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Magical School Lunar! (a.k.a. "Lunar: Magic School" or "Mahou Gakuen Lunar!" or "魔法学園ルナ!") was released for the Sega Saturn in 1997, as a side-story ("gaiden") to the popular Lunar series, after Lunar: The Silver Star and Lunar: Eternal Blue for the Sega CD. Magical School Lunar is a remake of the 1995 Game Gear game Lunar: Walking School (a.k.a. "Lunar: Strolling School" or "Lunar: Samposuru Gakuen"), but with drastic changes in animation, gameplay, characterization, and plot events. (If you're looking for the guide for the Game Gear version, check my Lunar: Walking School Walkthrough.)

As of 2008, this is the only complete walkthrough/FAQ of Magical School Lunar. But, it's more than just a walkthrough; it's also a guide through all the events of the game, with translations and synopses throughout. Scroll down or use the menus to navigate through the walkthrough. The guide is divided into:

  • Walkthrough Usage
  • Notes and Special Thanks
  • 5 Gameplay Sections (Controls, Menus, Characters, Places, Magic)
  • 1 Prologue (before the first chapter)
  • 12 Chapters (from start to finish of the game)

I ask that you please read the Walkthrough Usage page before going through this guide; it will help you know how it is organized and the best way to use it--particularly if you want to avoid premature spoilers, or if you want to understand the events and dialogue of the game. I also request that you take a look at the Notes and Special Thanks section as well.

Enjoy the game! KF


General Walkthrough

Walkthrough Usage
Guide on how this walkthrough is organized. The goal of this guide is to allow people to have both a complete walkthrough, and a resource if they just want to understand the events of the game while figuring the rest out independently.

Notes and Thanks
Contact information, how I put together this guide, and how I approached translations. Also, special thanks for everyone else who contributed.

Basic controls and other general things to know before starting the game.

Translation and navigation of menus for the main screen and during battle.

Background and character bios.

Places in and around the Magic School of Ien.

List of all magic spells and effects, and how, when, and where to obtain each spell in the game.

Opening (Before Chapter 1)

Chapter 1
The School that Floats on the Sea

Chapter 2
Sorceress Barua

Chapter 3
Blitz Tactics

Chapter 4
Special Move! Combined Magic

Chapter 5
Ghost Island

Chapter 6
Mermaid Jewel

Chapter 7
Blitz Tactics 2

Chapter 8
The Mysterious New Student

Chapter 9
The Forbidden Door

Chapter 10
Stargazing Power

Chapter 11
Ien and the Blue Dragon

Chapter 12
Farewell Magic School

How to Purchase
Magical School Lunar isn't easy to find, since it's only available via import. But, it's definitely possible to find--and play--if you keep your eyes open. Here are some links to help:

Mad-Gear LLC: New and Used Import Video Games
Check both the site and the convention schedule. Mad-Gear frequents several anime and video game conventions, and often has copies of Magical School Lunar for the Saturn available for $20-$30. They're also great for picking up any of the other import Lunar games, and imports in general.

A generic search for "lunar school" tends to work the best.

Zophar's Domain
This is the best place to check out for emulation-related news. If you don't have a Saturn itself, there are a few decent Saturn emulators out; Cassini and SSF tend to work well. The emulators will work with the original Japanese game disc. Neither tends to be as smooth as playing it on a regular Saturn, but performance may vary depending on your computer.

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