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Lunar I+II Official Artbook
Thirty Questions about Lunar
Translation by Kizyr

Below is one of the translations from the Lunar I+II Artbook, in the "Thirty Questions about Lunar" section. This is basically an FAQ on various details of Lunar (primarily Lunar: Eternal Blue) answered by some of the creators. Translation here is by Kizyr.

Thirty Questions about Lunar - Answered by Kei Shigema
The story of "Lunar II" can be breathtakingly vast. And so, we have gathered together some responses by Kei Shigema about the sorts of details, background characteristics of the Lunar world, and just some doubts about the world, that could not fit within the confines of the game. Now we present the answers to you here!!

(1) How was the world of Lunar born?
KS: I think that the original purpose of Lunar was to serve as an emergency place of refuge from the Blue Star, which had been destroyed and plunged into eternal winter. So, once the Goddess Althena and the Dragons created a new civilization, they likely remade the magic world of Lunar into one suited to the restoration of the Blue Star.

(2) What is the relationship between Lunar and the Blue Star?
KS: Lunar is an energy generator, something like an emissions device, for the restoration of the Blue Star. The magic power of the people and animals that live on Lunar is meant to be used to return the dead world of the Blue Star to a lush green world once again. Just as Lucia said, Lunar is really "for the Blue Star". Yet, after so many months and years have passed, that memory was losed, and the Blue Star remains in people's hearts only as a memory of a legendary ancestral home.

(3) What is the relationship between Althena and Lucia? Where, or what, was Lucia when Althena was on the Blue Star?
KS: Althena, Lucia, and even Zophar, likely have the same sort of existence. You might be able to call them gods, but there is some slight difference... so what is it? Well... I really don't know. Well, this isn't science fiction, so I hope you'll forgive the vagueness *laughter*.

(4) Why is Lucia so obsessed with her mission?
KS: Althena and Lucia were something like saints, the last remaining hope, for people on a world on the verge of destruction. Keeping that in mind, Lucia and Althena took on the entire burden of what had been destroyed at that time. Lucia�s reason for existence is, precisely, to be the one charged with the restoration of the Blue Star.

(5) Why are all the characters in their teens, and either don't have any parents or only have one parent?
KS: As for the age, really I wanted it to be close to the players enjoying the game. I'd like them to be able to like and empathize with the characters. As for why parents aren't around or talked about much, that may have to do with how legends of boyhood journeys (or childrens' stories) are passed down from long ago. If you think of stories like Huckleberry Finn or Anne of Green Gables, they start with an adventure and evoke such great literary works, so I'd like for Lunar to achieve something like that.

(6) What about Hiro's parents?
KS: This I'll only say here, that Gwyn is not Hiro's biological grandfather. Hiro's parents are unknown, but still we at least know that he was taken in by Gwyn when he was only a baby. Other than that, I don't know.

(7) What has Hiro obtained on his expeditions before now?
KS: Before meeting Lucia, he would break into various ruins here and there... Well, even though he went on various expeditions, other than his boomerang, there aren't really any other apparent effects (or successes). Ruby at first doesn't even have much confidence in Hiro's abilities.

(8) Before joining the Caravan, why was Jean attacked?
KS: Escaping the Blue Dragon Cult means death. To protect his secret identity, the masked man, Lunn, attacked Jean.

(9) Compared to the male characters, why did it take more time to decide on the female characters (i.e., their design)?
KS: It seemed to take more time to really solidify the image of the female characters, according to Kubooka. Well, it might be a matter of pickiness.

(10) Why does Ronfar have such an old-looking face?
Ronfar: Shut up! That's none of your business. My face is my face. Leave me alone!

(11) When did Ronfar learn to use trick dice?
KS: It would have been right around after he left (the priesthood) and wound up in Larpa.

(12) Ronfar is underage, so is it OK for him to drink alcohol?
KS: Well, it's a different world. Also it might not be such a great aspect of Lunar.

(13) Lemina is Mia's descendant. So, who did Mia marry?
KS: If you look at the color of Lemina's hair, the answer should become apparent, shouldn't it? Or maybe not. So, the person she married was--

(14) Has Lemina ever had a boyfriend?
KS: Something like this would have happened before the events of the game. Now though, while Ramus might be in the running, the reconstruction of Vane would attract many good men to the city, so he would have plenty of rivals. But, well, surely, I feel like Lemina would just string along a lot of them so they'd run errands for her.

(15) Just how far would Lemina go for money?
KS: It's a secret. Anyway, Lemina keeps a giant chest of money underneath her bed, and before she goes to sleep she likes to count every bit of small change. But, for someone who is so vocal about money, she seems to only be collecting small change, and doesn't seem to be very wealthy. So it's probably no big deal.

(16) How does Ruby know she's a child Red Dragon?
KS: Apparently, when she was little, she heard from Hiro about a creature called a Red Dragon from long ago, and since then insisted that that's what she was. She can breathe fire when she tries, so that's one bit of proof. But it's uncertain how much she really believes it herself.

(17) How long had Ruby been aroud before meeting Hiro?
KS: As long as she can remember, Ruby has been with Hiro ever since she was a child. She doesn't have any memory of before that time. She also doesn't know where she was born or how she ended up at Hiro's house. It seems like perhaps this is tied up with the mystery of Hiro's parents, but I don't know any details.

(18) Was the former Red Dragon also Ruby's parent? What happened to the former Red Dragon?
KS: Dragons aren't really living creatures so much as crystallizations of Lunar's magic power, one might say. In that way, Lunar I's Quark and Nall, the Red Dragon and Ruby, each is a part of the same large magical power. Each of them is a manifestation of that will, and their physical growth is spurred on by the growth of their will.

(19) Did Nall not live with anyone else after separating from Alex?
KS: After Alex and Luna lived out the rest of their lives as humans, Nall was extremely sad. After that, he journeyed around Lunar, met various people, and got wrapped up in adventures much like Ghaleon once did; but, he never found a close friend through all those travels to whom he could entrust with Althena's Sword, which Alex left to him -- even himself. He felt that only a Dragonmaster like Alex would have been worthy of it. In the end, to find relief from his sadness, he returned to Taben's Peak (the old Grindery) and took care of children there, as a "Kingdom where time stops".

(20) What did Gwyn do in the past?
KS: Long ago, he was actually a good young man. He would go around and visit various ancient ruins, and adventured far and wide as a result, according to him. He woud have met Hiro's parents on one of those adventures. It was when gathering detailed data on the relationship between the Blue Spire and the Blue Star. It seems like he might have even been acquainted with Nall that way...

(21) Is Gwyn well-known as an archaeologist?
KS: He's not exactly unknown... Basically, no one has much of an interest in archaeology. When Leo came by to visit, I think Gwyn would have been really quite happy.

(22) Why are Mauri and Leo different from other people?
KS: They are beastmen, the same as Governor Mel and Jessica from Lunar I. There are many types of beastmen: Jessica and Mel are more cat-like, and Leo and Mauri are more dog-like. But I wonder if perhaps others like hippo-like and three-toed-sloth-like also exist? Well, that would be interesting at the very least. *laugh*

(23) Does Mauri's horn get in the way when kissing her?
Ronfar: Hey! I said that's none of your business!

(24) After Mauri left the Four Heroes, what happened to Serak Palace?
KS: Mauri wanted to live in peace with Ronfar. Though it might look more like nagging or controlling Ronfar... As for Serak Palace, it was rebuilt and restored as a proper Shrine to Althena, with plans to use it to spread the teachings of the Goddess.

(25) Was Ghaleon's guilt erased or absolved in his fight with Hiro?
KS: Ghaleon's feeling in Lunar II was less one of guilt and more one of shame. To atone for his past sins, I think he was willing to act the villain and be the subject of ridicule. Ah... he's a complicated character, so I don't really know. At the end, when he says "Are you watching in secret?", you can see at that point his guilt is gone, and perhaps then he can be reunited with Dyne? *Amen*

(26) Why did Lucia not come to Lunar when Zophar was weak?
KS: While the Goddess Althena was on Lunar, she herself should have been able to oppose Zophar. Lucia could not have imagined things would get so close to the edge with Zophar, as long as she did not realize what had happened with Althena. She would not have noticed anything until the restoration of the Blue Star was severely threatened.

(27) Is Zophar's castle a symbol of the evil in people's hearts?
KS: That is something that would be purified by Zophar.

(28) Are the dragons aware of one another's existence?
KS: Yes, they know. But, something unusual happened with Nall in Lunar I and Ruby in Lunar II when they awakened, and so they were not able to use this power as they did not fully realize their dragonhood.

(29) Is Lucia ever reborn like Althena?
KS: No. It has only ever been the same Lucia who went into a deep sleep when the Blue Star was destroyed, waiting for the time when it would be restored. Her awakening would be when the Blue Star was completely restored to its original state by Lunar's power. And then, her purpose would be to lead the people so they would not repeat the same mistakes. How long would it have been until her reawakening (if Zophar had not returned)? No one really knows.

(30) What's next for Lunar?
KS: The history of Lunar will go on. As long as everyone loves this story, they will have the chance to revisit this world. Definitely.

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