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Lunar SSS, Vol. 4 - Heir to the Wind - Epilogue

Summary by Kizyr
Translation of Epilogue
Lunar Silver Star Story 4, Heir to the Wind (Kaze o Tsugu Mono)
Author: Kei Shigema
Illustrations: Akari Funato
Publisher: Kadokawa Sneaker Bunko

Translation and Summary is by Kizyr. The translation and summary may not be posted or used anywhere without permission.


(Alex is back in Meribia, writing a letter to his mother.)

Mother, how are you doing? Thank you for your response to my last letter. So Mr Caros had three baby boys; that must mean that he got back with Nana, right? All this has happened since I started my journey. I'm a bit surprised. I'll look for a good-luck charm for them, the next time I go to Black Rose Street.

Please don't worry about us. Thanks to Jessica, both Luna and I are feeling much better now. After another week, I think we'll board a ship to go back to Burg. I'm looking forward to it.

I mentioned this in my last letter, but since I'm better now, I've come to understand a few more things. Both Luna and I were found some distance away from the great explosion on the Starship. You said that you could see the explosion all the way from Burg, so it must have been incredible to reach that far. So, it's still a mystery how Luna and I were saved.

But, I understand more about why that happened, now that I have had more time to think about it. I will tell you all about it once I come back to Burg.

And about Ghaleon... He was never found. Everyone believes he must be dead, but I'm not sure. I feel like we'll meet him again, someday... somewhere...

By the way, the repairs to Meribia are all underway. Kyle, in particular, has been helping out a lot. Now, his pirates have joined with the soldiers in the Meribian Navy, and they're working together. That's really something, don't you think?

Speaking of Kyle, something else happened with him... It was when Jessica took him to finally speak with Master Mel...

Jessica: Argh! You spineless coward! What do you mean you don't want to be in the same place as him!?

Jessica and Kyle were fighting with one another in front of Master Mel's office, as always., perhaps it wasn't "as always".

After Alex and Luna were found, Jessica immediately returned to Meribia and her father's mansion, taking Kyle with him. In front of his office, Kyle was stalling for time.

Kyle: No, that's not it! I just...
Jessica: Just what?

Jessica glared at Kyle.

Kyle: Just that... this is supposed to be a reuinion between father and daughter, and I don't want to get in the middle and ruin the moment. I mean, I'm like Mel's natural enemy here...
Jessica: Kyle...

Jessica suddenly gave Kyle a sweet and innocent look. But...

Jessica: You idiot! Now, come inside!
Kyle: Yahh!

She grabbed Kyle by the collar and dragged him into the room. Inside was Master Mel.

Mel: Oh, Jessica!?
Jessica: Daddy!

The two of them ran forward and embraced one another. Meanwhile, Kyle turned around to head out the door.

Mel: Oh, Jessica... my dear Jessica... Thank the Goddess, it's so good to see that you're ok...
Jessica: Daddy...

The man once known as the ferocious Hell Mel was now the dignified governer of Meribia. Tears of happiness poured down his face. Jessica pressed her tears with a handkerchief and hugged her father close, burying her face.

Kyle: That's great, Jessica...

Even Kyle had to wipe away a tear. Mel and Jessica were still holding onto one another, when Mel looked back down at Jessica.

Mel: By the way, I heard that you saved the world, Jessica. I'm so proude of you...
Jessica: But... daddy...

It was then that Mel noticed Kyle turning towards the exit.

Mel: Huh? Is that Kyle over there!?
Kyle: Ahh!

Kyle's heart dropped, and he tried to edge towards the door. But...

Mel: Don't run away! Come here!
Kyle: Um...

Kyle prepared to face Mel: he shrunk back like a frightened turtle. Mel looked back at Kyle fiercely, but with a glimmer in the corner of his eyes.

Mel: Kyle, from now on... take care of Jessica for me!
Kyle: What?
Jessica: Daddy...?

Kyle was dumbfounded at Mel's suddenness.

Kyle: D... dad!? But... but I...
Mel: Hold on, Kyle! It's a bit too early to be calling me 'dad'! First, you have to show me you're a decent man!
Kyle: Y... yes...

And in such a sudden turn of events, Kyle was no longer Mel's natural enemy. But, this was all still really confusing for Kyle.

Mel: Besides, you're the only one who could ever take care of a tomboy like Jessica.
Jessica: Huh? But... how...?

Jessica was surprised by her father's words. That was the first time Mel had ever let on that he knew about Jessica's adventurous spirit; she'd always put on a perfectly innocent manner in front of him. But...

Mel: Don't think light of your old man, Jessica. Gah hah hah!

Mel gave a joyous laugh from the bottom of his heart.

Mel: There's no use changing. You really are the daughter of one of the Four Heroes. I don't mind at all! Hah hah hah!

Kyle shrugged his shoulders, and let out a little laugh.

Jessica: Ah hah, so I guess I don't have to act completely innocent anymore.

In the end, Mel is well and happy now, maybe even more than Jessica. It must be because he's proud of his daughter, as one of the Four Heroes himself; or maybe it's just because he's her father?

In any case, Mia and Nash are also doing well. At first, Nash especially was still recovering from the shock of what had happened to Vane. But, it turns out that Lemia had transported the entire Magic Guild Hall to Black Rose Street. When Mia and Nash saw everyone safe back in Meribia, they were relieved again. Now, they're working to restore the Guild and Vane. Oh, speaking of Mia, she is now officially the Leader of the Magic Guild...

The temporary Magic Guild on Black Rose Street was alive with activity. Magicians, students, and people who had always lived in Vane were all there, working together to create a new Magic Guild.

Mia: Mother, I have brought books here from all parts of the Guild, including some of the most important magic texts. With this, we can rebuild the Magic Library.

Mia stood before Lemia, holding a bundle of books.

Nash: Many of the Guild's magic devices and tools look like they're still in one piece. Now, we need to rebuild the things most important to us. Whatever happens, I think we're up to the task.

Nash was beside Mia, offering his support.

Lemia: You two have been through so much. Thank you. The Guild is being rebuilt faster than I could have imagined.

Lemia softly looked down at the two of them.

Mia: It is because everyone is working together. ...also, mother, I have a suggestion. The new Magic Library, it shouldn't be just for magicians, but for anyone who wants to learn magic and read the books there. It should be an institution that anyone can freely use. And, the school should be open to people who want to study not just magic, but any kind of subject...

Mia's eyes sparkled as she said all of this. Lemia smiled at her.

Lemia: So the rebuilt Magic Guild will break with old traditions, and be a revolutionary thing. That is why you must be its Guildmistress.
Mia: What? But mother...
Lemia: Mia, the Magic Guild needs new power to guide it now. That is something that you will certainly be able to provide. Is that not right?
Mia: But I...

Mia's eyes grew dark. But, she shook away the fear in her expression.

Mia: Yes, I will give it all my effort, mother.

Lemia nodded, satisfied, at her daughter's response.

Lemia: Nash, treat Mia well. There is much that she cannot achieve on her own, so please assist her.
Nash: Y... yes!

Nash answered resolutely, a strained expression on his face.

Nash: Even if... even if I have to cross through fire, through water, I will assist Mia! I swear by the Blue Star!
Mia: Nash...

Mia looked up at Nash, her eyes wet with tears.

Nash: Mia, Vane might have been destroyed, but if we all work together, then we can rebuild it into an even greater town than before!
Mia: Oh thank you Nash! I love you!
Nash: Eh... What!?

At Mia's sudden confession, Nash's expression grew blank, as if steam had suddenly risen up before his face.

Nash: M... M... M... M... M... Mia! I also l... l... l... l... l...
Mia: Yes... And Alex, Luna, Jessica, Kyle, and Nall... I love everyone, everyone who has helped us. Together, we can rebuild the Magic Guild!

A smile appeared on Mia's face.

Mia: Let's work togehter, Nash.
Nash: Ah, yes... Yes then...

The pain of Nash's unrequited affection would linger on...

I think that if they work together, Mia and Nash will certainly rebuild the Magic Guild. I will help them in whatever way I can.

Also, there is one last thing... I told you this in my previous letter, but in the end, I lost all my power as Dragonmaster... But, I have no regrets. That is because I now have something far more important than any sort of power... That is--

Alex heard the flap of wings and looked up. The lace curtains in the window to the veranda fluttered. The smell of the ocean continued to flow into the room. Alex shifted in his chair and looked out the window. Two white clouds slowly passed through the deep blue sky overhead. They drifted in the same direction as Burg... The wind from the sea softly blew through his hair...


Alex noticed a woman standing beside him. Her long, silvery hair fluttered in the wind, and her scarlet eyes had a soft glow to them. A pendant hung from her neck, over her chest.

Alex: Phacia...
Phacia: Alex, we of the Vile Tribe now have something to believe in once again. The Goddess Althena has given us the possibility of a future, like the humans... We can once again live in the land of green...

A smile passed over her lips.

Alex: ...What will you do now?
Phacia: We will find a land far away, uninhabited, to wait for our future...

Phacia's figure began to fade away in a soft flame.

Phacia: Farewell... Alex... Tell Nall that... I am sorry I could not eat fish with him one last time...

Phacia's voice faded away, leaving only the sound of the ocean. And only the lace curtains continued to flutter in the breeze.

Alex: Phacia...

The day would eventually come when the Vile Tribe could live with them side by side. That was the future that Alex and his friends made possible. A glow returned to Alex's forest-green eyes.

Just then, the door to the room suddenly burst open.

Nall: Alex, you're already awake? Oh, what are you doing?

Nall, lively as always, flew in.

Alex: I was writing a letter to mom. Oh no! The inkwell on the desk just fell over!
Luna: Oh... you must be more careful, Nall!

Another girl entered the room, laughing. The color of the room changed in an instant. The wind coming in through the window rustled her blue hair. She had a glowing smile on her face. Alex's eyes wavered when he saw her.

Alex: Luna...
Luna: Good morning, Alex. It's lovely weather today. Why don't we go to the port?
Alex: The weather really is nice. Ok, then, let's go!

Alex slowly stood up from his chair. He was still recovering from recent events, and so Luna supported him as he got up.

Luna: Are you all right, Alex?
Alex: I'm fine now. Let's go.
Luna: Yes!

The two of them left the room.

Nall: Hey, wait up! I want to go to the port, and eat more fish!

Nall followed after them. The only movement left in the room was the rustling of the curtain by the window. The unfinished letter turned over in the breeze...

The port of Meribia had returned to life. Ships sailed by the piers above the water in a myriad of colors. Between the ships were many smaller fishing vessels heading towards the city, courier and passenger ships coming and going, and merchant ships loading and unloading goods.

The market was again full of people, boxes, carriages and carts. Seagulls flew through the skies above, diving for the fish in the ocean below. Meribia had been revived, and the expression on everyone's face was bright. Everyone was working together, sweat on their foreheads, working to rebuild the city into an even greater town.

Alex and Luna, holding one another's hand, looked out at the scene. The scene was truly the light of life. The light of loving one another, supporting one another, and living with one another... Memories of their adventures together flowed into their hearts. So much had happened... They met so many people... And they had learned so much... But, there was one truth that summarized it all:
Life... was something we succeeded to...
Something we pressed on through, forever, incessantly, towards a distant future...
And, living each moment to the fullest is what allows us to reach taht distant future...

The wind whistled. The ocean breeze blew through the land. It blew from the distant snowy mountains, through the forests, across the ocean, and rustled Alex and Luna's hair. The wind danced in the skies, and then blew further away. No one knew the wind's destination... But, Alex would no longer seek out that destination. Because, as Alex knew, everyone had their own set of wings. Immense wings which gave birth to the wind, allowing anyone to journey onwards towards that destination.

That is why he was now here, together, with her. Now...

"Oh, you're looking well again."

Suddenly, a voice called out from behind them. Alex and Luna turned around, surprised. In the backlight of the sun stood the figure of a man. His bearded face showed a friendly, joyful smile.

Laike: Before I left on my long journey, I thought I would make a stop in Meribia. Looks like I ran into you again. How's your little cat doing?
Nall: Oh, we were just going to buy some fish...

Alex's mind blanked when the man spoke; he just said the first thing that came to mind. But the other man seemed taken aback when Alex responded.

Alex: Oh, Dyne, I...
Laike: The man by that name is gone, Alex...

Laike smiled softly.

Laike: The era of gods and heroes is over. From now on, history will be made by people without names, without titles, but only with courage.
Alex: ...yes, I see.

This serious thought welled up in Alex's heart. The Goddess and Dragonmaster were gone. From now on, each and every person would create their own legends.

Laike: ...I'm going on another journey. Hm hm... this journey will be very long...
Alex: Laike...
Laike: The world is big. There are still unknown things out there, things to surprise me, waiting for me, out there. I think I'd like to see them...

That was just like Laike's way of life. Alex finally opened his mouth to ask about something that had been lingering in his mind, before Laike left on his journey.

Alex: Laike... About Ghaleon, I...
Laike: ...He sacrificed himself for his beliefs. That is one way to live your life, I suppose. But, I have just one regret...
Alex: ...

Laike shook his head slightly.

Laike:, never mind.

Silence briefly filled the area. Soon, a smile returned to Laike's face, and he took his bags over his shoulder.

Laike: Anyway, I'd better get going... My business in Meribia is over. Someday... yes, someday we'll meet again, Alex, Luna.

Laike waved his hand, turned his back, and began to walk away. Fast as the wind. He crossed the pier towards a ship at the other end. On the way, he stopped and turned around.

Laike: Alex, if you think about it, we're all travelers, journeying through time towards the future... And, through coincidences and fate, people meet each other, or, leave one another... Hah hah, it's interesting, isn't it?

Laike squinted as he watched Alex and Luna, seeing him off. He saw their lives aglow with light.

Laike: Your adventure towards your future has just begun. I'll pray for your good fortune, Alex, Luna. Farewell!

He turned around and walked off once more.

Alex and Luna: Take care, Laike!

Alex and Luna raised their voices and waved their hands after Laike. As they watched Laike walking away, they once again took each others hands. He didn't turn around until he reached the ship at the end of the pier...

The lovely ocean breeze blew as the two of them took one another's hands, looking up at the sky. Two clouds slowly passed through the sky, high overhead. The Blue Star beautifully shone in the sky. Yes, this is where it all began. Their adventure has just begun.

Alex looked at Luna.
Luna looked at Alex.

Alex: Let's go, Luna!
Luna: Yes, Alex!

The two of them took each others' hands and ran off.
Off into the wind...
Far, far away...
On a new adventure, for the future that lay before them...


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