All the students are back in Glen's cabin, talking with the Blue Dragon. The Blue Dragon will remain here in the cabin until the dragon's power has been restored, and then visit the town when it is time.

Dean Steel is also there. The Blue Dragon asks after Glen; the Dean says that Glen is alive, but is still unconscious. There's no way to know yet if he will fully recover, but he holds out hope. Meanwhile, the Dean asks that you return to the town.

Talk with the Blue Dragon at the table.

Lena has a question she wanted to ask before they left: what relationship is there between Memphis and Glen? The Blue Dragon says that it's something of a secret Glen holds onto, but it has to do with how he is the Guardian of Time, and Memphis was to be the successor to the role, but...

WING: He released the power of the Vile Tribe locked within him.


Talk with the Blue Dragon a second time.

Wing asks what the Guardian of Time is supposed to be. The Blue Dragon says that is something he must learn over time. Once Glen and the Blue Dragon are well again, they will tell Wing more.

Exit the cabin and head out of the island (to the west).

On the way, Ellie stops. She says that she wants to leave Ien... and she won't be returning to Burg. She doesn't think that students with Vile Tribe blood in them can stay on Ien. Lena tries to tell her that the blood in her doesn't matter, Ellie's relation to the Vile Tribe doesn't matter.

But, Azu says that it does matter: because of that blood, other people would be hostile towards her. Ellie can't tell when she might turn bad; after all, Memphis was once a good person, so much so that Glen trusted him to be his successor.

ELLIE: That's why I think I'll go far away, somewhere I can't cause any trouble...

But Senia, Wing, Blade, and Lena all reassure her. Her friends are here for her, and as long as they're around, they'll make sure Ellie never changes for the worse. They'll always be here to support her.

ELLIE: Thank you... Everyone.

Continue west and exit Glen's Island.

Before you exit, Senia says that there's a place she wanted to show Azu. She'll catch up to everyone else later.

Exit Glen's Island and go to Ien.


Go southeast from the island, back west along the river, north across the bridge, and northwest to Ien.


In Ien, go to the School Tower and talk with Prof Emma on the first floor.

Emma tells you that, with all this talk about the Blue Dragon, it's almost slipped her mind that Ien is also coming close to Meria, the town of the merfolk, yet again. A year has passed since they were there last. Lena suggests that they'd better go talk with Prof Dadis real quick if they want to go again, so they can take a break from class.

Exit the School Tower and go to Dadis's Classroom. Talk with Prof Dadis.

LENA: Excuse us Professor, but we'll be in Meria for a little while.

DADIS: Oh, Meria? What's that?

Exit Dadis's Classroom and go directly south. Cross the lowermost bridge across the river.

Senia and Azu run up. Senia asks if you've heard about how they're approaching Meria again. Senia wants to go back there and see Shiela again; Lena wants to go and eat some delicious fish. Senia and Azu re-join your party.

OPTIONAL| In Ien, you can talk to some of the other people around town.

Most of the other students in the School Tower talk about coming near Meria again, and perhaps going to visit.

Many of the people in the rest of the town talk about the festival of the Blue Dragon being cancelled, since now the Blue Dragon's condition is uncertain. It looks like they'll have to wait another ten years...

Prof Brune confesses that this would have been his first time seeing the Blue Dragon. He really came to this school 9 years ago, not 10 years ago, as he previously said.

Exit Ien by the southwest and go to the Port.


From Ien, go a little southeast and cross the bridge south. From there, go south and a little bit southwest. Descend the stairs down to the Port.


COMBINED MAGIC| Before going to the Port to Meria, now is a good time to pick up some combined magic spells by combining spells in combat (you may want to use Prof Richter's cave, directly east of Ien, since these spells require stronger targets). Remember that you have to:
(1) Use two or more magic spells that can be combined in battle
(2) Get a message saying that those spells can be combined after battle
(3) Talk with Dean Steel (multiple times) to learn the new spell.

MAGIC (OPTIONAL)| In a single battle, use: (Senia) Light Ray + (Blade) Rain Breath. Go to Glen's Island and talk to Dean Steel in the cabin multiple times, and he'll teach Senia+Blade the Magical Prism spell.


Senia+Blade - Magical Prism| Protects entire party from one magic attack

MAGIC (OPTIONAL)| In a single battle, use: (Senia) Light Ray + (Wing) Flame Box. Go to Glen's Island and talk to Dean Steel in the cabin multiple times, and he'll teach Senia+Wing the Barrier Attack spell.


Senia+Wing - Barrier Attack| Traps and focuses light on one enemy

MAGIC (OPTIONAL)| In a single battle, use: (Senia) Star Ray + (Wing) Ice Lance. Go to Glen's Island and talk to Dean Steel in the cabin multiple times, and he'll teach Senia+Wing the Prism Ray spell.


Senia+Wing - Prism Ray| Combination of cold and focused light

MAGIC (OPTIONAL)| In a single battle, use: (Senia) Thundergod + (Blade) Rain Breath + (Wing) Tornado. Go to Glen's Island and talk to Dean Steel in the cabin multiple times, and he'll teach Senia+Blade+Wing the Judgment Day spell.


Senia+Blade+Wing - Judgment Day| Great storm of wind, water, and lightning


At the Port, go down to the pier and talk to the person at the small boat there.

Everyone boards the boat to Meria. But on the way there, it's the Dark Castle! And it's approaching Ien!



The Dark Castle approaches Ien.

ELLIE: I'll stop it... I have to, or else...

LENA: No, don't! You can't face it by yourself! Stop!


D: Aahh!

BARUA: What is it, D?



ELLIE: Aahh!


Ellie has fallen! It looks like she fell in the ocean. They need to find her, and fast. Lena turns the ship around and takes it back. Once they've returned, they're not sure where to begin looking--they only know they need to start searching now.

OPTIONAL| Talk to the person at the boat again.

Everyone climbs on board and searches the surrounding sea for Ellie.

SENIA: It's no good; we can't find her.

BLADE: Maybe she drifted to the coast?

LENA: Maybe...

Exit the Port by the northwest. From there, go to where the Coastal Cave is (you visited it back in Chapter 7).


From the Port, go a little bit northeast (so you don't enter the forest), and then east a little bit until you see a path through the trees going south (just past the little hill). Go south and descend the stairs.



When everyone arrives, they see Ant and his friends, and Ellie. The monster attacking them flees. Kule explains that the three of them were taking their boat to Meria, when they saw Ellie fall, so they took her back here.

SENIA: Wow, I'll have to rethink my opinion about you guys!

LENA: But why didn't you take her back to the Port instead?

ANT: ...

Wing says that, in any case, they saved Ellie. Ant and the boys leave the rest to Lena and her friends, and they return to Ien. Ellie is really hurt, so Lena, Wing, and the others take Ellie back to Prof Emma.



Ellie wakes up in the bed in Prof Emma's office.

LENA: What were you thinking, taking on the Dark Castle by yourself!?

BLADE: Yeah, exactly

ELLIE: I'm sorry, everyone... But I had to... It's my Vile Tribe blood--


LENA: What are you talking about!?

ELLIE: Lena...

LENA: I told you already, we're here for you. You don't have to go it alone all the time... Why else do you think we're here?

EMMA: I don't really understand everything that's going on here... and I don't understand Ellie's strong sense of responsibility... But Ellie, please think of your friends. They are all thinking of you. Never forget that.

Everyone else joins in to echo Prof Emma's words. Emma then asks the students to leave the matter of the Dark Castle to the professors. While they discuss a plan to counter the Dark Castle, the students should remain within the town.

LENA: All right. Say, I might regret this later, but we should go find Ant and the boys to thank them.


SENIA: When you fell in the ocean, Ellie, Ant and the boys were the first ones to rescue you.

OPTIONAL| If you try to exit the town...

One of the students or residents of Ien will come up to advise you not to leave. In other words, you can't leave town at this point.

OPTIONAL| If you go to the classrooms around town and speak with the students...

Most of the professors are gone. The students will tell you the professors left suddenly, and advised them to remain here--except for Prof Dadis, as his students don't really know where he went. Some of the students also talk about the approaching flying castle.

OPTIONAL| If you go to Brune's Classroom, and talk with Prof Brune...

Brune says that he's not the kind who can put up a fight; so instead, he's busy preparing herbs and medicine, just in case.

OPTIONAL| If you talk to one of the students in Ralph's Library on the second floor...

The student mentions the Dark Castle in legends.

STUDENT: Isn't that castle flying in the sky the legendary Dark Castle? But... in all the earlier books, it's never written that the Dark Castle can fly.

Enter the Dormitory. Go to the southeast room on the first floor.

The girls see Ant lying on the bed. Lena asks what happened, and Kule explains that Ant was hurt while fighting the monster to protect Ellie. It's hard for him to stand right now. Ellie apologizes to Ant, but he's sleeping right now. Kule says that it's not necessary to apologize; Ant just needs to rest for a bit. Once he wakes up, Kule says, he'll tell him that Ellie and her friends came to see him.

Ellie and her friends leave the room. Blade says that they need to reassess how they've been looking at Ant and the boys; Lena agrees: they've been acting really nice lately.

AZU: So, now what should we do?

LENA: What else!? We go to the Dark Castle!

BLADE: Of course...

OPTIONAL| If you talk with the woman on the south end of the second floor of the Dormitory, she mentions where the Dark Castle went.

WOMAN: I saw a large flying castle come here from the south, and land north of the town...

Exit the Dormitory and try to leave town (by any direction).

Someone will stop you from leaving. Lena wonders if there is some way to sneak out of town unnoticed.

Enter Dadis's Classroom, then exit the class again. (If you talk with the students inside, they'll just say that Prof Dadis left, but they're unsure where he went.)

As you exit, someone approaches looking for Prof Dadis, and asks Ellie and the others if they've seen him. None of them have, so he keeps looking.

From Dadis's Classroom, go directly east and cross the bridge over the river.

SENIA: Isn't that Prof Dadis over there?

ELLIE: Where was he all this time?

LENA: That other guy said he was looking all around town. Maybe Prof Dadis left town!

BLADE: We should ask him ourselves.

Ellie and the others go directly to Prof Dadis to ask. He says that he was out collecting ingredients. Ellie informs him that the Dark Castle is coming close, and so no one is supposed to leave town, though Senia says that since he's a professor, he's probably all right. Dadis says that that would explain why students tried to stop him on his way out... So, he just took the side-route to leave.

Lena sweetly asks Prof Dadis where this 'side-route' is, so he points out the direction just north of the School Tower.

Exit Ien by the side-route that Prof Dadis pointed out. To go there, go behind the School Tower and a little bit to the east. (Note that if you re-enter town, you have to exit Ien by this same way again.)

From Ien, go towards the Dark Castle.


From the town, go southeast and cross the bridge south. From there, go west, then north along the river, and then north up the stairs past the town again (be sure not to re-enter the town).



When you approach the Dark Castle, Prof Terena stops you and asks why you're here; it's pretty apparent to her, anyway, that you snuck out of Ien. Just then...

KENT: Whoa!

IASON: Kent!

TERENA: Iason, what happened?

IASON: Kent has been hurt. I can't face these enemies alone. Terena, take Kent to Emma's office...

TERENA: Did you hear that? Go and inform the Dean; he's at Glen's Island. I cannot afford to leave, so I must ask this of you.

LENA: Yes!

From the area near the Dark Castle, go to Glen's Island.


Go directly south along the river (be sure to avoid re-entering the town), and follow the river as it goes south then east. Continue heading east past the river, and take the next set of stairs you see north, then continue northeast and cross another bridge over to Glen's Island.


Go east and head towards Glen's cabin.

When you near the cabin, Senia hears voices coming from inside. Lena decides that they should eavesdrop.

Inside the cabin, Dean Steel is talking with Glen about the Dark Castle approaching.

GLEN: Even the Dark Castle has a purpose. I can't say to what extent Barua has it under her control... And the right way to mount an attack depends on that...

BLUE DRAGON: Couldn't someone enter the castle and find that out?

GLEN: Hm... but I still can't even walk... Steel, are you prepared to fight?

STEEL: Unfortunately...

GLEN: The Dark Castle is nothing more than a mask. It fortifies what lies within. If that mask is destroyed, then the entire Dark Castle will be destroyed along with it.

The girls enter the cabin.

LENA: Glen!! We'll take care of this!!

STEEL: Why are you here!?

LENA: It's a long story. But right now, you need to figure out what to do about the Dark Castle, right?

Steel is reluctant to put the students in any more danger. But, Lena and Senia point out there's no alternative: he doesn't have any more professors free, since just now, Prof Kent has been hurt and that leaves only Iason-sensei on the attack. The rest of the students agree. Dean Steel thinks it over, and is about to refuse, when Glen speaks up.

GLEN: It seems that there is no other choice but to leave this to Ellie and her friends. There is no time.

Steel reluctantly agrees with Glen. He warns the students, though, that what they are about to do is very dangerous, but it is not impossible. So, they must survive through this and return safely! Before you leave, Dean Steel has one last thing to give you...

MAGIC (AUTOMATIC)| Dean Steel teaches Everyone the Energy Ball spell.


Everyone| Everyone combines their power for the ultimate spell!


Steel will go to the Stargazing Tower for now, to restore its protection (over Ien, presumably), leaving the students to board the Dark Castle.

STEEL: I believe that you can surmount any barrier, no matter how high, if you combine your powers. And so, I am certain that I will see you return to Ien safely. For now, I will return to the Stargazing Tower and try to restore its magic barrier.

OPTIONAL| If you talk to Glen...

Glen wishes you well and apologizes for being unable to go with you. If you talk to the Blue Dragon, the dragon is tired and must sleep for now.

Exit the cabin and leave Glen's Island by the west. From there, go back to the Dark Castle.


Go southeast from the island, and back west along the river. Continue west (ignore the bridge) then north along the river, and then north up the stairs past the town again (be sure not to re-enter the town).



When you approach the Dark Castle, Iason-sensei is fighting some monsters outside. He's heard about the plan from the Dean; so, he will hold off the monsters while the students hurry to the Dark Castle.

BLADE: But, sensei!

IASON: Blade! As a Real Man, you must protect Ellie and your friends!!



After entering, Lena and Ellie remember the last time they were here. Now it's time to find that mask and destroy it, as Glen and the Dean described.

SENIA: What should we do about Barua, then?

LENA: I'd like to make her pay, but that mask is more important. But, if she tries to stop us from destroying the mask, then we'll have no choice.

Go through the Dark Castle until you reach a snake-shaped gate blocking your way.


1F: From the entrance, go west. At the next split, go northwest. Keep going northwest and then north (ignore the path south). Follow the path as it goes north, east, and a little southeast. At the next split, go east. When the path widens, stay along the north wall and go a little bit up to find the stairs up.

2F: From the stairs, go a little north and west. From there, go a little bit southwest, and where the path splits, take the southeast (lower-right) path. Follow this a little south, and where the path splits, go southwest. Follow this path as it continues south, then east. Take the very next path south. At the next split, go east all the way (ignore the little path to the north), and follow the path as it goes east, north, and west. Keep going west all the way (ignore the paths south), and take the last path going north. Follow this north to the stairs up.

3F: From the stairs, go west and a little northwest. At the next split, keep going north. Follow this path as it continues north, northwest, southwest, and south. Take the very next path that goes east. Follow this east, and at the next split, go southwest. Follow this path south, then east all the way. Take the last path going north and follow this to the stairs up.

4F: From the stairs, go west. Follow the path as it goes west, south, and west again. Keep going west (ignore the first path going north) and take the second path going north. Follow this path north, west, and north again. At the next split, go northeast. At the next split after that, continue going northeast. Follow this path as it goes northeast and north to the stairs up.

5F: From the stairs, go a little north and west. At the split, go southwest. Follow the path as it goes west, then northwest, then north. Take the very next path east. Follow this east and a little bit up into an open room.


Everyone stops at the gate. The gate looks like...

LENA: This... is this Memphis?

WING: It looks that way... He's become part of the Dark Castle. No... perhaps it's more accurate to say that he's been absorbed into the Dark Castle.

The thing in front of you speaks, as Memphis.

MEMPHIS: ...First, let me ask, did you intend on coming here from the beginning?

LENA: What are you talking about? Of course!

MEMPHIS: ...Why? Are you not scared?

LENA: Y... yeah I'm scared! Now I'm having regrets about coming here! But still! I can't let you get away with what you've done to Glen and the Blue Dragon!

Everyone else joins Lena. They're not by themselves; they have each other, and they won't back down.

ELLIE: What you said is true... I have the blood of the Vile Tribe in me... But that doesn't mean that you and me are the same!! I believe in my friends!! I fight for the sake of everyone, and... I fight because I believe in myself!!

WING: Memphis... I looked up to you once. I need to know... why you gave up becoming the Guardian of Time, and instead released your Vile Tribe power...

Memphis decides to answer Wing's question, since he's about to lose himself completely and become a part of the Dark Castle.

MEMPHIS: ...When I was very young... I did whatever Glen asked of me, without question or doubt. I would fight on, not knowing the truth behind Glen's hostility towards some Vile Tribe men. During one of these fights, a man told me that my own father, as part of the Vile Tribe, was killed by Glen! ... Of course I didn't believe it, Glen couldn't have killed my father. But once I looked into it, it was true that my father was in the Vile Tribe... However! I realized that everything began with that one fact. I was nothing more than Glen's puppet. ... My problem was not with Glen's intentions... In this case, the truth was more important. The truth was that he was not concerned at all about me.

ELLIE: That is why... you had to become part of the Vile Tribe...

MEMPHIS: To surpass Glen, I needed power... To obtain power... I needed to unleash the strength that lay dormant within my blood! That was my intention!!

LENA: And this is the result? You really are stupid...

MEMPHIS: ...It is a pity that the short-term cost of my plans ended in failure... But everything here is the result of my own doing. I have no regrets...

The place rumbles and Memphis's voice grows short. Someone else calls out, demanding to know what Memphis is doing. It sounds like Barua, but she's nowhere to be seen.

BARUA: Hm hm hm... Your fight is with Memphis here.

MEMPHIS: Ugh... wha... K... Kill... I... will... kill... you!!

BOSS BATTLE| Defeat Gate-Memphis.


After the battle, Memphis thanks you.

MEMPHIS: I should thank you... Now... everything can be released... Tell me one last thing... Is Glen still alive?


MEMPHIS: Then... tell him about this... Tell him everything that I've told you... please...

Memphis is destroyed. There is no time to feel sorry for him, though; they need to go and stop Barua and the Dark Castle.

From where Memphis was defeated, continue directly north and take the stairs up.



Cut to a scene between Barua and D.

D: Ahh...

BARUA: What is it, D? Those humans are coming this way!

D: Ahh... Ahh... Memphis... Memphis... Memphis...

BARUA: Memphis is gone! He's the one who tried to use the Blue Dragon's power for himself! That's the same power that allowed you to fly! Don't you see that?

D: Use... for himself... Ahh... Memphis...

BARUA: Bah, you're worthless to me!

Continue through the Dark Castle until you reach Barua.


6F: From the stairs, go east and follow the path all the way east then south. At the split, go west, and follow the path west, south, then southeast. Keep going east, and at the next split continue going southeast. Keep going southeast and east, then turn north to the stairs up.

7F: From the stairs, go west and southwest. Follow the path southwest, west, and back north. Keep going north (ignore the first path east) and at the next split, go northeast. Follow the path northeast, east, and a little south. At the next split, go southwest. Follow this path south and west to the stairs up.

8F: From the stairs, go directly north.


The group confronts Barua. She says it was a mistake not to kill them when she had the chance; it's been fun, but now they're really becoming a bother. Lena interjects; she wants to know where the mask is. And, she won't forgive Barua for what she did to Memphis.

ELLIE: Yes, you've hurt so many people!

BARUA: Hm hm hm... This should be fun, shouldn't it?

LENA: Cut the crap, this isn't a joke!

BARUA: Hm hm hm... Well... I'm not really joking. ...But let me ask you... In your attempts to 'have a little fun', how many other people have you put in danger?

ELLIE & LENA: ! ! !

BARUA: Hm hm hm... Am I right?

LENA: Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! We're nothing like you! We... we might not always be nice to everyone... But we've never tried to hurt a soul!

BARUA: Hm hm hm... Nothing but words, whatever you say. Well... in any case, now it's time for you to die!!

BOSS BATTLE| Defeat Barua.


After Barua is defeated, Blade and Lena step up. Lena tells Barua to return to where she came from. Barua starts to laugh.

LENA: It looks like she's in shock

SENIA: There's no time for this. Let's hurry up and find that mask!

Barua gets back up. She says that you've forgotten about the new power she now wields. Prepare for another fight!

BOSS BATTLE| Defeat Barua-Star.


After defeating her, Barua is shocked.

BARUA: How could you defeat me! And after I had taken the Blue Dragon's power!

ELLIE: It's because you have no one to support you.

Ellie tells Barua how her friends have supported her, and that because Barua is alone, she is weaker. The same holds true for both humans and the Vile Tribe. Barua still doesn't see it this way, and she fades out, destroyed. That just leaves the mask...

Up ahead, the mask, D, appears.

D: M...e...m...p...h...i...s...

LENA: Is this what the Dark Castle really is?

WING: I think so.

D: M...e...m...p...h...i...s...

BLADE: So once we destroy this, everything should be ok?

AZU: Hey... wait a minute, it's saying something.

D: Memphis... gone... Power... gone... I want to go back...

WING: It looks like Memphis was the Dark Castle's only friend in the world.

LENA: What do you mean?

WING: I don't understand the details, but to put it simply... As long as Memphis isn't giving orders, the Dark Castle will do nothing.

ELLIE: Does that mean it's ok to leave it here like this?

LENA: What are you saying, Ellie!? We have to destroy it. It's dangerous.

Ellie doesn't like the thought of having to harm anyone or anything else. Senia says that if it wants to go back to wherever it came from, then why not just send it back? But, it's no easy task being such a giant castle. Lena asks Wing if he thinks he can do it; Wing isn't sure, but he can try. Wing says an incantation and transports the mask away.



The castle is gone, and the students are back outside. It's over. Lena is still a bit upset over what Barua said to her, before their fight, but Senia reassures her that no matter what, she's a good person. The group of them reminisce a bit on all that's happened so far.

WING: Lena... Now that... now that we're safe... we really are lucky...

BLADE: Looks like I found out what it is to be a Real Man! Say Lena, if you work at it, you'll be just as great as me.

LENA: Yeah, I'm sure I could learn a thing or two from you.

SENIA: You know, I never thought I'd get married so soon.

AZU: Yeah...

WING: Um... Azu, you're not having any regrets, are you?

SENIA: What are you saying?

WING: No, I just...

AZU: I have no regrets! Just... one small regret... but...

SENIA: We'll talk about that later, ok ♥

Senia says that now that Memphis, Barua, and the Dark Castle have been defeated, she'll return home. She asks the girls to give her regards to the professors and the rest of the school. Everyone says their farewells, and that they'll meet up again soon. Senia and Azu run off. Time to head back to town.

Return to Ien.


From where the Dark Castle used to be, go directly south and down the stairs, and enter town.


OPTIONAL| Back in Ien, you can talk to some of the professors around town.

Prof Dadis asks if something is going on outside that makes it dangerous to leave town.

Prof Terena thanks everyone for their efforts. She adds that Prof Kent's wounds have been healing well, fortunately. Also, the Dean is waiting to speak with them in his office; they should report to him quickly.

Prof Kent is trying to work on some more projects. It still hurts a bit, but his wounds are much better than before, so he's fine.

Prof Brune advises the students to hurry and report to Dean Steel, who's back in his office.

Prof Ralph is still lost in a book.

Iason-sensei congratulates Blade on a job well-done. He's definitely a Real Man, but by no means does this mean his training is complete! Iason-sensei also congratulates Lena and everyone else on a job well done. They should take the rest of the day off to rest.

Stella (in the Dormitory kitchen) is worried that the students went to the Dark Castle, after promising they wouldn't, but she's still relieved to see that they're back safely. She also asks about Senia and Azu; Wing explains that they've returned home already, but they send their regards. If you talk to her again, she says that as punishment for breaking their promise, they won't get any dinner tonight from her!

Prof Emma (in the School Tower, first floor) is happy to see everyone back safely. She asks what happened to Azu and Senia; Blade tells her that they returned home. So, everyone is safe. Emma tells you to take the rest of the day to rest, and heals everyone. If you talk to her again, she adds that Dean Steel is waiting in his office on the third floor; you should report to him at once.

OPTIONAL| Back in Ien, you can go to the Dormitory first floor, southeast room, and talk with Ant and his friends.

Ellie thanks Ant for his help. He says that it was no problem; Rick and Kule chime in that it's an easy matter for Ant to help out like that--that's how great he is!

ANT: It looks like this time, I won.

LENA: Sure, it looks that way...

RICK: Ant, bro, you're awesome!

KULE: You did it!

ANT: Of course I did!

OPTIONAL| Back in Ien, you can go to the School tower first floor, northwest room, and talk with Brown.

BROWN: Now that the danger is gone... Ellie, if you have time, would you like to go to Meria with me?

BLADE: What!?

ELLIE: Thank you for inviting me, but right now... I'm really tired...

BLADE: R... right! We're all tired now.

BROWN: ...


BROWN: If it's ok... maybe I could ask you again some other time?

BLADE: Ellie is tired right now. Stop bothering her!

ELLIE: ...

Enter the School Tower, and go up to the third floor and speak with Dean Steel in his office.

Dean Steel congratulates and thanks everyone. He asks what happened to Senia and Azu; Ellie tells him that they've returned home already, but they send their regards.

STEEL: Well, I'm happy to know that all of you are safe. You must be tired. Please take the rest of the day off to rest.



One month later... Ellie, Lena, and Blade run into each other outside of the School Tower. They were all summoned there by the Dean, but they don't yet know why. Wing also runs up, having been summoned by the Dean as well. He doesn't know the purpose either, but he doesn't think it's bad news. They all head inside.

Upon entering Dean Steel's room, he has some good news for them.

STEEL: I have some good news. Yesterday, a ferry from Vane arrived, with news that they want to recruit you.

BLADE: Really!?

LENA: From Vane? So that means we can go to Vane for free?

ELLIE: I'm not sure it's free, but at least this means we can go.

STEEL: -Ehem-, I wasn't finished yet. Please listen.

ELLIE: Sorry...

STEEL: Vane wants to recruit all of you. However, you would have to leave early tomorrow. That is why I must know your answer today. Do any of you not wish to go?

LENA: I don't think so, right Wing?

WING: Yes...

STEEL: So then, am I to understand that all of you will be going?

LENA: Of course!!

WING: No... I... I cannot

LENA: Wing!?

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like it's good news for everyone.

WING: I do not think that I can continue if I am so far away from Prof Glen.

LENA: Fine, then I'll stay too!!

WING: No! Lena, you should go to Vane.

LENA: But why, Wing? Why do you want to split up? Do you never want to see me again!?

WING: That is not what I am saying. But, the professor has been gone from the island for over ten days, and...

LENA: That doesn't matter! Why can't you understand!?

WING: ...

LENA: Fine then. If you want to stay around here sitting on the fence, then whatever. Dean, I'm going to Vane! I have no reason to change my mind.

STEEL: I understand.

Lena storms out of the room.

BLADE: Hey, Wing, is it really ok? You don't want to follow after her?

WING: I'm fine. Blade, Ellie, and Lena... you all should go to Vane.

ELLIE: Wing...

STEEL: I have to agree. Wing, you shouldn't throw away such a rare opportunity. By the time you regret it, it may be too late.

Blade and Ellie also try to convince Wing again. But, he's made up his mind not to go, for now.

WING: I... I cannot go now. If I do, I'll only get in your way and slow you down... I hope you understand. That's why I'll... I'll stay here a little while longer, until I have the confidence to stand beside Lena.

BLADE: ...I understand. No need to say any more.

ELLIE: Blade!?

BLADE: ...It's an understanding between men!

STEEL: I understand how Wing feels. However, it would be best if you explain this to Lena yourself. You shouldn't hide things from the people you care about.

Steel adds on one last request... Since they're leaving for Vane early tomorrow morning, they'll need to be sure and pack their bags tonight and get an early rest.

OPTIONAL| If you talk to Wing, he says that he still has a few more things he needs to discuss with the Dean.

Go down one floor in the School Tower.

LENA: I'm don't care about Wing. Let's go ahead and say our good-byes to everyone else.

OPTIONAL| Talk to everyone around town, and tell them about going to Vane tomorrow.

(School Tower, first floor) Emma:

LENA: Prof Emma! The three of us are going to Vane!

ELLIE: Calm down, Lena... Professor, the three of us have been recruited to go to Vane.

Emma is really happy for them. Blade and Ellie explain that they're leaving tomorrow, and so that's why they're going around talking with everyone.

If you talk to her again, Blade and Ellie mention that Wing will be staying here. He's on the third floor talking with the Dean right now. Emma notices that that must be why Lena is so quiet.

EMMA: Lena, there is one thing I should tell you. If there's someone you really care about, then even if they're far away, your feelings shouldn't change, right? ... Perhaps it's a test from the Goddess Althena... for both of you...

(School Tower, first floor) Layla:

Layla says that she will certainly go to Vane one day, too, and asks you to look forward to when she'll be able to meet you there.

(School Tower, first floor) Brown:

BROWN: Ellie, are you still tired?

ELLIE: No, thankfully.

BROWN: So, how about the two of us go on a picnic?

ELLIE: I'm sorry... But tomorrow, we'll be going to Vane.

BROWN: What!?

BLADE: That's right! What a shame!

(Dadis's Classroom) Dadis:

LENA: Prof Dadis...

DADIS: Oh, Senia... I thought you were married?

The girls tell Prof Dadis that they're going to Vane.

DADIS: Oh, I see. Well, when you go to Vane, please get some black crystals for me. I seem to have run out.

LENA: Just as scatterbrained as ever...

(Terena's Classroom) Terena:

TERENA: I heard that you graduated.

LENA: We just got the message from Vane. How did you know already?

TERENA: I heard when the Dean went to the Magic Guild to make a report on what happened last month with the Dark Castle.

Prof Terena also says that she's been receiving news from Vane by way of some students she has studying abroad there. In any case, she congratulates them on their graduation.

(Kent's Lab) Kent:

Kent fears that Lena is running away from him. He asks that she at least try out one last invention, another flying machine... Lena refuses, expectedly. Kent also requests that Ellie could be a sort of promotion for the flight suit he designed for her, to which she agrees.

(Brune's Classroom) Brune:

Ellie tells Brune that all of them, except for Wing, are going to Vane.

BRUNE: ...I see. Now that Wing is training to be the Guardian of Time...

LENA: Prof Brune!? You know about the Guardian of Time?

BRUNE: Yes, but only that Prof Glen was once the Guardian of Time, and now Wing has been chosen as his successor...

(Iason's Dojo) Iason:

Iason congratulates Blade, and tells him that once he is in Vane, to always strive to make himself a better man. Since Lena is also going, Iason tells Blade to always stick by Lena.

(Ralph's Library) Ralph:

LENA: Professor! We've been recruited to go to Vane!

RALPH: I see, congratula--'we'!? You mean all of you?

LENA: That's right.

RALPH: Lena, you were really recruited, too?

LENA: Professor! What's that supposed to mean!?

RALPH: Oh, nothing. Congratulations!

(Dormitory, first floor) Stella:

When the girls tell Stella the news, she's surprised at how sudden their departure is. But, it's a great opportunity, so she's happy for them. She'll make tons of food for them before they leave--Lena starts drooling.

(Dormitory, first floor) Ant:

ANT: Oh! What is it? You want to become my followers? You've finally come around!?

ELLIE: Ant, we're leaving tomorrow for Vane...

ANT: What... really!?

LENA: We wouldn't lie! ...So, Ant ♥ It looks like we got the last laugh. Come by tomorrow to see us off... and see us laughing.

If you talk to Ant again, his friends say there must be some mistake--the recruiters should have gotten to Ant first. Anyway, Ellie thanks Ant for all his help. Ant says that he'll go tomorrow to see them off--it'll also let him see if they're telling the truth.

(Dormitory, second floor) Richter:

Richter congratulates them on going to Vane, and asks that they feel free to come back to Ien to visit.

(Glen's Island) Glen:

Glen congratulates them on the recruitment by Vane.

LENA: For some reason, Wing won't go!

GLEN: I see. So that is what concerns you...

Return to the girls' Dormitory room, in the southwest corner of the second floor of the Dormitory.

Blade leaves to go prepare his things for tomorrow. After that, a few people start to come into their room.


PERSON 1: My parents sent me a bunch of things from home on the ferry yesterday. You should have some.

ELLIE: Thank you, Dahlia.


PERSON 2: Here is some stomach medicine, if you should need it...

LENA: Ah, thank you, Anise


PERSON 3: This is big news. Rick wants to become a painter!

ELLIE & LENA: What, really!?

PERSON 3: Seriously, I heard it from him directly.

LENA: I never would have guessed it...

ELLIE: It looks like everyone is going on their own path.

PERSON 3: I just thought I'd tell you before you go... Congratulations, you two.

ELLIE: Yes, thank you, Eddie.


ELLIE: It looks like Wing isn't coming. Lena, you're still being stubborn...

LENA: Oh I'm fine...

ELLIE: ...We need to get up early tomorrow. We should go to bed now.

LENA: Yeah, let's go to bed.



The next day, a lot of people are at the Port to see off Ellie, Lena, and Blade--including Senia and Azu.

BLADE: Senia, Azu... I thought you returned already. Why are you still here?

SENIA: I'll make this quick. I came here to talk to the Dean about something. But then I heard that you all were going to Vane... So I decided to wait until this morning to leave.

Blade is only concerned that there will be a lot of rivals for him at Vane. But, Senia reassures them that they'll do great. They promise to write, and Senia asks them to visit sometime. They then depart.

Closer to the pier, Glen, Iason-sensei, and Dean Steel are waiting.

GLEN: Lena... what's wrong?

LENA: It's nothing!

BLADE: ...I see... It doesn't look like Wing is here...

LENA: ...

GLEN: Lena... Wing has a lot of training he must do.

LENA: I... I know that. ...Glen, I... I can't get out of my mind something Barua said... She said that I did whatever I wanted, and caused trouble for others... and so I was no different from her.

GLEN: Lena...

LENA: That's why... that's why I won't be selfish anymore. Yeah maybe I'll cause a little bit of trouble, unintentionally... But I'll try my hardest not to.

GLEN: I see... Your results are important, but how you achieve them is also important. If you keep that in your mind and your heart, then people will forgive you, and will surely help you.

LENA: Glen, thank you for everything, and sorry to be such a pain. When I come back here one day, I'll be a much better woman!

GLEN: I look forward to it.

Ellie and Blade both join in and support Lena, echoing her sentiment. Glen says that he believes in them. At the end, Blade also thanks Glen and Iason-sensei.

IASON: Excellent, Blade! You truly are a Real Man! Never forget that!

There's no more time to waste, interjects the Dean. So, the girls board the boat.

GLEN: Oh, one more thing. When you reach Vane, please pay a visit to the Leader of the Magic Guild. I am sure she will treat you well.

The three of them then board the small boat which will take them to the ferry.



The three students leave the Port.

ELLIE: It looks like Wing didn't come after all

LENA: Whatever, I don't care what he does!

WING: Lena!! Wait a minute! Please, wait!


LENA: Oh man, how embarrassing!

ELLIE: Oh, does it really matter?

LENA: Hurry up, we're leaving already! Quick!

-everyone laughs-


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