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Magical School Lunar - Story

Magical School LUNAR!, like its predecessor Lunar: Walking School, isn't readily available and never saw a US release. Since this means most will never play it (though it really is a very fun game, and we even have a walkthrough!) we're offering some of the highlights that connect the game to the greater Lunar universe, and a summary of the main story. Because the storyline of Magical School LUNAR! and Lunar: Walking School are so radically different, this section is written from scratch, as if it's a separate game entirely.

This seems obvious, but this contains major spoilers. Also, if you want to know everything that goes on in greater detail, the walkthrough has all of that information and more. Lastly, the story in the Game Gear version is very different from the remake on the Saturn--check out our Lunar: Walking School section for information about the original.


The story of Magical School LUNAR! takes place an estimated 300 years before The Silver Star, although this is a less certain estimate than Walking School (which had specific time references to date it). In MSL, there is no corresponding statement about the last rebirth of Althena, but the novelization does state that it occurs hundreds of years before TSS/SSS and we know that it occurs after the banishment of the Vile Tribe 500 years prior to TSS/SSS--therefore, 300 years is the best estimate.

Ellie and Lena are both from the village of Burg. Senia and Azu's hometown is never named, though there is less reference to human-beastman tensions in MSL than in WS. Wing is from Caldor Island, but doesn't give a specific hometown. Blade's hometown is never mentioned.

The main villains, Barua and Memphis, are both members of the Vile Tribe. They're also in control of "D", a powerful living castle/fortress that can move.

Wing is in love with Lena, but he's incredibly passive--a trait that Lena hates. Blade is also in love with Ellie, but he's a bit reserved in expressing his feelings. And Brown has a bit of a crush on Ellie and occasionally tries to ask her out. ...the only two who definitely get together before the end of the game is Azu and Senia.

There are only a few towns mentioned in the game by name: Ien (the main town and island of the magic school), Meria (the merfolk's island), and Burg (Ellie and Senia's hometown). Caldor Island is also mentioned (Wing's home island).

MSL introduces a new race of people: merfolk, people with the ability to transform into sea creatures with amazing swimming abilities. They live almost exclusively on the island town of Meria.

The Blue Dragon visits Ien once every ten years. The Blue Dragon also has a relationship with the flow of time, and with the Guardian of Time.

Glen is the "Guardian of Time", while Dean Steel is charged with protecting the island of Ien, around which the flow of time coalesces. Glen originally trained Memphis to be his successor, but Memphis instead opted to turn towards his Vile Tribe background to pursue power alone. Later in the game, the Blue Dragon names Wing as the successor to the title of the Guardian of Time.

Ellie has Vile Tribe blood in her. This explains why she has a natural ability to fly, and why her magic talents are so well-developed. This weighs on her quite heavily later in the game, as she wonders if she'll go on to be like Memphis, or continue to be herself.

Memphis was originally in training to be the successor to Glen in his "Guardian of Time" role, before he decided to use his Vile Tribe blood to pursue power instead. This happened after he found out that Glen killed his father--which was the first time he found out his father, and thus he, was part of the Vile Tribe.

By the end of the game, Ellie, Lena, Wing, and Blade, are accepted into the Magic Guild of Vane. Ellie, Lena, and Blade go to the city of Vane itself to continue their studies, while Wing stays behind to continue gaining knowledge and strength under the guidance of Dean Steel and Glen to assume his role as the Guardian of Time.


Since Magical School LUNAR! is such a different game than Lunar: Walking School, it's impossible to list all of the changes (in fact, a list of similarities might be shorter). But a few of the most significant ones, particularly storyline things in MSL that never even came up in WS, are below.

In WS, Ellie mostly had fire magic. In MSL, her ability to fly is her major magical ability. Blade is an entirely new character for MSL. Azu is a new playable character for MSL, though he had a side role in WS. Lastly, both Senia and Azu rejoin the party later in the game.

Because there are no items in the game, some faculty changes between WS and MSL. Prof. Kent (who was formerly Prof. Alba) is an inventor, Prof. Brune teaches herbology, and Prof. Dadis is the same but has no item shop. There is also no equivalent to the robe shop.

The eccentric artist known as Henner is a character in WS. He isn't in MSL, but there is a reference to an artist named "Henner" that lived 200 years before the events of the game.

Some of the big events that occur in WS but not in MSL: (1) The "entrance exam" on the mock-up of the island, and (2) The entire chapter on the Town of the Arts, Shell.

Some of the big events that occur in MSL but not in WS: (1) The events on Ghost Island and the shipwreck, and (2) The events on the merfolk island town of Meria.

In MSL, we learn about Ellie's Vile Tribe heritage; WS made no mention of this background.

In MSL, we learn that Glen killed Memphis's father; WS didn't go into the cause of Memphis and Glen's falling out.

There are no items or treasure chests in MSL; instead, everything is done with magic, and you can recover HP and MP by defending or walking on the map. The combat is also layout-based, but range doesn't factor into how far characters can move on the field.

The encounter rate in MSL is infamous for being incredibly high. There are ways to mitigate it (see the walkthrough for details), but it's still worse than WS and every other game in the Lunar series.



- Prologue -

We open with Ellie and Lena, picking apples in the village of Burg. They're approached by a strange old man named Glen, who asks them if they know of a nearby coastal cave. The girls do, and they guide them to the place, but when they arrive an ominous-looking castle rises up from the sea and floats away. Atop it is Memphis, a powerful Vile Tribe sorceror.


LENA: What's that?
GLEN: It's the Dark Castle D... ...It was supposed to have been sealed away...

Glen levels with the girls and explains that he came both to investigate the castle, and also as a scout for the Magic School of Ien. He's come to invite both Ellie (who has a talent for flying) and Lena (with a talent for healing) to join.


- Chapter 1: The School that Floats on the Sea -

The girls arrive at a harbor with other new students, waiting to go to Ien. There, they meet Senia, a beastwoman who soon becomes a close friend, and three bratty boys named Ant, Rick, and Kule. While waiting, the boys spread a rumor that all new students must find a professor to apprentice with, or they'll be kicked out. Soon, the island of Ien pulls up to the harbor (it can move!)--but before the student body president can greet the newcomers, everyone rushes to the island to find a professor before it's too late.


BROWN: Hey! If anyone is still listening! I'm Brown, the Student Body President! Watch out for the wild animals on the way! Hm... what were they all talking about? Something about being kicked out of the school? I never heard anything like that before. But, that girl named Ellie... She's pretty...

The girls follow behind to reach the town of Ien, which is where the school campus is located. They introduce themselves to various professors, including Prof. Emma (the counselor), Dean Steel (the dean of the school), Prof. Kent (the inventor), and Iason-sensei (the professor of sword magic). After failing a number of tests, they finally join the class of Prof. Dadis--an expert at cosmetic magic, or the enhancement of magic using makeup, but who is also a bit absent-minded.


- Chapter 2: Sorceress Barua -

The Vile Tribe sorceress Barua makes her entrance in the next chapter. In short order, she knocks Ellie down mid-flight, takes over the mind of Prof. Ralph (the librarian), and sends her demon's into the school. The girls, with a little help from the professors, free Ralph and drive back the demons for now. It's a mystery to everyone except Glen, who seems to be the only one who knows just who Barua is.


STEEL: ...the Vile Tribe! Why do you want Ien?


- Chapter 3: Blitz Tactics -

The girls confront Glen, but he refuses to give much information. All they find out is that Barua is dangerous, and her appearance is related to the Dark Castle "D" and the strange man (Memphis) whom they saw when they first met Glen.

Anyway, it's time for the girls' first test! (Conveniently, the boys have decided to switch professors over to the librarian.) Their task will be to journey into Prof. Dadis's storeroom and... retrieve three items that he forgot where he stored. Well, on the way they encounter some monsters that Senia's lightning makes quick work of. Unfortunately, it also makes quick work of the structural supports and the storeroom and entire building come crashing down (though everyone manages to get out unharmed).


DADIS: Wh... what happened here? Who is responsible for this?!
LENA: Oh, I believe the one you want is... Senia, right here!
SENIA: Hey! What are you--
LENA: Here are the things you wanted from the storeroom, professor. Now if you'll excuse us!
SENIA: You jerks!!


- Chapter 4: Special Move! Combined Magic -

With the class building gone, the girls move into the dorms. There, they meet Layla, a high-minded student determined to make Senia behave more "properly" (this won't go well), and Stella, the dorm mother and cook.

Once they settle in, Blade, one of Iason-sensei's students, summons Ellie to his professor's dojo to test out a new technique called "combined magic"--the combination of two or more people's magic spells for an ultimate attack (for example, Ellie lifting up Iason with her flight, and Iason launching himself at a target with his sword technique). The first few attempts don't go very well...

The next day, Blade (a bit jealous that he's not involved in this training) convinces Ellie and Lena to go through Iason's cave of trial to master the combined magic technique. They defeat the bosses in the cave, and successfully master combined magic. (From here on out, the students can use both regular and combined magic spells.)


BLADE: This is the Red Dragon's Chamber. And that is the Lord of Flame, a statue dedicated to the Red Dragon. We can't go on unless we defeat it. In other words, this is the first obstacle.
ELLIE: It's glowing red... and there's fire on both sides of the room. It's so hot here.
BLADE: Exactly! It's just as hot as a Real Man in here! But with my sword, and your magic, this will be easy!


- Chapter 5: Ghost Island -

A day or so later, an ominous fog descends on Ien as the island approaches the dangerous Skull Island. Apparently a spirit seal on the island broke, and this fog has ensnared Ien. Worse, the fog is full of dark spirit energy and is causing some of the students to act as if they're possessed.


STEEL: Skull Island! But, that island was supposed to be sealed inside a powerful barrier...
GLEN: That is true. But now, the seal has been lifted, and Ien has been pulled in by the fog of Skull Island. We must act quickly.

The girls (and Blade) disobey the dean's orders to stay in the dorms, and go to Skull Island. There, they find a few more students and professors trying to get to the bottom of this, a shipwreck, a cave, and a bunch of ghosts. Undeterred by the ghosts, they first explore the shipwreck and find a jewel that seems to be related to the broken spirit seal, and a loose plank in the floorboards. The students then journey into the cave and find the broken spirit seal. They first try using the jewel, which does nothing, Then Senia throws the plan into the break, which stops the fog.


- Chapter 6: Mermaid Jewel -

The next chapter, Ien approaches another more friendly island: Meria, the island of the merfolk. When the girls pay a visit, they find the merfolk acting not-so-friendly, talking about a stolen talisman or something. As they leave, they're approached by a curious girl named Shiela. The girls stop to chat with her, and Senia, talking about the shipwreck episode, shows her the jewel they found in the ghost ship. At that point, Shiela backs away cautiously, several merfolk charge the girls and accuse them of being thieves, and the girls have to make a quick escape back to Ien. (Unfortunately the other students on the island, like Ant, Rick, and Kule, weren't so quick and got tossed in Meria's dungeon instead.)


LENA: ...who are you?
SHIELA: I'm Shiela. Do you mind if I talk to you?
ELLIE: To us?
SHIELA: Yes, I have an interest in how humans live...
SENIA: I have an interest in how humans live, too!

Back on Ien, the girls learn that the jewel they found is apparently the Merfolk's Talisman. Worse, Meria's people are demanding the girls hand themselves over along with the jewel. With Glen's help, though, they return to the island via a secret cave, return the jewel to the Shrine of Meria, free the students, and explain the whole deal to the leader of the merfolk (with some help from Shiela).


- Chapter 7: Blitz Tactics 2 -

After recovering from the Meria incident, Senia is visited by Azu, a childhood friend who has come to take her back to her home village at her father's request. Before he can explain, Memphis appears and captures Azu--as well as several other students of the school. With some help from the professors, the girls find the cave where the students (and Azu) are being held.

On the way, Senia explains her relationship with Azu... When she was a child, she found Azu injured in the forest near the village. He stayed around after he recovered, and he and Senia grew very close. But recently, Azu just left, saying that the village wasn't the right place for him. That was when she decided to go to Ien.

Anyway, the girls free the students and confront Memphis at the end of the cave. There...


MEMPHIS: Oh... a 'half'... Glen really hasn't changed, has he.
ELLIE: 'Half'? What does that mean?
LENA: How do you know Glen?

Memphis escapes and leaves the girls to fight two of the students who were being controlled. After freeing the students, they reach the end where Azu was being held. There, he apologizes to Senia, and asks her to marry him. Senia says that yes, she will, and she'll come back to the village.


- Chapter 8: The Mysterious New Student -

A few things go on after Senia leaves: Blade joins with Ellie and Lena, Prof. Dadis's classroom is rebuilt, and there's a new student on campus named Wing. Wing, though, is quite shy and reserved, and while wandering around lost he stumbles upon Barua--who decides to "help" Wing utilize his powers by taking over his mind.

Wing returns to town and starts destroying buildings left and right--including Prof. Dadis's newly-rebuilt classroom--and escapes. The students seek Glen's help again, who informs them that Barua and Memphis are behind this again. They go up to the Dark Castle "D" to confront the Vile Tribe again. But this time a little of Glen and Memphis's history comes out: Glen accuses Memphis of being as power-hungry as always, and Memphis accuses Glen of manipulating his students as always. Nevertheless, since this business with Wing is all Barua's doing, he'll let them go on ahead.


GLEN: You haven't changed at all... You're just as awful as you are power-hungry.
MEMPHIS: Glen! That's no different from you! You're taking these students along and using their power for your own ends!
MEMPHIS: You children! What guarantee do you have that Glen, here, will always be the kind old man you think you know!?

The students fight off more of Barua's demons and rescue Wing. Just as polite as before, he keeps apologizing for what he did while under Barua's control--way past the point of irritation for Lena.


- Chapter 9: The Forbidden Door -

The dean asks the students to mentor Wing and help him adjust to Ien. Meanwhile, there's a rumor going around the dorms about a "Forbidden Door", treasure, and a long-lost Professor Richter. So their first adventure will naturally involve all three.

With Wing's help, they open the magical lock on the "Forbidden Door" to search for the missing professor--and all the other students rush in to search for treasure (becoming trapped on the other side). The dean appears and, after scolding them for opening the door, says that they must take care of the consequences and rescue the trapped students (also, see if they can find Prof. Richter while they're at it).


STEEL: If you see Prof Richter, then please ask him if he'll come back to us.
LENA: O... kay?

Their adventure beyond the Forbidden Door involves saving a few students (including some less-than-grateful ones, like Layla and the three boys), and finding the lost Prof. Richter. Apparently he became trapped when taking care of the caterpillars (now butterflies) in this place, and has been waiting ever since for the dean to send someone in to take him back.


- Chapter 10: Stargazing Power -

At the start of this chapter, Prof. Kent asks Ellie to try out his latest invention--one that works this time. It's a specialized flying suit that increases her flying and attack abilities. But while testing it out, she accidentally wrecks part of the nearby Stargazing Tower, where the reclusive Prof. Hyde is. So, it looks like Prof. Kent, along with Ellie, Lena, Blade, and Wing, need to go to the tower to apologize and help fix it...

The students go up to the tower to find Prof. Hyde arguing with Kent, fuming about the collateral damage to his Star Device. Ellie apologizes profusely and offers to help. Hyde explains that the device is complex; the only way to "help" is to get a new crystal fuel source from a cave that Richter has.


HYDE: I don't care about the building! The problem is the Star Device! All the work I have done is now nothing but sea foam!!
KENT: I'm sorry... Prof Richter will be coming here shortly to fix it.
HYDE: I don't need his help. Go back. The Star Device is not something that one uses for just a day and a night.

They retrieve the crystal and hand it to Prof. Richter, who uses it to repair most of the damage. But Hyde is angry that the Star Device has still lost most of the power it's been gathering for years--the only way to get it back to 100% is to also take a Magic Sphere that Glen has.

The students then go to Glen's cabin--it's empty, so they go ahead and explore his storeroom. There they find some stored memories of Glen and Memphis. Apparently, Glen was training Memphis to be his successor as the new "Guardian of Time". Although he was brilliant, Memphis was also quite vulnerable, and developed a different idea for how to best use his power. Eventually he grew too impatient with Glen's slow pace and broke out on his own.


GLEN: The Guardian of Time is the person who is able to manipulate the flow of time.
BOY: Ok. Is that why I am here?
GLEN: ...Do you understand why there is a guardian to manipulate time?
BOY: ...Professor, I'm tired of answering all these questions!
GLEN: You fool! Oh my...

Once the students find the Magic Sphere, they return to the Stargazing Tower and give it to Hyde. But then, the Dark Castle D appears near the island. Glen barges in and finds Hyde abusing his Magic Sphere (having deceived the students to take it for himself). During the argument between him and Hyde, Blade removes the Magic Sphere by force.


- Chapter 11: Ien and the Blue Dragon -

The Blue Dragon is coming to Ien! He visits only once a decade, and tomorrow is that one day, so the school is holding its Blue Dragon Festival. Also, on Glen's advice, Ellie returns to the Stargazing Tower to once again apologize to Hyde--who is more interested in the Dragon than in her apology.

Back at the dorms, the girls find none other than Senia and Azu! They've come to Ien on their honeymoon, and decide to join the girls for a little adventuring. Good timing, too, since just then the Blue Dragon flies over the island--and, after a flash of light from the Stargazing Tower, crashes down on the island. On the way to investigate, Wing and Blade also come up to join the party (six people in the party now!).


SENIA: So, Ellie, how is Blade doing?
ELLIE: He's training in Iason's Dojo right now!
SENIA: That's... that's not what I meant... You really don't get it, Ellie...

The party goes up the Stargazing Tower, where they find Glen, Hyde, and Barua. Glen hurries on ahead to check on the Blue Dragon, and Barua escapes. From Hyde, they find out that he was planning on using the Blue Dragon's power for his device, when the Vile Tribe attacked and stole that power from him.

The party continues to the top of the tower, where they find Memphis drawing directly on the Blue Dragon's power, and Glen trying to stop him. But when the students confront him...


MEMPHIS: ...It looks as if you still don't understand your true self. Vile Tribe blood flows through you, does it not?
BLADE: What? What kind of talk is that?
MEMPHIS: Think about it, red. Humans don't normally fly through the air. There is no mistaking it. You have inherited half the blood of the Vile Tribe. Mixed blood flows through your veins!
ELLIE: That's... that's a lie!!

The party fights off Memphis. After his defeat, with the last of his strength, he redirects his attack on Glen and knocks him unconscious. As Memphis collapses, Barua teleports in and... finishes the job on Memphis, taking the power he just collected from the Blue Dragon for her own, and escapes.

The Blue Dragon asks the students to draw closer. He assures them that Glen is not gone. But now that he has fallen, it is up to Wing to take on the position as the new Guardian of Time.


- Chapter 12: Farewell Magic School -

The students, the Blue Dragon, and Dean Steel, all return to Glen's cabin to rest. They also have Glen with him, who is still alive but cannot be revived. The Blue Dragon tells the students about the Guardian of Time: the Guardian is the protector of the timestream that is focused around the island of Ien; Glen was training Memphis to be his successor, but Memphis decided instead to activate the Vile Tribe blood within him and go for unlimited power instead. Now that Wing is the new Guardian, he must learn what it means for himself, turning to both Glen and Dean Steel for guidance.

Ellie is taking this hard. She knows now that she's part Vile Tribe, and is afraid of turning out just as evil as Memphis. But her friends, and especially Lena, assure her that her blood is of no concern to them--she'll always be Ellie, and they'll always be here to support her.

A bit of good news now: Ien is coming back around to the island of Meria! The party decides to pay a visit, but on the way the Dark Castle D shows up again! And worse, the first thing Ellie does is fly up and charge right at the castle! She hits the barrier and falls into the ocean. After a frantic search, the party docks with Meria and finds that, of all people, Ant, Rick and Kule managed to rescue Ellie and bring her to the island. Ellie wakes back up in Prof. Emma's office.


LENA: What were you thinking, taking on the Dark Castle by yourself!?
BLADE: Yeah, exactly
ELLIE: I'm sorry, everyone... But I had to... It's my Vile Tribe blood--
LENA: What are you talking about!?
ELLIE: Lena...
LENA: I told you already, we're here for you. You don't have to go it alone all the time... Why else do you think we're here?
EMMA: I don't really understand everything that's going on here... and I don't understand Ellie's strong sense of responsibility... But Ellie, please think of your friends. They are all thinking of you. Never forget that.

Then, Barua's demons begin to attack the town. The professors put the school in lockdown mode to defend it. Meanwhile, Ellie, Lena, Senia, Wing, Blade, and Azu sneak out to go confront Barua and stop the Dark Castle D. They reach the castle, but in the middle of it they find Memphis--merged with the very walls of the castle itself. Now that they know the truth, they ask him why he's done all of this.


MEMPHIS: ...When I was very young... I did whatever Glen asked of me, without question or doubt. I would fight on, not knowing the truth behind Glen's hostility towards some Vile Tribe men. During one of these fights, a man told me that my own father, as part of the Vile Tribe, was killed by Glen! ... Of course I didn't believe it, Glen couldn't have killed my father. But once I looked into it, it was true that my father was in the Vile Tribe... However! I realized that everything began with that one fact. I was nothing more than Glen's puppet. ... My problem was not with Glen's intentions... In this case, the truth was more important. The truth was that he was not concerned at all about me.
ELLIE: That is why... you had to become part of the Vile Tribe...
MEMPHIS: To surpass Glen, I needed power... To obtain power... I needed to unleash the strength that lay dormant within my blood! That was my intention!!
LENA: And this is the result? You really are stupid...
MEMPHIS: ...It is a pity that the short-term cost of my plans ended in failure... But everything here is the result of my own doing. I have no regrets...

But the talk is cut short. Barua shows up and takes control of "Gate Memphis" and has her attack the party. Once they defeat him/it, they continue onward to confront the final boss: Barua, sorceress of the Vile Tribe and wielder of the Blue Dragon's power. And by combining their power, using all the lessons they've learned at the school (when they weren't skipping classes), they finally defeat her.

At the end of the castle, they find the "face" of the castle, the entity known as "D".


AZU: Hey... wait a minute, it's saying something.
D: Memphis... gone... Power... gone... I want to go back...
WING: It looks like Memphis was the Dark Castle's only friend in the world.
LENA: What do you mean?
WING: I don't understand the details, but to put it simply... As long as Memphis isn't giving orders, the Dark Castle will do nothing.
ELLIE: Does that mean it's ok to leave it here like this?
LENA: What are you saying, Ellie!? We have to destroy it. It's dangerous.

But Wing finds a way to separate "D" from the Dark Castle, sending the castle away and freeing D in the process. They return to town, where all the monsters are gone and everyone is hailing the six kids as heroes.


- Epilogue -

One month later, Ellie, Lena, Blade, and Wing are summoned to Dean Steel's office. A letter has arrived from Vane, and the famous Magic School of Vane wants to recruit all of them! However, they need an answer soon, since the boat that leaves for Vane will be here the very next day. All of them are up for going, except Wing--who says that he needs to stay behind to continue his training as Guardian of Time under Glen and Steel. The rest of the students are confused--and Lena is so furious she storms out. They all try to convince him to reconsider, but he's made up his mind.


WING: I... I cannot go now. If I do, I'll only get in your way and slow you down... I hope you understand. That's why I'll... I'll stay here a little while longer, until I have the confidence to stand beside Lena.
BLADE: ...I understand. No need to say any more.
ELLIE: Blade!?
BLADE: ...It's an understanding between men!
STEEL: I understand how Wing feels. However, it would be best if you explain this to Lena yourself. You shouldn't hide things from the people you care about.

That evening, as the girls pack up to go, many of the other students stop by to offer their congratulations and support. Except for Wing, who doesn't show...

The next morning, nearly the whole school shows up to see off Ellie, Lena, and Blade as they leave for Vane. Even Senia and Azu make an appearance! But still, no Wing... But at last, as the boat leaves the dock, someone runs up to the dock, jumps into the water, and calls out after the boat to say farewell.


ELLIE: It looks like Wing didn't come after all
LENA: Whatever, I don't care what he does!
WING: Lena!! Wait a minute! Please, wait!
LENA: Oh man, how embarrassing!
ELLIE: Oh, does it really matter?
LENA: Hurry up, we're leaving already! Quick!
-everyone laughs-

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