Ellie and Lena are at a plaza with other new students; according to Glen, this is where they're to wait to go to the Magic School. They decide to talk to a few of the other kids gathered there.

MAGIC (AUTOMATIC)| From the start, Lena should have the following 2 spells: Calm, Resurrect


Lena - Calm| Heals one person slightly
Lena - Resurrect| Revives or restores condition

OPTIONAL| Talk to people in the area

The others outside are also going to the Magic School, called Ien. They also wonder where it's supposed to be, and when the ship to take them there will arrive.

Go to the cabin in the northwest corner. Talk to Ant (the blue-haired one in the middle).

The three boys are Ant, Rick, and Kule. They all brag about how great Ant's magic abilities are. Ant explains that every student has to become an apprentice under one of the teachers there, and if you can't find one, then you'll be kicked out of the school. They then run out.

Go back outside and talk to the first person outside of the cabin.

This person heard Ant, and is worried now about being kicked out. Lena then sees Ant and the others teasing another girl.



Ant, Kule, and Rick are making fun of a girl--a beastwoman--named Senia.

ANT: So what's the deal with those tattoos on your face?

KULE: Yeah, they look really dumb!

SENIA: Argh! These are the marks of my tribe!

ANT, RICK, & KULE: Tribe!? Backwoods, man!

Ellie and Lena go to intervene, and Ant switches to mocking Lena.

LENA: What do you boys think you're doing?

ANT: What's it matter to you, shorty?

LENA: Shorty?! Who you calling short--

STUDENTS: Look! An island! An island is coming this way!


The person at the dock tries to greet everyone. Before he can, Ant and the boys charge through him. Scared (of not finding a teacher quickly enough), the other students follow. Ellie and Lena are still behind; Senia joins them. They exchange introductions, and agree to stick together to find a teacher.

SENIA: That's right, we should introduce ourselves. I'm Senia.

LENA: I'm Lena. And, this is Ellie. We're from the village of Burg. Glad to meet you!

MAGIC (AUTOMATIC)| From the start, Senia should have the following 2 spells: Bolt, Thundergod


Senia - Bolt| Lightning attack
Senia - Thundergod| Powerful lightning attack

Go right across the bridge.

The girls stop to check the person who tried to greet them. He wakes up and wonders where everyone has gone. Seeing that he's fine, the girls run ahead to get to the school.

BROWN: Hey! If anyone is still listening! I'm Brown, the Student Body President! Watch out for the wild animals on the way! Hm... what were they all talking about? Something about being kicked out of the school? I never heard anything like that before. But, that girl named Ellie... She's pretty...

Go right and exit the Docking Tower. From there, go to Ien.


Once in the overworld, go directly north until you see some houses. (This is the town of Ien, where the Magic School is located. Be careful about wandering, because you can get into random battles here.)


Enter the town.

The girls decide to check out the biggest building they see first, and figure out what to do from there.

OPTIONAL| Go around town and talk to some of the other people in the buildings.

Some of the students will welcome you. All the teachers you can talk to are busy at the moment.

OPTIONAL| Go to the plaza in the center of town and talk to some of the new students there, including Ant and the boys.

Ant and the boys apparently can't find any teachers to become apprentices to yet. Ant's surprised that the girls haven't met with the Dean yet.

Enter the School Tower (building on the north-central side of town). Go up to the third floor and enter the office.

The three girls meet with Dean Steel. He welcomes them to the Magic School of Ien, and asks that they enjoy themselves but work hard. He then requests that they speak with Prof Emma on the first floor.

STEEL: Er, well, please feel at ease. This school's motto is to respect the freedom of its students. But, don't misunderstand our intentions. You cannot separate freedom from responsibility, and you cannot let your own decisions cause trouble for others.

LENA: Freedom and responsibility go together like tea and biscuits. We'll be ok!

Go down to the first floor of the School Tower and talk to Emma (in the northeast room).

Another student interrupts, complaining about how all the other teachers besides Emma are weird, and how she can't become an apprentice to any of them. She then stumbles out.

Anyway, Emma introduces herself as the school's counselor. She specializes in healing magic, and heals the three girls (if you're hurt).

EMMA: I am the school's counselor, Emma. I hope we will get along for the rest of your days at school.

The girl from earlier comes back in, still confused, then stumbles back out.

Back to the subject, Emma suggests that they go around and acquaint themselves with the teachers at the school.

Leave the building.

Before you exit, you run into another girl; she introduces herself as Eleonora, the Student Body Vice President. She welcomes them to the school.

Exit the building. Enter Terena's Classroom (left across the river, then go south and enter the house with a music note on the door).

If you talked to Emma beforehand, she would've explained that Prof Terena specializes in magic through the power of song, and is popular with the female students.

Talk to Prof Terena (at the organ).

They introduce themselves and the girls ask to become students under Terena. Terena says they need to take a quick test first: she'll sing a brief melody, and they'll repeat it.

Ellie is first. She passes. Lena is second. She fails--twice.

TERENA: Lena, I do not believe that people who are tone-deaf will be able to use the magic of song... I think you should try to find another teacher.

The other girls exit and find Lena outside. They decide to look for another teacher.

Enter Ralph's Library (at the southwest corner of town, it's the building second from the bottom with a book sign on the door).

If you talked to Emma beforehand, she would've explained that this is where the librarian Prof Ralph is.

Talk to Prof Ralph (first floor, northwest corner)

Ralph introduces himself as the Magic Historian. He says that if the girls are free, he'd appreciate their help; Lena agrees, if Ralph will accept them as students in return.

Ralph says he can't seem to find "Brown's Exercises", which he placed in the book "The Second Law of Magic".

OPTIONAL| Read some of the other books in the library (among the ones on the ground).

LENA: There's a spring near Burg where it's said that Althena comes down once each year.


LENA: Long-lost knowledge? What's this about?

SENIA: Oh, I know! Long ago, there used to be metal ships that could fly, and these hollow arrows that could go higher than the clouds.

LENA: Senia... you're making this all up, right?

Go to the second floor, and all the way to the left end of the room. Check the brown book in the pile there.

When Lena opens it, a monster appears. Ellie tries to attack, but flies right through. Senia explains this is just some magic; she closes it. She has a book like that in her house, too.

Go back downstairs and talk to Ralph.

It turns out he doesn't need the book they were looking for after all. Anyway, he agrees to take them on as students. But... it turns out he doesn't really have anything to teach: they'll need to learn everything from the books in this library.

Ellie's fine with the idea, but Senia and Lena pull her aside. Not liking the idea of spending all their time reading, they decide to find another teacher.

Enter Dadis's Classroom (the large building at the northwest corner of town).

If you talked to Emma beforehand, she would've explained that Prof Dadis teaches cosmetic magic.

Talk to both of the students on the first floor.

They tell you that Prof Dadis has stepped out, and will be back shortly.

Enter Brune's Classroom (the building just south of the School Tower with a vase sign on the door).

If you talked to Emma beforehand, she would've told you that Prof Brune teaches herbology.

Talk to Prof Brune (at the table in the back).

Brune says he's busy, but he'll still accept new students. He asks them help him with his experiment, and asks Lena to retrieve one beaker. She does, and then his table explodes.

Brune explains that this is a rather common occurence. Lena decides at this point that they should probably find another teacher.

SENIA: I don't know. I think all the explosions are kind of cool!

LENA: What are you talking about!? Do you have nine lives or something?

Enter Iason's Dojo (the building just to the right of the School Tower).

If you talked to Emma beforehand, she'll have told you that Iason-sensei teaches sword magic--that is, techniques that are a combination of magic and physical attacks.

Talk to Iason-sensei (in the back of the room).

He tells you that the dojo does not admit women; it is a men's only class, for Real Men. They're about to leave when Senia steps up: saying that in her village, men and women are equals. Iason is unconvinced.

Lena then speaks with him, and convinces him to let them go ahead and take his test; if they pass, then it'll be no different admitting them than it would be to admit another male student.

They go outside. Iason opens the door to his training cave, and allows them to enter.

Go up and enter the cave. Walk around until you fight... and lose.

Since you've failed the test, Iason will not admit you into his dojo.

Enter Kent's Lab (the second building south of the School Tower, with a blue roof and a teapot-looking sign on the door).

If you talked to Emma beforehand, she would've said that Prof Kent is an inventor who teaches item-based magic.

Speak with Prof Kent (at the back of the room).

Prof Kent is fine with Lena being his student, and the other two being assistants.

KENT: Ah, your hair is not too long. Good. You will do nicely.

LENA: ...I have a very bad feeling about this.


KENT: Now, let's go to the skies! You will be the first student to fly!

After putting his invention on Lena's back, they go outside. Lena lifts off and flies up high. Kent says that, previously, his invention has broken down about this time--when Lena comes crashing back down. Kent decides to reassess his designs, and Lena decides that they'll need another teacher.

Go back to the School Tower (north-central side of town). Talk with Emma (on the first floor).

Prof Dadis is the only teacher left that they haven't yet spoken to. Emma has heard (from Dean Steel) that Dadis left for Glen's Island to take care of some business he had. Glen's Island is a small isle a little bit east from Ien.

Emma warns them that there are some monsters on the way to Glen's Island, as students sometimes train outside, so they should be prepared to fight. She also warns them not to go to the area north of Ien (that area has much stronger monsters).

Emma will also heal you if you are hurt.

Exit Ien on the east end, and go to Glen's Island.


From the town, go southeast and cross the bridge across the river. Then, continue heading east. Take the next set of stairs you see north, then continue northeast and cross another bridge over to Glen's Island.


Talk with Glen (at the front of the island).

Glen informs you that if Dadis was here, he isn't anymore--he must have already left to go back to Ien.

Before you leave, Glen teaches you some magic. Glen explains that the other teachers at Ien can teach you other spells.

MAGIC (AUTOMATIC)| Glen gives Ellie the Flay spell


Ellie - Flay| Fire attack

Exit Glen's Island and go back to Ien.


Go southeast from the island, back west along the river, north across the bridge, and northwest to Ien.


OPTIONAL| Enter the School Tower (north-central end of town). Speak with Emma (on the first floor).

Emma suggests that perhaps Dadis mixed up the Docking Tower with Glen's Island. He's a very forgetful person.

Emma will also heal you since you've probably been hurt.

Enter Dadis's Classroom (the building at the northwest end of town).

Ant, Kule, and Rick are on their way out, saying they're about to find a teacher, before the girls do.

OPTIONAL| Talk with the other students on this floor.

The other students say that Prof Dadis probably went to the Docking Tower instead of Glen's Island by mistake. But, because the island is going to be leaving soon, it might leave Dadis behind if he doesn't get back in time. The girls decide to find Dadis.

Exit Ien on the west side, and go back to the Docking Tower and the plaza.


Go directly south from Ien and follow the path through the trees. Enter the Docking Tower.


Go west and cross the bridge. Talk with Ant on the other side.

The boys look around, still unable to find Prof Dadis.

Go to the southwest corner of the plaza. Descend the stairs and enter the cave there.

Go through the cave and find Dadis.


B1: Go all the way to the right, then up along the wall to the stairs down.

B2: Go directly south, follow the path southwest, and keep going west until you reach the stairs down.

B3: Go to the right and take the second path up. Take the path right/northeast and you'll find Dadis.


The girls speak with Dadis. Lena tries a little bluffing to get him to return sooner.

LENA: Professor Dadis, don't you remember your own students?

DADIS: Hm... Ah, yes, I remember. You must be Erica, the girl who graduated five years ago, right?

Anyway, Dadis returns on his own, more or less. Lena figures that due to Dadis's spotty memory, they can let him continue to think that they're his students (so now they don't have to worry about finding an apprenticeship anymore). The girls decide to return.

Exit the cave.


B3: Go southwest from where you found Dadis to the stairs up.

B2: Go east until you reach the wall, follow the path northeast, then directly north back to the stairs up.

B1: Go all the way south, then follow the path west until you reach the exit.

Exit the plaza (go across the bridge to the right, back to the Docking Tower). Exit the Docking Tower.

When you exit, the ground shakes and the girls see that the island is now pulling away from the mainland.

Go back north to Ien.


Go directly north until you see the town.


Enter Dadis's Classroom (the building at the northwest end of town). Talk with Dadis (the teacher in the robes).

Dadis asks who they are. Lena says they're the ones who came to get Prof Dadis at the cave. Dadis is confused; he thought the three boys--Ant, Kule, and RIck--were the ones who got him. Well, either way... (his memory really is awful).

Lena is still worried about not being able to find a teacher and get kicked out. One of the other students (not one of the newcomers) interjects, saying that that's never been a policy--which is when Lena turns back to Ant and asks where he heard such a thing. He can't recall.

Anyway, Dadis doesn't mind and he accepts them all as students. The first thing he needs are those materials from Glen's Island for his research... again...

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