Greetings! To begin, I'd like to thank you for taking a look at this, and for using the walkthrough in general. I hope this allows many more people to enjoy Magical School Lunar, and perhaps even opens up the series to a few new fans.

Anyway, my name is Kaiser Farooque; I go by "Kizyr" most everywhere online. I do a lot of the translation-related updates over at LunarNET and am usually over at the LunarNET Forums.

A walkthrough for Magical School Lunar has been on my to-do list for ages. I gave this the same treatment as when I put together the guides for Lunar: Walking School and Lunar: Legend (Import Version). But, this has been the most ambitious project I've done yet. I did have some help and support, and so check out the credits at the bottom of this page for that.

A note about translations... My general goal in translation is to provide whatever would be the most likely English dialogue, had the source material been originally in English. This means that I don't do word-for-word translations, because they would sound ridiculous and lose the context and unique characterization that makes Magical School Lunar such a fun game.

As for names, places, and magic spells, I tried to put them in a way that would appear natural in English. So, you'll notice that I use "Ellie", "Lena", and "Wing", instead of "Elie", "Rena", and "Wyn". Along those lines, I do provide a lot of translated dialogue and plot synopses throughout the game, and tried to give all the dialogue that folks would be interested in knowing--right down to optional and backstory details, and anything that I thought was just amusing.

So, if you'd like to contact me for any reason, you can either check out the LunarNET Forums, or send me a line at . I don't mind talking about Lunar or whatever else.

One of the things I would appreciate are pointing out any errors in the guide. I know I kind of got lost in some of the dungeons, and I believe all the directions are correct. But, it's very much possible I could've said "east" instead of "west" in a few places. If you find an error like that, please let me know. Or, if you just want clarity on something, or think I should clear up something in the guide, let me know that.

However, please do not ask questions that could easily be answered in the guide (e.g., "What do I do after I enter Ien the first time?"). Please do not ask me any ISO-related questions (I'm fine with Saturn emulation, but I'm not fine with ISO trading). And, there are exactly four people from whom I'd accept translation-related corrections, so be aware of that if you want to offer corrections along those lines.

Anyway, thanks again. And please, enjoy this guide, and enjoy the game! And support Game Arts and Studio Alex wherever possible. KF

~Kaiser Farooque

Special Thanks

A few people who made this guide possible...

  • LunarNET - For hosting this site, and the best resource for Lunar worldwide.
  • Game Arts and Studio Alex - Creators of the Lunar series
  • Jim Breen's WWWJDIC - WWWJDIC tends to be the best online resource for quick Japanese language reference.
  • Sadrin - LunarNET forums member who provided me with most of the character images and screenshots you see on this site. Huge thanks for that.
  • Remie - Created several different Japanese quick-guides (at Remie's Room), including one on Magical School Lunar (at 魔法学園ルナ攻略). I'm sure Remie has no idea who I am, but the guide proved really useful for distinguishing what actions were necessary and what was optional, and a few of the places and times where you can learn some of the magic spells.

And, a great thanks to everyone who offered support during the creation of this guide.


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