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Walking School - Characters

Here are some of the main characters in Lunar: Walking School. Because there is no official US version of the names, the names below do involve some transliteration on our part.

Ellie / エリー ("Elie" in manual)

Ellie has been Lena's friend since childhood. They both set out from their home village of Burg to study magic at Ien. Ellie herself is typically very quiet, although she specializes in fire and other attack magics.

Lena / レナ ("Rena" in manual)

Lena likewise has been Ellie's friend for ages. She set out with Ellie from Burg to study magic. She's extremely vocal and does most of the talking, and yelling, for the two. The thing that upsets her most is being teased about her height. She specializes in healing and restoration magic.

Senia / セニア ("Senia: in manual)

Senia is a beastwoman at the academy. She met Ellie and Lena from being in the same class; since then they've been friends. She talks (or yells) as much as Lena. Her magic specialty is with lightning and area attack spells.

Wing / ウィン ("Win" in manual)

Wing is a new student to the academy, who arrives after Ellie and Lena have already settled in. He's extremely passive and speaks in subdued and polite tones. He joins with the girls and is given special instruction by both Glen and Steel. Hopefully, his ordeals will teach him some self-confidence. His specialty is with attack and status spells.

Alba / アルバ

Alba is the owner of the Item Shop and teaches magic involved in crafting items and potions.

Brune / ブルーン

Brune is the owner of the Herb shop. He cultivates his own herbs and teaches magic in that area as well. His herbs, like Alba's items, are very useful, especially when combined with some of the Water potions.

Dadis / ダディス

Dadis is Lena, Ellie, Senia, and eventually Wing's professor. He (yes) is a professor of "cosmetic" magic--magic that involves applying makeup and other substances to one's skin. He teaches in the laboratory in the corner of town, and owns the Rock Shop in the lab. Dadis has a terrible case of alzheimers, however, and forgets who you are as soon as you leave the room.

Emma / エマ

Emma is the school counselor. She normally stays on the first floor of the office bulding in the center of town. You meet her very early in the game (in fact she's the first of the faculty you actually meet). She is an expert in healing magic.

Glen / グレン

Glen is a scout for the Magic Academy at Ien. He first shows up in Chapter 1 but you don't get to know him well until you get to meet Wing. Glen has been on the island for a long time, and he has a much higher status than he first lets on.

Iason / イアソン

Iason teaches how to use magic in conjunction with Martial Arts, and he runs the Dojo as well as the training cave behind it. Iason is rather chauvanistic, and has an aversion to any women trying to join his dojo. Nevertheless, he offers some advice throughout the game.

Ralph / ラルフ

Ralph is the Librarian and also a professor. He spends all his time in the library.

Richter / リヒター

Richter is supposedly the architect of the dorms, and specializes in magic utilizing architectural features. He knows many of the secrets of the town on Ien. He has a room on the fourth floor of the dormitory.

Steel / スティル

Steel is the headmaster and dean of the Magic Academy. He guides you at many points in the game, as well as managing the day-to-day functions of the academy. He typically is on the top floor of the office building in town.

Terena / テレイナ

Terena is the professor of the Magic of Song. Lena quickly failed her test when it was proved that she couldn't sing. Terena can usually be found in her classroom in town.

Ant / アンチ

Ant, together with his friends Rick and Kule, are Ellie and Lena's rivals at the academy. At times they can be irritating, at other times brash and impulsive, and at other times be cowardly and reserved.

Azu / アズ

Azu is Senia's childhood friend. Senia's reaction to him implies that he's much more than that, however.

Brown / ブラウン

Brown is the President of the Student Council, and Eleonora's close friend. He looks after the well-being of the students at academy, which oftentimes means keeping a close eye on Eleonora.

Court / クォート

Court is the mayor at Shell, Town of the Arts. He's a friend of Steel, although you have very little chance to actually speak with him personally.

Eleonora / エルノラ

Eleonora is a senior student and Brown's close friend. She accompanies Brown and Steel on a few missions, and has a tendency to keep getting kidnapped.

Henner / ヘンナー

Henner is an eccentric, a very enthusiastic artist at the town of Shell. He begs Ellie to pose for him as a model in the a project; you get to see his final product in a later chapter.

Hyde / ハイド

Hyde is an old friend of Glen's. He's an expert at astronomical magic, and has a basic understanding of the cosmos and the flow of time around Ien.

Kule / クール

Kule is one of Ant's friends, together with Rick. The three of them always stick together, and he and Rick both look up to Ant.

Layla / レイラ

Layla is an older student who resides in the dorms, and plays jokes on the new students. She comes off as very arrogant and condescending, although she gradually warms up.

Rick / リック

Rick is one of Ant's friends, together with Kule. The three of them always stick together, and he and Kule both look up to Ant.

Stella / ステラ

Stella is the dorm cook and like a second mother to a lot of the students there. She looks after the welfare of the students in the dorm, and can usually be found in the kitchen next to the dining room of the first floor.

Barua / バルア

Barua is one of the powerful members of the Vile Tribe. She introduces herself as the Mistress of the Dark Castle D. She is also vicious and has a strong interest in Wing. Her magic extends to some forms of mind control and unlocking hidden capabilities.

D / ディー

D is the personification of the Dark Castle which Memphis controls. The castle itself is alive, sentient, and moving, and this figure controls it all. He answers to Memphis.

Memphis / メンフィス

Memphis is the current leader of the Vile Tribe. He introduces himself as Master of the Dark Castle D. And D actually obeys Memphis's orders. Memphis shows up surprisingly early in the game.

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