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Lunar Legend - Secrets Guide

Welcome to the secrets guide of Lunar Legend. This page will contain various secrets and cheats in the game.

Instant Healing

This isn't much of a secret, but if you're in a dungeon and need a quick healing, or you're out of MP before a boss, just save the game, and load it back up again, and you're back to full HP/MP. Note that this only applies to the US version, not the Japanese version (this was likely a bug introduced when expanding the number of save slots from 2 to 3).

Item Duplication

This is another bug that can be exploited to your advantage, or your disadvantage if you're not careful. To duplicate an item, use the following steps:
1. Equip whatever item you wish to duplicate.
2. Exit menu and walk around.
3. Save.
4. Unequip the item that you wish to duplicate.
5. Save again.
6. Load game. Your item is both equipped and in your inventory.

However, make certain you don't replace the item that you unequip with another item. Make sure to just remove the item without equipping another item in it's place, becuase when you reload the game up, the duplicated item will have over-written the item you equipped before loading. This trick works best with items like the Wind Boots (see the special items guide for more on it) or with items that you can sell for good money, like the series equipment (also see special items guide for more)

Old Hags House

When you get back to Saith with Ghaleon, on your way to Quark, talk to one person in Saith near the main street through town a few times. He'll mention the Old Hag and her place will become available on the map. You can get all four of the dragons cards from her by talking to her after you visit each dragon. More on the secret cards can be found further down the page in the secret cards section. You can also find the Card Hunter item in a red chest in her house after you get membership into the Thieves Guild of Reza.

Protector Cave

The Protector Cave is a rather neat little dungeon that is unique to Lunar Legend. It can be opened by going and talking to the Reza barkeep after Lily is returned. You must do this after becoming Dragonmaster, but before leaving for the Frontier. After talking with the barkeep, exit Reza and to the west of town is the Protector Cave. This is not an easy dungeon, however. If you got the Wind Boots from the special items guide, you shouldn't have too much trouble, but it's definitely harder than the average dungeon at this point in the game. Below are the items within the Protector Cave:
Floor 1 - Brave Arm, Card 53 "Barrel", Sapphire, Barbary Sword
Floor 2 - Magical Brace, Magic Tiara, Barbary Helm
Floor 3 - Danger Claw, Mind Edge, Gentle Rod
Floor 4 - Blood Sword, Brave Armor, Garnet Claw, Card Hunter S
Floor 5 - Magical Robe
After Boss - Either Angel Sword or Battle Emblem.

For information regarding these items, check out Kizyr's guide.

Hidden Gallery Pictures

There are three hidden gallery pictures in the game. They are listed below:
No. 46 - Luna - Althena's Shrine. Talk to the woman in the shrine in the back room 2 times. She's on the right side of the room. This must be done after Kyle joins your party.
No. 47 - Mia - After Nash has left the party at Myght's Lab, head over to Iluk before heading to the Frontier, and talk to the guy in the house to the northeast of the entrance to town. It has to be after you've taken the engine from Reza to Shira in Iluk though.
No. 48 - Jessica - At the end of the game in Meribia it's in Ramus' Shop. Just talk to Ramus and he'll give you the hook-up.

Secret Cards

There are a few cards that are not obviously obtainable from the usual sources in the game (card traders, defeating bosses, defeating regular enemies, etc.). They're described in more detail on the cards page, but they're summarized below:
53 Barrel - Floor 1 of Protector Cave.
54 D. Grave - Meribian Docks Secret Sewers. After Grindery.
55 White Dragon Nall - Floor 4 of Goddess Tower
56 Quark - Old Hag's after Ghaleon is revealed as Magic Emperor.
57 Amelia - Old Hags after visiting Red Dragon.
58 Cyan - Old Hags after visiting Blue Dragon
59 Rubeus - Old Hags after visiting Black Dragon.
162 Mel - You have to win the battle with Mel early in the game.
174 Guardian - Win battle with Guardian in Protector Cave.

Alternate Gauge Special Attacks

Alternate Gauge attacks can be found in the game using various equipped items. Below are the alternative attacks and how to obtain them:
Liner - Liner is Alex's alternate gauge attack and can be used by equipping the Master Book AND the Angle Sword. Information on how to obtain these two items is on the special items guide. Liner is an extremely strong attack done to one enemy. Useful for single bosses.
Charge - This is Mia and Nash's special gauge attack. Just get the Light Emblem in Vane's underground to get this gauge attack. Using this special "attack" allows the magic of the user in the next round to be much more powerful.
Crimson - In the Protector Cave (see above) there's an item called the Garnet Claw that Jessica can equip. This allows Jessica to obtain the Crimson special attack. It's basically a strong attack to one enemy. Like Liner, it's usefull against single bosses.
Knuckler - This is Kyle's attack. This can be obtained by yet another item in the Protector Cave. This time it's the Brave Arm. Check above for info on what floor it's on. It's basically a heavy damage attack to one enemy. Again, useful against single bosses.

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