Today is the day of Prof Dadis's test. Perhaps the test will involve applying magic makeup on each other (as weird as that sounds).

Lena wonders about the relationship between the Vile Tribe woman Barua, and Glen; Senia's also interested. Lena suggests that they go and visit Glen to ask him themselves, since there's still plenty of time before the test.

MAGIC (OPTIONAL)| Enter Iason's Dojo and talk with Iason-sensei. Iason-sensei teaches Senia the Floral Dance spell.

Iason asks Senia about her magic attacks, based on lightning. He's heard that beastmen seem to have a talent with lightning magic. Iason then says that she can become a 'Real Man' if she wants, and so he offers to teach her a spell: Floral Dance (Real Men use spells with 'flower' in the name!)



Senia - Floral Dance| Lightning-and-punches combo attack

OPTIONAL| Talk to some of the other teachers around Ien: Terena, Kent, Ralph (the library), Brune, Emma (first floor of the School Tower), and Dean Steel (top floor of the School Tower).

Terena greets you, and asks that you remain quiet as her lessons are currently in progress. If you talk with her again, she asks if you've met with Glen yet.

Kent asks Lena to be part of his next experiment. She declines, but Kent offers to give her a walking/eating tour of Ien--Lena hesitates before Senia snaps her out of it.

When speaking to Ralph, the girls sort of joke with him, although he seems not to remember much.

Emma says she's heard about what happened between Ralph and Dean Steel, and how the girls intervened to help.

Steel thanks you for your help. He won't say much, but he does confirm that Ralph doesn't remember anything about what happened. In particular, he doesn't want to go into details since he'd rather not upset Glen (presumeably by telling too many people about the situation).

OPTIONAL| Read some of the books in Ralphs Library

LENA: Hey, this looks like a book about Senia. See, it's about beastmen.

SENIA: ...what's this, I don't like that title.

LENA: 'The beastmen live in caves and their lifestyle is centered around hunting.'

SENIA: Give me that book!!


SENIA: I'm going to throw this book out!! We beastmen live just like everyone else!!

LENA: It's ok, it's not like I'm going to actually read it.

SENIA: But there are some people who'll read it, and believe what's inside!

LENA: Oh... right... I guess you have a point...


LENA: A history of Ien... Where have I seen the face on this book before...

ELLIE: Isn't that Glen?

OPTIONAL| Talk to the man standing behind Iason's Dojo (outside the building in the back).

They ask what he's doing there. He doesn't respond, but instead runs inside the dojo.

OPTIONAL| After talking to the man behind Iason's Dojo, enter the dojo itself.

You see the same guy from outside come in to talk with Iason-sensei. He says he wants to be a 'Real Man'. So, Iason and the guy go outside to fight.

OPTIONAL| After the incident inside the dojo, exit the dojo.

Iason and the guy are standing across from one another; the boys are there too, but they seem to be unable to move. The guy then backs down from Iason-sensei and runs away.

Exit Ien by the south exit and go to Glen's Island.


From the town, go southeast and cross the bridge across the river. Then, continue heading east. Take the next set of stairs you see north, then continue northeast and cross another bridge over to Glen's Island.


At Glen's Island, go all the way east and enter Glen's house. Talk with Glen inside.

The girls want to know more about Barua and what happened in Ien recently. Glen tells them:. Barua is part of the Vile Tribe, and she takes advantage of the weakness in people's hearts. So the girls need to be careful.

That's it? Glen tries to walk away but Lena stops him. Her question is why Glen and Barua seem to know one another. Ellie also wants to know what's the deal with that Dark Castle, and what does the Vile Tribe want with Ien. Glen, though, can't say anything to them about Barua--he can't even say anything about her to Steel.

About the Dark Castle, though... That other man looks like he wants to use the Dark Castle to attack Ien. He didn't know yet whether it was real or not, so he decided to investigate while he was scouting new talent for Ien near Burg.

Anyway, it's nearly time for the test, and they'd best be getting back to Ien. Before you leave, Glen decides to help you out.

MAGIC (AUTOMATIC)| Glen teaches Lena the Shield spell.


Lena - Shield| Raises defense and magic defense

Exit Glen's Island and go back to Ien.


Go southeast from the island, back west along the river, north across the bridge, and northwest to Ien.


MAGIC (OPTIONAL)| Enter Ralph's Library and talk to Ralph. Prof Ralph teaches Ellie the Flaze spell.


Wing+Ellie - Flaze Tornado| Unleash a fire-and-air tornado

MAGIC (OPTIONAL)| To learn a spell from Prof Brune, do the following:
(1) Go to Brune's Classroom and talk with Brune.

Brune lets you try out some new perfume. Unfortunately, it has a strange reaction with Senia.

(2) Exit Brune's Classroom, and enter it again. Talk with the two students there.

The students say that Prof Brune went to the park.

(3) Exit Brune's Classroom and go to the Plaza in Ien (the south-central side of town). Talk with Brune there (at the east end of the park).

Brune explains that he's collecting a few samples for his experiments.

(4) Exit the park and go back to Brune's Classroom. Talk with Brune (at the table in the back again--he's fast!). Now, he will teach Lena the Popcorn Bomb spell.

Brune laments that his experiments always end with an explosion. But, he has found some interesting magic properties as a result, and decides to share this knowledge with Lena.



Lena - Popcorn Bomb| A plant that explodes in fire

Enter Dadis's Classroom.

No one seems to be inside. Lena says the test couldn't have begun yet, so she decides to prepare ahead of time. She gets some of the magic cosmetics off the shelf and starts applying it to Senia.

LENA: Oh you have such great skin!

SENIA: Of course! I'm still 14.

After they're done, Senia asks what kind of magic the designs she used is supposed to give. Lena doesn't really know... Ellie suggests that Senia just try her magic out and see the effects. She does, and discovers a new spell.

MAGIC (AUTOMATIC)| As a result, Senia learns the Thunderblade spell.


Senia - Thunderblade| Powerful and focused lightning attack


They run over to check on Ellie. Lena heals her and she's fine again.


Prof Dadis finally enters. Just then, the boys slide back into the room--even though they supposedly went over to join with Prof Ralph instead. Anyway, now the test will begin. Prof Dadis says that there is a basement storeroom here. They're to go there and look for three items in storage that he can't seem to find: the Palace Stone, the Cosk Herb, and the Pale Water. Without these, he cannot continue his research. There are also monsters in the storeroom, so they must be careful.

MAGIC (OPTIONAL)| Exit Dadis's Classroom, go to Terena's Classroom, and talk with Prof Terena twice. She teaches Lena the Tension spell.

The first time, Terena suggests that Lena might ask Prof Kent for help regarding her tone-deafness. The second time, Terena suggests that Lena take her test one more time. Lena does, and this time she does about as poorly, but Terena suggests that the problem is her loud voice more so than her being off-key. She then teaches Lena a spell to help.



Lena - Tension| Raises attack and wisdom

Go to the southwest corner of the first floor of Dadis's Classroom (the same floor you're on).

Before you enter, one of the students tells you that this is a magic test. So, be aware of what kind of magic has what effect, and use your magic accordingly.

Go down the stairs in the southwest corner.



Once you go downstairs, the girls resolve not to lose to Ant and the boys.

Go through the storeroom to the masked door.


B1: From the entrance, go left. Follow the path a little bit north to get to the masked doorway.

Check the doorway.

The mask will make a sound; it scares Lena and Senia. The sound it makes is Dadis's name. The girls decide to look for another route.

Go back through the passageway to a side-room.


B1: From the masked door, go back south, then east past the doorway. Follow the path south, then all the way to the east and up to a room with a student.

Talk to the student in the side-room.

The student is sorting out the storeroom, for the days when Prof Dadis comes down to look for something. Ellie asks him about the three items they're looking for (the Palace Stone, the Cosk Herb, and the Pale Water). He doesn't know. Ellie says that's fine, they can just proceed to the back of the storeroom to look for it themselves. The student then explains that there's a mask on a door that you'll need the key to: the key is to apply magic cosmetics to the face of the mask.

Go back to the masked doorway.


B1: From the side-room, go south, follow the path east, then north, then west past the entrance, and continue a little bit north until the masked doorway.

Check the masked doorway again.

Lena applies makeup to the mask and says an incantation to open it up.

LENA: We girls who want to be like the Goddess Althena, we pray to the Blue Star; what do you think is in the starry skies? Beautiful Makeup!!

Unfortunately, Lena's spell is wrong. She's knocked back, so Senia takes up the task and says another incantation.

SENIA: Sword in the ground! Show your ghostly eyes! Fighting Makeup!!

Wrong again. Ellie now tries with more makeup and another incantation.

ELLIE: See the dream that flies in the sky. Girls continue to pray to the angels... Wings, give life to this makeup!!


Go down the next set of stairs.


B1: From the door, continue north and a little west to get to the doorway.

In the next room, go down and a little right. Check one of the piles of pink things there.

Senia suggests that one of these could be the Palace Stone. Lena says they don't look like rocks, and there's no way to tell which one is the Palace Stone, so they decide to each take a pile to ask someone else who can identify them.

OPTIONAL| Go northwest and follow the path from there to see how Ant and the boys are doing so far.

If you talk with Ant, it appears that the boys are having trouble getting past this one monster. Lena cheers on the monster.

After getting the stones, go back left and up the stairs. Then, go back to the student in the side-room.


B1: From this stairway, go back east, then south. Then, continue west and a little south. Continue east past the stairs, then south, then all the way west, and north to the side-room again.

Enter the side-room.

The student says they're all Palace Stones, so you only needed to take one... Lena picks one up.

Go back through the storeroom to get to a bookshelf.


B1: From the side-room, go south, back east, then north, then west past the entrance, then back north and through where the masked doorway used to be. Then, continue north, go northwest, continue all the way to the west, take the path north, and then go all the way to the east until you see Ant and the other boys. Go south past them. (If you talk with Ant or the monster, they're still having trouble passing him. Lena cheers on the monster.) From the monster, continue east. Take the first path south and continue all the way until you pass a bookshelf.

Try to go past the bookshelf.

Ellie will notice that the Pale Water seems to be on the shelf. Senia and Lena are impressed (though Ellie only knows this because she actually pays attention during class). It's on the top shelf, but shorty decides to go for it instead of Ellie. The shelf crashes and explodes, forcing the girls to look for the Pale Water elsewhere.

From the shelf, go to get the Cosk Herb.


B1: From the bookshelf, take the southwest path. Go down the stairs.

B2: Go south and follow the path west then north. Keep going along this path (it'll snake back down to the south) until you reach a plant on the ground.

Go to the plant on the ground.

Lena says she's found the Cosk Herb. Ellie and Senia ask how she knows; Lena hesitates and says that Prof Dadis mentioned the herb tastes good, and this looks like it would be good as tempura or in a salad (this is all news to Ellie and Senia). Just then, Ant and the boys run by and swipe the herb, leaving Senia to run after them.

As Senia, continue to the right and follow the boys. Each time they try to block you, follow them to the right.

The boys try to push things in Senia's path, but to no avail. Kule and Rick are getting tired. Eventually, Senia has Ant cornered and blasts a new hole in the wall. Ellie and Lena catch up to her and retrieve the Cosk Herb. At Ellie's insistence, Lena also heals Ant.


During your battles past this point, you might hear a little rumbling sound. As the battles continue, Ellie suggests that it might have to do with using Senia's lightning attacks underground. The girls get a bad feeling about all of this... (But really, you can go ahead and continue using Senia's lightning magic as much as you want--I mean, really, what's the worst that could happen?)

ELLIE: I think it might be better if you stick to normal attacks.

SENIA: What do you mean? My lightning -is- my normal attack! ... Why are you two looking at me funny?

Continue through the storeroom to a clearing with water.


B2: Continue north from where Senia blasted that hole. Then, go all the way to the east and take the last path to the north. Continue along this path to the stairs to the next floor.

B3: Go directly south and take the second path west. Continue west and take the next path you see south. Continue south, then go all the way east, and take the next path north you see. Continue north all the way until you reach a clearing.

Enter the clearing and approach the water.

The girls look for the Pale Water here; Senia finds it in the cabinet. As you leave, though, the Masque on the wall suddenly comes alive!

BOSS BATTLE| Fight the Masque.



The place starts falling apart. Lena is about to blame it on Senia, but there's no time for that--they have to get out, and fast! After they make their escape, Lena blames Senia for the ordeal and leaves with Ellie.

DADIS: Wh... what happened here? Who is responsible for this?!

LENA: Oh, I believe the one you want is... Senia, right here!

SENIA: Hey! What are you--

LENA: Here are the things you wanted from the storeroom, professor. Now if you'll excuse us!

SENIA: You jerks!!

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