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Lunar Legend - Red Treasure Chests Locations

After finishing the Thieves' Guild test at Damon's Spire and getting membership into the Thieves' Guild, you can open any of the red chests throughout the game (which were previously locked to you). We have the location of all of them below, as well as screenshots showing where they are located.


Magical Cane (screenshot) - Ramus' house.
Beat Knuckles (screenshot) - It's in a hidden spot in southeast corner of Burg map. You have to walk through the trees to get to it.
Thunder Blade (screenshot) - Same as Beat Knuckles except it's hidden better behind some tree's on the west side of the hidden area.
Sardonyx (screenshot) - Same as Thunder Blade.

Weird Woods

Earthquake (screenshot) - In the second part of the forest, right after you go across the bridge, go north on the first path. Along the west side of the tree's is a hidden area to walk through to an open area with the red chest.


1500s (screenshot) - Behind the house in the northeast corner of the village.

Hag's House

Card Hunter (screenshot) - Inside the house.


2000s (screenshot) - Mel's Mansion on the top floor. Check along the west wall.
Mental Drop (screenshot) - In the northeast corner of Mel's Mansion's training room.
Heal Drop (screenshot) - Same as the Mental Drop.
2000s (screenshot) - In the southwest corner of Mel's Mansion's training room.
2000s (screenshot) - Down on the docks, on the southern row of warehouses, it's in the eastern-most warehouse.
Bunny Suit (screenshot) - In Ramus' shop along the eastern there's a small hallway to a tiny room that contains this chest. If you want to get better items however, wait before opening this chest.
Magic Plate (screenshot) - Same chest as the Bunny Suit, but if you wait until after the Grindery but before the Fortress Althena you get this item.
Mirror Shield (screenshot) - Same chest as the past two, but you can get this item AND the Magic Plate if you wait until the same time as above, but talk to Kyle and Mia as well.


Dark Seed (screenshot) - Behind the weapon's shop there is a tree. It's behind the tree.
Mental Drop (screenshot) - Magic Guild Hall. Behind bottom-left pillar.
7000s (screenshot) - Magic Guild Hall. Behind upper-left pillar
Heal Drop (screenshot) - Magic Guild Hall. Behind upper-right pillar.
Music Box (screenshot) - In Mia's Room. It's not an item. It just plays music. Extra screenshots: 1, 2, 3.


Magic Ring (screenshot) - in the north part of cave in the eastern part of Nanza Pass.
Coral Tiara (screenshot) - Eastern part of Nanza Pass near Nanza itself. It's right outside of the cave.
Rainbow Seed (screenshot) - Southernmost bedroom of the basement of Nanza town.
Flame Hammer (screenshot) - Northeast corner of the south Nanza Pass.
Mental Drop (screenshot) - Same as above.


Mental Drop (screenshot) - Next to the item shop.


10000s (screenshot) - Go in first doorway on your left as you enter town. It's on the ledge.
2000s (screenshot) - Same door as above only go all the way back through the hallway to find this one.
Empty Chest (screenshot) - Same as above.
5000s (screenshot) - The room at the east end of hallway that's behind the Reza bar.
Angel Tear (screenshot) - House on the northwest corner of town. On a ledge.

Althena's Springs 1

Aquamarine (screenshot) - At the Althena Springs that is south of Meryod. It's easy to find, right beside the building.
Dream Knuckle (screenshot) - The same as above only it's next to the spring. Very easy to find.

Forbidden Forest

Ruby Gloves (screenshot) - Near the entrance, on the north side of the forest.
Flame Ring (screenshot) - On the south end of the forest, it's on the second passage, and to the west.

Althena's Springs 2

Magical Hat (screenshot) - At the Springs at the end of the Forbidden Forest. It's in the north chest.
Phoenix Claw (screenshot) - Same as above, only in the east chest.

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