The girls are talking about Senia's seemingly-sudden decision to get married. They're happy for her, but Lena won't forgive her for just leaving them there in Ien and returning to her home village. If only they had some cute guy get captured so they could rescue him...

Anyway, Blade runs up and asks if they've seen a new student aroud here. Because no one's entered the dojo this year, Iason-sensei has sent him around to recruit. The girls join him to help him out, despite Blade's protests. Maybe they can find a cute guy this way, Lena figures.

OPTIONAL| Go to the northwest corner of town and enter Dadis's Classroom (it's finally been rebuilt!).

The students inside ask you not to destroy it this time around. Prof Dadis also congratulates them on the news about the marriage. Although he has to be reminded that it's Senia, not Lena, who's getting married to Azu. And, the guy with you is Blade, not Azu.

OPTIONAL| Go to Terena's Classroom and speak with Prof Terena inside.

Prof Terena offers to let Lena re-take her music test. Not knowing what's in store for them, Blade encourages her to take it. After the 'performance', Ellie asks Blade to keep quiet. Prof Terena congratulates Lena... sort of.

TERENA: ...that was wonderful. You're like a living musical weapon, Lena.

BLADE: Wh... what? Is this some parallel universe!?

OPTIONAL| Go to Kent's Lab and talk with Prof Kent.

Kent presents you with his latest invention--another flying machine, but this time it comes equipped with an airbag! Now the risk of death has been reduced to only a very small and hardly even noticeable percent! Lena backs away and tells Blade to be a 'Real Man' and step up to help her. He does nothing, and so Kent takes them outside to try out the new device.

They try it out. Lena flies up and... the expected happens. The airbag is also conspicuously not deployed. Prof Kent figures that he couldn't possibly have miscalculated the risk of death, so he goes back inside to update his designs.

Go to Iason's Dojo and talk with Iason-sensei.

Lena comments on how he's not getting any students probably because his tests are so difficult.

IASON: Nonsense! This year the test is only to hold your breath for five minutes! That's all! Of course, any Real Man should be able to do that.

Exit Iason's Dojo.

When you leave, you see a student about to come in, but he quickly runs off. Blade starts after him, but rejoins you.

Go to Ralph's Library, and talk with Prof Ralph.

Prof Ralph comments on how he was looking forward to some peace and quiet now that Senia is gone. He's also gone on to take some new students this year.

Exit the library.

Once again, you see a student about to come in, only to quickly run off. Ellie notices that it's the same student they saw in front of the dojo.

Go to the plaza in the center of town. Then go to the fountain where the new student is standing.

Lena tries to give Blade a few pointers on how to deal with the new student so he doesn't scare him off. Blade approaches him and asks if he'd like to be a part of the great dojo. Lena then runs up to make sure Blade doesn't scare him off this time...

Lena tries saying, more nicely, that the dojo is taking in new students. The new guy apologizes--using really careful, polite, and humbling language, which irritates Lena to no end.

LENA: ...after all this time, a cute guy -finally- comes this way, and he has to be the prim and proper kind

[NOTE: Literally, Lena says 'he has to be a guy who refers to himself as 'boku'.'] Anyway, the new guy says he can't bring himself to choose a teacher yet. Lena's irritated as his indecisiveness, and Blade is irritated because this means he won't join the dojo. The new guy gets scared and runs off.

BLADE: That girly-man wouldn't have lasted long in Iason's Dojo anyway.



The new student, Wing, is sitting at the beach when Barua approaches. Referring to Wing by name (before he has a chance to even introduce himself), she says that she understands the true extent of his power, and can help him to utilize it--against the people of Ien.


Back in Iason's Dojo, Blade and Lena explain their lack of success at recruiting. Iason-sensei... sets Blade on fire and tells him to tough it out as part of his lesson. Blade asks him for one more chance. Ellie offers to go along with him, and so Iason-sensei consents.

MAGIC (OPTIONAL)| Talk with Iason-sensei again and he teaches Blade the Frozen Sword spell.


Blade - Frozen Sword| Ice and sword attack


Iason-sensei also reminds Blade that to be a Real Man, he must have the patience and resolve of ice, and not just a heart of fire.

Go to Ralph's Library and talk with Prof Ralph a few times.

Prof Ralph says that they need not look around everywhere for a new student. Someone just brought in a new student they found fallen at the coast; he was taken to Prof Emma's place.

Go to the School Tower and talk with Prof Emma on the first floor.

Emma says that there was a new student here a moment ago, but he suddenly got up and left, without saying anything. Prof Emma describes him as a pale and weak-spirited boy; she then asks the girls if they would mind bringing him back there if they run into him again.

Go to the plaza in the middle of town.



The trio approaches the new student.

LENA: Hey, you're the new student who they took to Prof Emma, right?

WING: I am Wing. I have come from Caldor Isle, and I intend to take over the island of Ien. Prepare yourselves!


Glen teleports in and saves the trio from the fire burning around them. Glen advises them to check on the condition of the rest of the school to make sure it's all right. And then, he asks them to come by his cabin. Now's not the time for details.

OPTIONAL| Exit the plaza. You can talk to some of the students and people around town.

Some of the houses have been burned down; most everyone, including the girls themselves, suspect it was the Vile Tribe. Quite conveniently, none of the classrooms have burned down... Except for one.

If you speak with Prof Dadis, Lena suggests that maybe it's just the fate of his class to keep getting destroyed.

OPTIONAL| Go to Iason's Dojo and talk with Iason-sensei.

Iason-sensei says that they were able to quickly put out the fire around where they were. He also tells Blade that he needs to get the student who caused that blaze into his dojo; they could really use someone that powerful.

OPTIONAL| Go into Ralph's Library and talk with Prof Ralph.

Prof Ralph explains that the library is under special protection, and so cannot be burned by (what he assumes was) Lena's fire. Ellie asks about the 'special protection'; Prof Ralph says it's a secret. Maybe he'll divulge it some other time.

Exit Ien by the southeast and go to Glen's Island.


From the town, go southeast and cross the bridge across the river. Then, continue heading east. Take the next set of stairs you see north, then continue northeast and cross another bridge over to Glen's Island.


At Glen's Island, go all the way east and enter Glen's house. Talk with Glen inside.

Glen says now is the time to follow that new student. He explains, also, that the new guy isn't Vile Tribe, but just someone else whom Barua took control of. They have to hurry up and help him.

Blade then asks what Glen means by following the new student. So Glen demonstrates...



You go with Glen into the Dark Castle D.



Glen explains that you are now inside the Dark Castle. Lena is a bit upset that it seems every time something goes wrong, it falls upon them to set it right again. Glen then joins the party.

MAGIC (AUTOMATIC)| Glen already has his four main spells: Yo! Sole! Hoi! and Ha! (The exclamation points are a necessary part of the spell name!)


Glen - Yo!| Greatly recovers party's HP
Glen - Sole!| Powerful explosive fire attack
Glen - Hoi!| Ground-based attack
Glen - Ha!| Explosive fire attack

Go through the Dark Castle until you reach Memphis.


1F: From where you entered, go west. Take the first path you see to the south, and from there go east. Take the next path you see going south all the way. Keep going south until the path turns back to the west. Go west and you'll find the stairs up.

2F: From the stairs, go west all the way. Ignore the first path north, and follow the path as it goes west and curves north, then east. Keep going east, and at the next split go southeast. At the next split, keep going southeast. Follow this path as it curves east and then northeast to the stairs up.

3F: From the stairs, go west. Take the next path going south. Ignore the path that goes to the east, and keep going south. Follow this path as it curves southeast and east, then northeast to the stairs up.

4F: From the stairs, go southwest. Follow the path all the way as it continues northwest, then north, then back east and south, and then enter a room where Memphis is waiting.


Memphis and Glen confront one another. Glen demands that Memphis stop taking control of students. Memphis says that Glen is mistaken; Barua is doing that, not him. He's just temporarily allying himself with Barua until she obtains Ien's power.

GLEN: You haven't changed at all... You're just as awful as you are power-hungry.

MEMPHIS: Glen! That's no different from you! You're taking these students along and using their power for your own ends!

The girls protest a bit at this. Memphis says this is just a result of Glen's brainwashing: Glen is no different than Barua, really.

MEMPHIS: You children! What guarantee do you have that Glen, here, will always be the kind old man you think you know!?

The girls say that's not how they think of a friend. They trust and believe in Glen. Lena demands that Memphis return the new student he's captured; they want to go back already. Memphis says he doesn't know where he is; like he already said, that's Barua's doing, not his. Memphis says he'll let them go ahead and find the student they're looking for; but he'll be here waiting to finish up his business with Glen when they're done.

Continue through the dark castle until you reach Barua.


4F: From where Memphis is standing, go south. Follow this path as it turns east and north to the stairs up.

5F: From the stairs, go west. Take the path south, and follow it south, then west, then a little bit north until you reach an open area. Go to the northeast corner of this area, and take the path north from there to find Barua.


Barua is shocked that Glen was able to enter the castle. She commands Wing there to kill them all. She flies out. Glen tells Ellie and the others to take care of Wing; he has to go after Barua.

Defeat Wing and the 3 D-Knights.


Glen and Barua are dueling it out. Barua says she'll never give up Wing, before escaping. Ellie, Lena, and Blade catch up. Blade says that Wing is all right, only unconscious right now. After they leave, Memphis comes in and remarks that he could use kids with that kind of power. He then calls out to "D".

D: Memphis... Memphis...

MEMPHIS: Do you feel the power!? Power which surpasses time and space, in that tiny island!

D: I Feel It... I Want That Power!



Glen's Island departs from the Dark Castle D.



Back in Glen's cabin, Wing wakes up. Wing doesn't remember what just happened. But he does recognize Glen as the scout that came for him. Glen explains to him that he was taken control of by the Vile Tribe, but the three other kids here saved him.

WING: I... am terribly sorry for everything

LENA: Hey! You didn't even know what was going on; why are you apologizing!!

All of them then exchange introductions. Glen adds that they should return to town soon. He reminds Wing that the burning of the town isn't his fault, as well, as he was under someone else's control.

WING: But, why did you not kill me? Had you killed me, then all this trouble could have been averted...

LENA: Didn't he just say it wasn't your fault!? You idiot! You're so worthless!! If you really want to die that badly, I'll just kill you right now!

Glen calms Lena down. Glen directs them to return to town and speak with the Dean.

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