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Lunar Legend - Special Items Guide

Welcome to the special items guide here at LunarNET. Below you can find information about the various special items and equipment sets in the game.

The Master Book

This item is an item only Alex can equip. When Alex combines this item with the Angel sword it enables a Liner gauge special attack if equipped with the Angel Sword. The Angel Sword is one of two items gained from defeating the boss at the bottom of the Protector Cave.

To get this item, just continue to refuse Dross' offer of 20,000s for the Dragon Diamond and he will eventually throw in the Master Book.

Wind Boots

The Wind Boots aren't exactly a secret. You can buy them in Vane, but they cost 80,000s. Not exactly cheap. But once you save the silver for them, buy them. They give you NOA+2 and AGL+8. But what isn't apparent when buying them is the massive damage you can do with special Sword Attacks such as Sword Dance.

Also, if you really want to make the game a cakewalk, you can double this item up for both Alex and Kyle, and they get 4 extra attacks per tern, and quite literally, Alex's Sword Dance and Kyle's Slash can do 999HP of damage in the later half of the game with two of these equipped. You could also buy one Wind Boots and item duplicate them so Alex and Kyle each have two. Information on item dupping can be found in the secrets guide.

Devil's Tear

When you're making your rounds before leaving for the Frontier, make sure to pick this up. If you go to Lann right after becoming Dragonmaster at the Black Dragon Tower, and before heading up to Myght's to leave for the Frontier, talk to the mayor of Lann. He'll hook you up with the Devil's Tear. This item is very useful as it will max out the gauge meter at the start of every battle for whoever equips it.

Card Hunter and Card Hunter S

These two items do wonders for card collectors. The Card Hunter item, when equipped will up your chances of getting a card after battle. The Card Hunter S wil ensure you get a card at the end of every battle. Card Hunter can be found in a red chest at the Hag's place on Caldor Isle. Check the secrets guide if you need help finding the Hags place. The Card Hunter S can be found on the fourth floor of the Protector Cave. Information on the Protector Cave can also be found on the secrets guide.

Series Equipment Sets

There are three different equipment sets that offer wonderful stats for Kyle, Mia and Nash if you can find them.

Kyle's Fab Set

Kyle's equipment set is known as the Fab Set. Locations and statistics for these items are as follows:
Fab Sword: Protector Cave, Floor 1 - ATK+20
Fab Suit: Black Dragon Fort, Floor 1 - DEF+1, ATK+10
Fab Guard: Red Dragon Cave, Floor 5 - DEF+1, ATK+5
Fab Helm: Protector Cave, Floor 2 - DEF+1, ATK+5

Individually the items don't do much, but put them together and Kyle's stats skyrocket to ATK+100 and DEF+66. By far Kyle's top set of equipment.

Mia's Magic Set

The Magic Set is Mia's equipment set. Below are the stats and locations of the items:
Magical Stick: Burg, red chest in Ramus' Home - ATK+1, WIS+80
Magical Robe: Protector Cave, Floor 5 - DEF+1, MDF+80
Magical Brace: Protector Cave, Floor 2 - DEF+1
Magical Hat: Forbidden Forest, red chest in Springs - DEF+1

Together this equipment gives Mia a statistical advantage of ATK+35, DEF+48, WIS+80 and MDF+80.

Nash's Gentle Set

Nash's equipment set is known as the Gentle Set. The items along with their location and stats are below:
Gentle Rod: Protector Cave, Floor 3 - DEF+1, WIS+70
Gentle Coat: Blue Dragon Shrine, Section 6 - DEF+1, MDF+70
Gentle Glove: Black Dragon Fort, Floor 2 - DEF+1
Gentle Hat: Vane Underground, Section 8 - DEF+1

Full statistics for this equipment weilds Nash with ATK+35, DEF+48, WIS+70 and MDF+70.

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