In Town
Locations inside the town of Ien

On Island
Locations on the rest of the island of Ien

Other locations not on Ien

In the Town of Ien

School Tower DIRECTIONS| The north-central side of town, just right of the river
The main administrative building of the school. The first floor has Prof Emma's office, and the meeting room. The third floor has Dean Steel's office. The second floor has... just an ordinary door.

Dormitory DIRECTIONS| The center of town, just above the plaza
The main residence hall of the school. The first floor has the boys' rooms and the kitchen. The second floor as the girls' rooms and a strangely empty room.

Iason's Dojo DIRECTIONS| The northeast side of town, just right of the School Tower
Where Iason-sensei teaches the art of sword magic, and how to be a Real Man! Just beside the dojo is his training dungeon, for Real Men!

Dadis's Classroom DIRECTIONS| The northwest corner of town, just left of the river
Where Prof Dadis teaches the art of cosmetic magic. It's built above his storeroom, although it doesn't seem all that stable...

Terena's Classroom DIRECTIONS| The west-central side of town, just south of Dadis's Classroom
Where Prof Terena teaches the magic of song.

Brune's Classroom DIRECTIONS| The center of town, just south of the School Tower and between the river and Dormitory
Where Prof Brune teaches herbology. This also serves as a greenhouse, where he cultivates plants and conducts experiments. He occasionally has rare and exotic plants inside.

Kent's Lab DIRECTIONS| The center of town, just south of Brune's Classroom and between the river and Dormitory
Where Prof Kent constructs and tests his inventions. This also serves as his classroom, when it's not exploding.

Ralph's Library DIRECTIONS| The southeast corner of town, just south of one of the exits/entrances
The library of Ien, where Prof Ralph also spends all his time.

Plaza DIRECTIONS| The south-central side of town, just south of the Dormitory
The center of student activity. Although, it's usually filled with students who don't know what else to do.

On the Island of Ien

Ien Town DIRECTIONS| Go north from the docks/coast, and follow the river west and north
The main town of Ien, where most of the school's buildings are located.

Docking Tower DIRECTIONS| The southwest corner of the island
The dock extends from this point when the island of Ien docks with another island. This allows people to cross over from Ien to another location without needing a boat.

Glen's Island DIRECTIONS| The east end of the island
Glen lives on this island, in his cabin. For some reason, it looks like an entirely separate piece of land, apart from the island of Ien itself.

Port DIRECTIONS| Directly south of the town
From the pier here, you can catch a boat to nearby locations without having to wait for Ien to dock.

Coastal Forest DIRECTIONS| South of the town, east of the port
Occasionally, Prof Brune comes here to look for plants, and other students come here to... get lost.

Coastal Cave DIRECTIONS| From the port, go directly east until the next stairway down
This is an empty coastal area with a sealed cave on it. There's no telling what the cave's purpose is...

Stargazing Tower DIRECTIONS| Directly east of town
Prof Hyde spends most of his time in the observatory of this tower. The bridge to the tower has been broken for ages, though.

Other and Offshore

Skull Island DIRECTIONS| Board Skull Island from the Docking Tower
An eerie fog extends from this island to cover Ien in Chapter 5. A shipwreck is also here.

Meria DIRECTIONS| Take a boat to Meria from the Port
The town of the merfolk. Historically, the merfolk have always had a good relationship with the people of Ien. Ien stops by Meria about once a year.

Dark Castle DIRECTIONS| ???
This mysterious and evil castle was supposed to have been sealed away...


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