) MP: Current / Max
(E) Attack
    (strength of attack)
(F) Defense
    (protection from attack)
(G) Agility
    (order of turn)
(H) Wisdom
    (strength of magic)
(I) Magic Defense
    (protection from magic)
(J) Luck
    (critical hit/miss rate)
(K) Current Experience (L) EXP Until Next Level



(3) System

This has the save/load and settings menus. There are three more sub-menus under here.

  (1) Save Game
      Up/Down to select the save slot
      Left/Right to select internal vs external RAM
      A to save, B to cancel
      If overwriting, a prompt will show up to confirm: Yes / No

  (2) Load Game
      Up/Down to select load slot
      Left/Right to select internal vs externam RAM
      A to save, B to cancel
      When loading, a prompt will show up to confirm: Yes / No

  (3) Settings
      Up/Down to select option
      Left/Right to change option
      Options are:

      (A) Sound: Mono / Stereo
      (B) Message Speed: Slow / Normal / Fast
      (C) Battle Cursor: Set / Free

I really can't tell what a "Set" or "Free" battle cursor is supposed to be. I haven't found any difference between them.

Battle Menu


The first menu you see when you get into a battle has two options:

  (1) Fight
  (2) Flee

On the right, the screen shows the names and amount of each monster on the field.



When you choose to fight, there are five options for each character. Press A to select, and B to back up to the previous character/menu. For attacking and some magic spells, you will need to also select a target. For area-effect spells, the affected targets will also be shown on screen. The second menu has these options:

(A) Defend
(B) Attack (C) Magic (D) Combo
(E) Flee

  • Defend: move character to another location on field and defend; when you defend, you regain some MP
  • Attack: select an enemy to attack
  • Magic: select a magic spell and a target/area
  • Combo: select a combined magic spell (cast by two or more people) and a target/area; this will be greyed-out until you learn your first combo spell
  • Flee: attempt to run away from battle


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