The girls are in the Dormitory, greeted by Stella, the dorm mother. She also prepares all the meals. She says this is the first time she's seen one of the other buildings crumble like that. Anyway, she says they're free to stay here now; there are some open rooms on the second floor that they can use. (If you talk to Stella again, she informs you that a girl named Layla on the second floor will guide you to your rooms; Lena has a bad feeling about this...)

OPTIONAL| Talk to the other people on the first floor of the Dormitory.

The boys are in the southeast room. Ant blames you for destroying the building, after all the trouble they took to find a teacher. (Well, it -was- your fault.)

The student in the southwest room mentions that a Prof Richter is the one who made the buildings in Ien; but, he's been missing for some time.

At the entrance is someone in the process of moving out a few boxes, so you can't leave the Dormitory yet.

Go up to the second floor (the stairs are just to the left of the kitchen).

A girl, Layla, comes by to tell you that only people who live in the Dormitory are allowed up here. Senia counters that they were invited by Stella to stay here. Layla then recognizes them as the ones who destroyed Dadis's Classroom. She says she'll take them to their room; Senia says they can do that themselves.

LAYLA: I see... You're a wild girl bound to cause more problems. You wouldn't want that sort of a rumor to get out tomorrow, would you?

SENIA: You jerk! Lena, help me out here!

LENA: ...-grin-

SENIA: ...traitor

Anyway, Layla points out that the room in the back-right (the southwest corner) is Ellie and Lena's; meanwhile, Senia will be staying in Layla's room. It'll be great--Layla can even teach Senia some manners! Layla then drags Senia away. Lena and Ellie decide to check out their own room.

OPTIONAL| Go to the room to the southeast corner.

Lena gets upset that someone left their stuff on the bed--she figures it must be Layla's. Ellie then points out that they're supposed to be in the lower-left (southwest) room, not the lower-right (southeast) one.

Go to the room in the southwest corner.

Ellie and Lena look around. It's a good room, with a nice bed and desk there. (Lena jokes that this is the kind of room they got by sacrificing Senia.) It's much better than having to share the same living space with Ant and the other boys.



Lena has a flashback to their first night in Dadis's Classroom. Prof Dadis explained that new students generally stay in the class building of their teacher--meaning that they'll have to share the second floor of Dadis's Classroom. Once they're all upstairs, the boys try to get first pick. Ellie suggests that they split the room in half; Ant hesitates.

Lena calls the other girls together. She figures that since the boys are lousy at magic, and really arrogant, she can probably trick them into giving up the better half of the floor (the right side, away from the stairs). She asks the girls if they know the phrase "Ladies First", and then continues to trick the boys into giving up the good half of the floor. [NOTE: This joke -really- does not translate well, but I'll try anyway...]

LENA: Oh there's just something that, you know, every guy knows about. I'm sure you'd know about it too, Ant.

RICK: There's nothing bro don't know!

KULE: Of course!

LENA: Well... so you must know what 'Ladies First' means...

KULE: Ladies Fast... yeah

RICK: Ladies Toast?? What's that?

ANT: Of course I know what Ladies Fist is!

LENA: Well, do you think you can show us?

ANT: Sure, um...

LENA: I'll just get Ellie to explain

ELLIE: Well, 'Ladies First' means that boys should show respect to girls, and let them go ahead of them... Otherwise, you look selfish. Ant, you don't want to look like you're rude and selfish... You did say you knew what Ladies First meant, right?

ANT: Of... of course! See, I know what it means. You can go ahead. Ladies Fist!

LENA: Ok. We'll take the right side of the room.

ELLIE: Thanks, Ant!

ANT: Hah!

RICK: Cool, bro! You totally showed them what Ladies Toast is.

ANT: You idiot! It's Ladies Fist!

RICK: Ladies To...ast?

ANT: No! Ladies Fi...rst...?? Man, I don't know.



Back to the present, Ellie and Lena decide to get some rest here for a while. Then, a girl comes in saying that they have a visitor, a man who just entered the Dormitory. She would've gone to bring him up, but she didn't really know what to say. She then scampers off. Lena suggests that it could be the Student Body President, Brown. They decide to go look.

OPTIONAL| Go downstairs and talk with Stella (in the kitchen just to the right).

Stella says that, unfortunately, there aren't any rooms that would be large enough for all three of the girls to stay together. However, the decision for Senia to be Layla's roommate is actually a direct order from the Dean. It's said that Senia's father, too, is a very strict person.

OPTIONAL| Go downstairs and talk with the student in the southwest room again.

The student mentions that Prof Hyde doesn't take students right now, since currently he's in the Stargazing Tower, doing his own research.

Go downstairs and exit the Dormitory.



Outside is someone waiting for you, a man named Blade.

BLADE: Which one of you is Ellie?

LENA: Who are you?

BLADE: My name is Blade. I'm one of Iason-sensei's students. He sent me to tell you to come to the dojo.

LENA: Wait, what are you talking about? What do you want with Ellie?

ELLIE: Come on Lena, you're not scared, are you?


After Blade leaves, Ellie gets the feeling that she's seen him before at Iason's Dojo. She thinks they should go speak with Iason-sensei, as Blade said.

OPTIONAL| Go around Ien and talk with the other professors.

If you go to Kent's Lab and speak with Prof Kent, he asks Ellie this time to try out his latest invention: a device that can amplify magic power. She tries (forgetting about Kent's success rate with inventions) and the machine has different results than expected. Well, back to the drawing board.

If you go to Brune's Classroom and speak with Prof Brune, he's trying out a less-explosive mixture this time. If you talk to him again, he says that he's not working on fireworks; maybe the sound was Lena destroying another building (ZING). But, he apologizes for the slight.

If you go to Terena's Classroom and speak with Prof Terena, she reminds you that this is the first time the Dean has had to deal with a building being destroyed. And, Lena had best reflect well on what happened. (She insists that she is reflecting, but her constant smiling indicates otherwise.) Senia, Lena claims, is also in her room "reflecting" on what she did, too.

If you go to where Dadis's Classroom used to be and speak with Prof Dadis... doesn't remember you. He gets the feeling that there was supposed to be something important here, but he can't recall what. Lena stops Ellie from spilling the truth; whether or not someone else tells him doesn't matter--what does matter is that they won't be around for it.

If you talk with Emma (first floor of the School Tower), she's rather upset with Lena, Senia, and even Ellie with what happened to Dadis's Classroom. Ellie is apologetic, but Lena just keeps smiling...

If you talk with Dean Steel (top floor of the School Tower), he pleads with them not to destroy the School Tower, too. Lena's constant smiling after-the-fact is still a little unnerving, too.

Go to Iason's Dojo and talk with Iason-sensei.

Iason explains that the reason he summoned Ellie was for training in combined magic. Specifically, by combining Ellie's flying ability with the magic sword techniques that Iason teaches, they will create a completely new kind of magic! Combined magic is just what it sounds like: it uses different kinds of magic power to produce a greater result. If they want more details, they can ask the Dean. Anyway, Ellie agrees to help Iason-sensei with this combined magic. So they go outside.

Iason tells Ellie to fly towards him, lift him up, and then throw him towards the target in the ground. Ellie tries, but Iason-sensei is a bit heavy. They try again and she overshoots it. Iason decides that they'll review these trials and try again the next day. Iason then reminds Ellie that they should still speak with the Dean. Iason-sensei will see her tomorrow.

After Iason-sensei leaves, Blade expresses his irritation that the girls were of no help--this is a dojo for Real Men, after all. Lena suggests that it might just be because he's jealous that Iason-sensei didn't think Blade was good enough to practice the combined magic technique with Ellie. Blade storms off.

Go to the School Tower, third floor, and talk to Dean Steel.

At Ellie's request, Dean Steel explains more about combined magic. Combined magic uses two or more people's magic power to create a new, greater magic. There are some combined magic spells that the professors here can teach. And, from their experience in battle, they might get a hint of what other magic spells could be combined. They can then speak with Dean Steel himself and he may be able to teach them how to use a combined magic spell based on that hint.

Steel adds that it was Glen who made the plan to combine Ellie and Lena's experiences like this. They will find out more through their continued experience, particularly during combat, but these are things that the girls will usually need to discover for themselves. But first, they need to master the technique that Iason-sensei is trying to develop. Based on that, they'll have a better idea of how combined magic works.

Now, since Lena was asleep through half of that long-winded explanation, they decide to go back to their room to rest for a while.

(Quick Version: All this means that if you use certain combinations of magic spells during battle, you'll get a message after battle saying the two or three magic spells can be combined. After that, you can talk with Dean Steel and he will be able to teach you a new 'combined magic' spell. Note that I'll indicate when and how you can do this later in the chapters.)

OPTIONAL| Talk with Brown and Eleonora on the first floor of the School Tower (northwest room).

Brown and Eleonora both mention that the Student Body Meeting will be later that day. Brown also, at first, seems to be rather distracting by Ellie, though he's not quite forthright about it. Lena doesn't like his passiveness at all.

BROWN: Ellie, is something wrong? When I see you disheartened like that, well, I... I...

LENA: What's with this guy? I get a really bad feeling about him. Let's go, Ellie.

BROWN: Oh, Ellie, I...


BROWN: Say... there's a Student Body meeting today. It would... er... be great if... if you could come. Lena too, I guess...

LENA: ...this is supposed to be our Student President? Ien must be falling apart...

BROWN: But... but I would never do anything to dishonor Ien... I'm just...

ELLIE: Lena, please... That is just how Brown is

LENA: There's nothing good about being that passive. I mean, you have to at least be able to defend yourself, right?

OPTIONAL| Go back to the Dormitory and talk with Senia and Layla.

Senia is talking funny--all pretentious ladylike, like Layla, while Layla coaches her.

SENIA: My, why if it isn't Ellie and Lena! Oh ho ho ho!

LAYLA: Perfect! You've really been taking in what I've taught you!

LENA: Ellie, I don't think I can take another second of this...

SENIA: Oh ho ho ho... is this how it is, Layla?

LAYLA: You should increase the tempo slightly, like this: Ohh hohohoho...


SENIA: Argh! I can't take it anymore! Ellie, Lena, save me from this girl!

Go back to the Dormitory, and back to your room (second floor, southwest corner).

Ellie is tired from the training for the day, and Lena is tired from arguing with Ant for the day. They both decide to go to sleep.



The next day, the girls wake up to go to Iason's Dojo.

Go to Iason's Dojo and talk with Blade (in front).

Blade takes them to the Men's Cave, saying that this is part of their training with Iason-sensei. That's all he was told. Blade then lifts the entrance door and says that Iason-sensei is waiting for them inside, at the back end of the cave. Lena turns around, remembering what happened last time--but Ellie offers to give Lena half of her dinner that night if she goes along. She pulls Lena in before she can decide.

Blade drops the door behind them. Lena says that Ellie still hasn't learned when not to trust other people. Blade insists that he's telling the truth, that this is per Iason-sensei's orders. Lena says that if he's being truthful, then he should come in with them. Blade agrees. Lena's plan is to run out when Blade opens the door, but Ellie holds her back.

After talking with Ellie and Lena, Blade concedes that as a 'Real Man' he should be able to get through the dangerous cave. Also, Blade figures that if he does this, maybe he can prove to Iason-sensei that he's worthy of being part of the training in combined magic. He then runs in ahead.

Go up and enter the Men's Cave.


Go through the Men's Cave to catch up with Blade.


B1: Go south and take the path on the west. Continue south, go a little west, and keep following the path south until you reach Blade.


Blade is fighting a monster. He defeats it, but falls down. Lena heals him and he runs away without thanking them, only saying that he doesn't need their help. Lena comments on how he's so worthless when it comes to magic.

Continue through the Men's Cave to catch up with Blade a second time.


B1: From where Blade was fighting, go directly south all the way. Then, go east until you see the first path leading northeast. Go northeast, then take the first path north. Keep going north until you reach Blade again.


Lena heals Blade again. Blade reminds them that he's still their opponent, and this changes nothing. Ellie worries that Blade can't go on by himself, but he runs off anyway.

Continue through the Men's Cave to catch up with Blade a third time.


B1: From where Blade was healed, go directly north all the way. Take the path that continues east, and then take the second path south. At the fork, take the path to the southwest, and follow this until you reach Blade again.


Ellie asks Lena to heal Blade again; Lena agrees, but says this is going to be the last time. Blade's still arrogant, but Lena warns that she would've just kept on going if it hadn't been for Ellie. Ellie tries to tell him that it doesn't matter if it's a boy or girl helping him, he shouldn't be embarassed. But all the same, she won't tell anyone about this. Blade just says that she wouldn't understand. So... they try a new tactic: Lena suggests that Blade come along to help them, rather than the other way around, and Ellie suggests that they fight alongside one another to see how strong each of them really is. Blade consents, and finally joins your party.

MAGIC (AUTOMATIC)| When he joins, Blade should have the following 3 spells: Downstrike, Heat Up, Rain Breath


Blade - Downstrike| Single downward sword strike
Blade - Heat Up| Increases own attack power
Blade - Rain Breath| Water ice attack on enemies

Continue through the Men's Cave to the second floor, where the three of them stop to talk.


B1: From where Blade joins you, continue south and go down the stairs.

B2: Go south from the entrance.


Blade warns that the monsters get tougher here on out; although, this is his first time going into this dungeon, too. Lena gets upset and starts calling him names, for throwing them into a dangerous place that he's never even been in before. But, Blade says, he's studied the layout many times before! Anyway, Blade explains that there's a statue of Iason in the back that has healing power hidden within it. Ellie finally intervenes to stop Lena and Blade's arguing, and they continue.

Continue through the Men's Cave second floor to reach a room of fire.


B2: From the stairs, go south all the way. Then, go east until you reach a path going south. Take this path south into the room.


There's a fire-monster-ish thing in the middle. Lena asks what it is; Blade says that this is the "Red Dragon's Chamber", and they must defeat the statue there to continue. Lena tries to pass anyway, but there's no use.

BLADE: This is the Red Dragon's Chamber. And that is the Lord of Flame, a statue dedicated to the Red Dragon. We can't go on unless we defeat it. In other words, this is the first obstacle.

ELLIE: It's glowing red... and there's fire on both sides of the room. It's so hot here.

BLADE: Exactly! It's just as hot as a Real Man in here! But with my sword, and your magic, this will be easy!

BOSS BATTLE| Fight the Flame Garter.

Continue through the Men's Cave second floor until the three of them stop to talk.


B2: From the room of fire, continue southwest. Take the next path west, and the very next path south. Continue along this path to the south and then west.


Lena asks what's the point of this dungeon. Blade explains that it's to test Real Men--so Lena demands to know why, then, Blade tossed two girls in here. Dodging the question, Blade explains that this is a place where men are supposed to cast aside all their weaknesses to become stronger. Ellie explains that women have the same kinds of weaknesses; this gives Blade something new to think about.

Continue through the Men's Cave to fight a bear.


B2: From where the three stopped to talk, continue west and then a little bit northwest. Take the next path northeast all the way, then follow the path as it goes east and then north into the next room.

BOSS BATTLE| Fight the Grizzly.

Continue through the Men's Cave until you hear a bear again.


B2: From where you fight the bear, continue north. Then, go northwest and follow the path all the way north. Then continue west. At the next fork, go northwest and follow the path west then south through a room.


Ellie says that the bear's growl is echoing so much that they can't tell where it's coming from. Blade suggests that they put their backs to each other to cover all directions.

BOSS BATTLE| Fight the 3 Grizzlies.

Continue through the Men's Cave to the boulder.


B2: From where you fight the three bears, continue all the way south until you see the first path west. Go west all the way, then turn north, and continue northwest and north until you reach a boulder.

Check the boulder.

Lena plays to Blade's ego to get him to go ahead and move the boulder for them.

Continue through the Men's Cave to the boss of the dungeon.


B2: From the boulder, continue north, then east and follow the path back south to the stairs down.

B3: From the stairs, go southeast. Continue all the way east and take the next path southeast. Follow this path to the east, then to the north. Take the next path east, then turn north. Follow this path north, then northwest, and all the way north. From there, go west until you see a path north. Then go north, follow the path west again, and take the next path you see south. Continue south, then southeast, and take the next path you see east. Keep going east, then southeast, and take the stairs down.

B4: From the stairs, go south, then go east until you see a path going south again. Continue south from there all the way. Then follow the path back west and a little northwest. From there, take the path that goes northeast. Follow this path north, then go west. Then go north all the way. Then, take the path east and continue east then southeast to the stairs.

B5: From the stairs, go directly south, then take the path southwest. Keep going south from there, then take the next path southwest again. Continue south from there all the way and take the last (second) path that goes to the east. Continue east all the way, then turn north, and keep going until you see the boss of the dungeon.


Blade explains that this is Gear, the boss of the dungeon. Lena realizes that once they defeat this monster, they can finally get out of this cave.

BOSS BATTLE| Go up and fight Gear (go up and hit C to fight him).


After a few rounds, you'll find that he's way too strong. The group back up to decide what to do. Ellie convinces everyone to redouble their efforts, and to use a new technique: the one that she was training for with Iason-sensei...

MAGIC (AUTOMATIC)| Before the rematch with Gear, Ellie+Blade learn Blade Launcher.


Ellie+Blade - Blade Launcher| Launches Blade from in-flight

BOSS BATTLE| Fight Gear again and beat him this time with your new Blade Launcher spell. (Note that Blade Launcher is under the Special menu for either Ellie or Blade, not the regular Magic menu.)


After the battle, Blade is impressed that Ellie was able to help defeat Gear, even though she's a woman (Lena's not that pleased about being overlooked, though). Now it's time to leave already.

Continue through the Men's Cave to the exit.


B5: From where you fought Gear, continue all the way north. Then, follow the path west all the way, then south. Keep walking south to go through the exit.



The three of them exit into Iason's Dojo. Iason is surprised to see them; he asks both Ellie and Blade what they were doing all this time.

IASON: Oh, you came all the way through the back entrance... And ignored our appointment. What were you doing all this time?

LENA: Now hold on just a minute...

Ellie covers for them, saying that Blade's been working with them to master the technique that Iason-sensei was showing them. Iason-sensei is fine with this; all is forgiven. He asks Ellie to show them the combined magic technique they learned, too.

Outside, Iason asks Ellie to lift him into the air and launch him, using the "Iason Launcher" combined magic technique. It still doesn't quite work... Lena suggests that it may be due to who's combining their magic.

LENA: Maybe it has something to do with the power of love. Perhaps Iason-sensei needs to be thrown by Prof Terena?

Anyway! Blade congratulates Ellie; she's proven herself to be as good as any man there. Ellie thanks him, and asks him to perhaps get along better with the other students around as well--since, after all, they've shown that you can accomplish more by working together than by working alone. It's difficult, says Blade, but he'll try...

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