Lena and Wing are talking in the Dormitory.

LENA: Say if monsters were attacking a fair maiden like me. What would you do?

WING: I would do whatever was necessary to protect you, Lena, of course.

LENA: Ok, next question! What if both Ellie and me were in danger?

WING: Ok! Then I would save Ellie!

LENA: What was that!?

WING: ...Well ...You have healing magic and could heal yourself...

LENA: Wrong answer! First, you have to save me.

WING: Ok...

LENA: What! Why do you look like you're hesitating?

WING: No, that is not...

LENA: Ok, well... I'm the one with healing magic, so what would happen to everyone else if I got knocked out?

WING: Oh, I did not see it like that...

LENA: Now do you understand!? So, in our next battle, you'll protect me, the fair maiden, first! Got it!?

WING: Yes! Understood!

LENA: Ok, now for your next question!

Ellie runs in before Lena can ask her next question. Lena explains that she's training Wing for their next fight. Anyway, Ellie has a favor to ask of Lena. She was going to apologize to Glen personally for taking his Magic Sphere; she'd like Lena to come with her. Lena declines--besides, it was Hyde's fault, not Ellie's. Ellie knows this, but would like to go all the same, since Glen is their friend. So, Lena agrees, and asks Wing to join them as well.

OPTIONAL| If you talk to Prof Richter in the southeast room of the Dormitory's second floor...

Prof Richter mentions that he was stuck in that room for seven years as a consequence of his mistake with letting the human-face butterflies out.

Go down to the first floor of the Dormitory.

They see two girls acting funny near the entrance. Lena wonders if they're sick or something. But, Ellie says that they're just excited because the Blue Dragon is coming to town.

ELLIE: Oh, that's right. Tomorrow the Blue Dragon is supposed to come.

LENA: The Blue Dragon? Like, the same Blue Dragon, from the Four Dragons who control Lunar?

ELLIE: Yes, didn't you know? The whole town's been talking about it.

WING: Once every ten years, the Blue Dragon comes to Ien.

OPTIONAL| In the Dormitory, if you talk to Stella twice, she says a bit more about the Blue Dragon.

STELLA: The Blue Dragon gathers all the students, and answers any questions they have.

LENA: I'll ask him who my future husband will be!

ELLIE: That's a fortune, not a question...

STELLA: Maybe. But, the Blue Dragon really can answer any question you ask. You should ask something, too, Ellie.

OPTIONAL| In the Dormitory, if you talk to the student in the room just west of the first-floor stairs, he tells you a bit more about the Dragons.

STUDENT: The Four Dragons of this world are the Red Dragon, White Dragon, Black Dragon, and Blue Dragon.

OPTIONAL| In Ralph's Library, on the first floor, is a book about the Blue Dragon you can read.

LENA: The Mystery of the Blue Dragon...

WING: Oh, I've read that one. It's a good book.

LENA: Hm... Why is it that relevant books always happen to be laid out on the floor like this...?

OPTIONAL| In Ralph's Library, if you talk to the student on the first floor, he says another bit about the Blue Dragon.

STUDENT: I've been doing some research. When the Magic School was built on Ien, first the Blue Dragon came.

OPTIONAL| In Iason's Dojo, if you talk to Iason-sensei, Lena jokes with him a bit about the festival.

IASON: Even if the Blue Dragon is coming, we do not let up in our training. That is what being a Real Man is all about!

LENA: Say, Iason-sensei, I hear that Prof Terena wants to go to the Blue Dragon festival tomorrow with you.

IASON: What!? Really!?

LENA: Nope, just kidding.

IASON: ...

OPTIONAL| In Brune's Classroom, if you talk to Prof Brune, he talks about the last time he saw the Blue Dragon.

BRUNE: I'm just thinking of last time... Ten years ago, I was just about your age.

OPTIONAL| In the School Tower, first floor, you can talk to Eleonora.

ELEONORA: According to the records, the Blue Dragon was late twenty years ago.

LENA: Late... Is that late according to Brown over there?

ELEONORA: Yes, I've been looking through the records at the Student President's request.

OPTIONAL| In the School Tower, first floor, you can talk to Brown.

BROWN: By the way, Ellie? Do you know about tomorrow?

ELLIE: Yes, tomorrow is the festival of the Blue Dragon.

BROWN: Ok, um, Ellie... would you...

LENA: What is it, Pres?

BROWN: ...oh, it's just... I thought I would ask if you could tell Lena not to cause any trouble at the festival...

OPTIONAL| In the School Tower, top floor, talk with Dean Steel twice.

STEEL: Oh, there's one more thing. Tomorrow, please come to my office. There is someone I would like you all to meet.

OPTIONAL| Enter Kent's Lab and talk with Prof Kent.

Prof Kent has another invention to show you. He goes outside and the others follow.

KENT: This is something I made so that I can test my inventions when Lena isn't around. It's Lena-Dummy No. 2! Of course, Lena-Dummy No. 1 was a failure.

Prof Kent tries out the invention, with expected results.

Exit Ien on the east end, and go to Glen's Island.


From the town, go southeast and cross the bridge across the river. Then, continue heading east. Take the next set of stairs you see north, then continue northeast and cross another bridge over to Glen's Island.


At Glen's Island, go to the east end and enter Glen's cabin.


When you enter Glen's cabin, Ellie goes up to apologize to Glen for taking the Magic Sphere the other day. Glen asks her not to worry about it; Lena interjects, again, that the fault is with Hyde, not Ellie. Anyway, Ellie adds that although Glen may forgive her, she's still worried about Hyde.

Glen says that Hyde is the sort who doesn't really care about others. But, even though there are people who don't care about others in this world, they still affect other people. And, if they are to grow, we must treat them properly. Glen tells Ellie that remembering this is more important than any magic she knows. Ellie understands, and she decides to go once more to see Hyde and apologize.

Exit Glen's Island by the west exit and go to Richter's Cave, which leads to the Stargazing Tower.


Go southeast from the island, back west along the river, north across the bridge, and northeast from there to enter the cave.


In Richter's Cave, go to the exit to the Stargazing Tower.


B1: From the entrance, go south and southeast. At the split, take the southwest path. Follow this path south, then all the way east to the stairs up.


Go up the Stargazing Tower to Hyde's Observatory again. For the next seven floors, you only need to go back and forth up the steps. On the eighth and last floor, go east and take the path all the way north.


Ellie goes up to Prof Hyde to apologize. But, Hyde is upset that they just entered his tower without asking, and he's still upset about the Star Device. He asks them to return. Ellie then tries telling him that she's there to invite him to the Blue Dragon Festival tomorrow.

HYDE: How ridiculous!! I've already graduated from... the Blue Dragon!? I see...

The students decide that there's really nothing more they can do, and so they decide to leave the tower. Meanwhile, Hyde ponders the Blue Dragon's arrival.

HYDE: The Blue Dragon's power... perhaps I can use that.

Back outside, Ellie and Wing are still worried that Hyde is still upset. But Wing thinks it will be all right in the end; Hyde isn't genuinely a bad person. Anyway, Lena suggests that they head back to the Dormitory already to rest for tomorrow.

Go back to Ien.


From the cave, go directly west.


Enter the Dormitory.

The three of them split up to meet again tomorrow. Lena asks Wing to remember what they learned today about how he should conduct himself in battle.

The next morning, Wing isn't up yet; he's not much of a morning person. Lena and Ellie decide to go down to wake him up.

Go down to the first floor of the Dormitory, and go to the southeast room.

Ant and the boys are blocking Wing from leaving the room.

ANT: Well, Wing? If you don't tell us, then you can't leave the room.

Lena and Ellie come in to get Wing. Lena also asks him what Ant and the boys were trying to get him to say.

WING: Um... They were asking me what color underwear Ellie wore...

The boys run out of the room. Lena is upset, but Ellie still doesn't get why they care about those kind of details. Anyway, Wing joins the group.

Exit the Dormitory and go to the School Tower. Go up to the top floor and enter Dean Steel's office

It's none other than Senia! She explains that she's come to Ien on honeymoon with Azu. Since Wing never met her, Wing and Senia exchange introductions. Senia jokes with Lena about her choice in guys, and Lena tries to emphasize that they were told by the school to take care of Wing.

Talk with Azu twice and Senia twice.

Azu thanks the girls for their help when they rescued him.

Senia and the girls catch up a bit.

SENIA: So, Ellie, how is Blade doing?

ELLIE: He's training in Iason's Dojo right now!

SENIA: That's... that's not what I meant... You really don't get it, Ellie...

Talk with Dean Steel.

Steel tells Wing that Glen has asked him to come to his island to the east. There's something they need to discuss. Since the girls will be staying with Senia, Wing goes on ahead.

Thereafter, Azu says that he still has something he needs to discuss with the Dean. Meanwhile, the three girls are free to do whatever they want.

Exit the School Tower and go down a little bit.

Ellie points out a blue light coming from the direction of the Stargazing Tower. Ellie and Senia watch; Lena is too short to see anything. Anyway, it must be the Blue Dragon!



Glen, Ant and the boys, and the three girls are watching the Blue Dragon at the Stargazing Tower.

GLEN: It's...

ANT: What is it? What is it?

RICK: The Blue Dragon's falling!

KULE: That sucks!

ELLIE: The Blue Dragon...

LENA: At the Stargazing Tower, again... where Prof Hyde is... Let's go!


Before the girls leave, Azu comes up and asks to come along. The Dean left in a panic; Azu says he needs to see the Blue Dragon is all right after that fall.

Before the girls plus Azu leave, Wing comes up so that he can join them. Yes he was supposed to go to see Glen, but this takes priority--Senia suggests that it must be because he's worried about Lena; they really do make a nice pair.

Before the girls plus Azu and Wing leave, Blade comes up so that he can join them.


MAGIC (AUTOMATIC)| When Azu joins, he already has the Tiger Dance and the Sumo Lift spells. Also Senia+Azu have the Wedding Attack, Giant Swing Special, and Rising Tiger combined magic spells.


Azu - Tiger Dance| Lightning-fast punches and kicks
Azu - Sumo Lift| Lift and throw wrestling move
Senia+Azu - Wedding Attack| Combined attack with the power of love
Senia+Azu - Giant Swing Special| Lightning-and-fists attack combo
Senia+Azu - Rising Tiger| Lightning-powered attack by Azu

Exit Ien by the west and go towards the Stargazing Tower.


From Ien, go directly east.



When they approach the Stargazing Tower, they see the Blue Dragon is gone. Lena suspects that Prof Hyde has something to do with this. Blade and Senia are up for going to investigate; Lena hesitates.

Go up into Richter's Cave, which leads to the Stargazing Tower.


In Richter's Cave, go to the exit to the Stargazing Tower.


B1: From the entrance, go south and southeast. At the split, take the southwest path. Follow this path south, then all the way east to the stairs up.



When you enter the Stargazing Tower, Glen is there. He sees the stairs blocked and so gets in otherwise.

Go through the Stargazing Tower until you find Glen and Hyde.


1F: From the hole-in-the-wall, go north. Take the first path going east, and follow this path east, north, and east again, and take the very next path going north. Follow this path as it goes north, west, back south, and west again. Keep going until the path turn south, and then take the very next path west. Take the first path going north, and follow this to the stairs up.

2F: From the stairs, go east, and take the first path going south. Follow this path south and west. Go west all the way (ignore the first path south) and take the last path south. Follow this path south then east until you find Glen and Hyde.


Glen demands that Barua leave this place.

GLEN: Barua, stop this! Don't you understand what Memphis is trying to do!?

BARUA: Yes, Glen. He is trying to take over Ien.

Everyone else intervenes in the fight. Glen insists that they shouldn't have followed them here--especially Wing. Ellie and the others demand to know what Barua has done with the Blue Dragon, but she won't answer. Glen then asks Wing to cover him as he goes up the rest of the tower. After Glen escapes, Barua decides that this isn't the time for their battle. She'll save that for another day. She exits.

Lena revives Prof Hyde. He tells them that he was going to use the Blue Dragon's power for his Star Device... Lena says he should save that for the Dean; more importantly, they need to know what just happened here. Hyde says that the Vile Tribe attacked, and they're now trying to use that power for themselves. Lena, Ellie, and the others need to get to the top of the tower as quickly as possible.

From where Prof Hyde is, continue through the Stargazing Tower to the top.


2F: From Prof Hyde, go east out of the room and then go north at the split. Follow the path north, then east, then north all the way. Follow the path north and then a little northwest straight to the stairs up.

3F: From the stairs, go west and south. At the split, go east all the way, and take the last path south. Keep going south and take the next path west. Follow this west and south, and take the first path going west. Follow this path all the way west, a little south, west, a little north, west, and then when it turns south again, take the first path going west. Follow this path west, then north all the way. Keep going north (ignore the path going east) all the way to the stairs up.

4F: From the stairs, go east and take the first path south. At the next split, go east. Take the next path south, and at the next split go east. Take the next path north and keep going all the way. Follow the path as it goes north, northeast, east, southeast, and south. Take the next path west all the way, take the last (second) path south, and take the very next path immediately east. Follow this path east, a little south, and east all the way to the stairs up.

5F: From the stairs, go east and then south. Take the first path that goes east, and follow it east, a little north, and east all the way. From there, go south, and follow the path south, east, back north all the way, a little northwest and north again, west, and south. At the next split, go west. Follow this path west, north, west, south, and west again to the stairs up.

6F: From the stairs, go east. At the split, go north, and follow the path north, then east, then south, and then east again. Go east all the way (ignore the path north) and follow the path going south, then west. At the next split, go north, and follow the path north, west, south, west, then north again. Take the first path going west, then go a little bit north and immediately west again. Follow this path west, south, west, and north again to the stairs up.

7F: From the stairs, follow the path northeast, north, west, north, and west all the way. Take the last (second) path south, and follow this south, east, south, west, and south again. Take the first path going west, and follow this a little northwest to the stairs up.


Once you reach the top, Glen and Memphis are there; Memphis is drawing power from the Blue Dragon, while Glen pleads with him to stop.

GLEN: Stop! Stop this! The power of one of the Dragons is the power to control this world! It was never meant for only one man!!

The students run up to help him. Ellie confronts Memphis directly. But Memphis has a little revelation...

MEMPHIS: ...It looks as if you still don't understand your true self. Vile Tribe blood flows through you, does it not?

BLADE: What? What kind of talk is that?

MEMPHIS: Think about it, red. Humans don't normally fly through the air. There is no mistaking it. You have inherited half the blood of the Vile Tribe. Mixed blood flows through your veins!

ELLIE: That's... that's a lie!!

When all the students confront Memphis, he decides to show you just what the power of the Blue Dragon can do.

BOSS BATTLE| Defeat Memphis.


After defeating Memphis, he starts to collapse and break apart.

MEMPHIS: Why is this happening?

GLEN: I told you why this would happen, long ago.

MEMPHIS: This doesn't mean you are right! There is not only one way to wield power!!


GLEN: There is not only one right way to do things in this world. That much is apparent. Yet, you placed absolute faith in only yourself. Is that not why the Guardian of Time sealed away such power?

MEMPHIS: ...What!? Why did you not tell me that!?

Glen collapses on the ground. Memphis... begins to cry.

MEMPHIS: Tears... These are tears... The Vile Tribe... does not shed tears... Am I turning back into a human?

Barua teleports in, telling Memphis that they must leave.

MEMPHIS: Barua... am I human?

BARUA: Maybe... let me check.


MEMPHIS: Barua, you...

After Barua's action against Memphis, she speaks to the students. She doesn't like being made a fool of by humans. She will take the power of the Blue Dragon she has just obtained and feed it into the Dark Castle. She then leaves.

Wing and Lena try to revive Glen, but to no avail. The scene shifts over to the crystal where the Blue Dragon is contained.

???: There is no need to fear... Glen's life has not faded away. He will be safe...

The Blue Dragon asks Wing to come closer.

BLUE DRAGON: Now that Glen has fallen, it has come to this... There is a ceremony that I wish to carry out today, related to the current position of the Blue Star.

The Blue Dragon gives a ring to Wing.

BLUE DRAGON: Now, take this. Henceforth, you are the Guardian of Time.

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