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Lunar: Eternal Blue, Lucia of the Blue Star - Vol. 1 - Prologue

Summary by Kizyr
Translation of Prologue
Lunar 2 Eternal Blue, Lucia of the Blue Star 1 (Aoki Hoshi no Lucia 1)
Author: Hiromi Hosoe
Illustrations: Akari Funato
Publisher: Kadokawa Sneaker Bunko

Translation and Summary is by Kizyr. The translation and summary may not be posted or used anywhere without permission.


From inside the crystal, she first came to notice "herself".
Still half-awake.
Soon it will come, waiting for the resurrection of the Blue Star.
I am... Lucia.
Lucia, the goddess.
The goddess Lucia who rules over the Blue Star.
Soon the Blue Star will awaken from its long slumber and heal the wounds of the past. Then, the Blue Star will no longer need to rest; she is the goddess who will rule over that world.
Lucia is the life of the Blue Star.
The Blue Star is the life of Lucia.
Lucia needs the Blue Star.
The Blue Star needs Lucia.
I am Lucia of the Blue Star...
From inside the crystal Lucia understood what kind of being she is.

The first person she came to be aware of was Lunar and Althena.
Once the Blue Star was put into slumber, to give the power to revive it, a world gave its power to the Blue Star: Lunar.
Lunar. Revolving around the Blue Star, the world which Althena ruled.
Althena is the life of Lunar.
Lunar is the life of Althena.
And Lunar exists for the Blue Star.
Lucia, while continuing to reside inside the crystal, nurtured the slight power which Althena gave.

Lucia awoke, and by her own power burst from the crystal.
And inside the shrine, she walked with her bare feet.
It was an enormous shrine, built there for the purpose of the goddess who would soon reawaken.
Now, it was still a shrine for a goddess whom no one revered.
Why, because there was no other person on the Blue Star besides her.
That is why no one was there to oversee her Descent.
That is why there was nothing needed to clothe her body.
And she left the shrine, and crossed into the world.

"It's cold..."

Outside the frozen atmosphere greeted her.
The land and the sea were covered in ice, and a blue-white fang pierced into the heavens.
In this world, there were no birds to fly the skies, no beasts to roam the lands, no fish to swim the waters, no one.
As for a sign of the revival of life, nothing had appeared.
This was still a world in the middle of a cold slumber.
Lucia, though, felt a cold that went beyond the temperature.
After enough rest, the world would regain the power to nurture life once again.
Lucia was to use the power which Althena nurtured on Lunar.
Lucia was supposed to remain asleep until the time had come.
Now was not that time.
Yet, Lucia had awakened.
It was not yet complete, in the form of a young girl.


Doubts surfaced on Lucia's mind.
But, from the beginning there was no one to answer her questions.
She did not think, either, that she could receive answers from anyone.
The only one existing on this world was Lucia herself.
That was the one thing Lucia knew clearly.

"What is Althena doing?"

Lucia said to herself, as she looked up to the skies.
On the other side of a layer of thin clounds, she felt the existence of Lunar revolving around the Blue Star.
Althena, having her power, turned Lunar from a lifeless world into one overflowing with life.
Althena lived with the people, ruling and protecting the world.
That form, that position was consistent with what Lucia knew.
But, the power from Lunar she had ordinarily felt while asleep was extremely weakened.
Lucia concentrated her focus on Lunar.


Zophar. This world had to be placed in a long slumber; he was the cause.
Lucia felt his presence slightly, and since she first set out, she was worried.
In Lucia's mind, an ominous vision appeared in which Lunar would soon undergo the same fate as the Blue Star. If that were true, the dream of reviving the Blue Star would vanish.

"It isn't supposed to be this way.
This cannot be.
But still, Zophar is not perfect.
What is Althena doing?
Why has she forgotten about Zophar?
If Althena's power is available, then Zophar should easily be sealed."

Lucia concentrated her focus on Althena.

"Althena's presence is unclear.
I cannot tell that she is there, nor can I tell that she is not.
I cannot assume anything.
What is there?
What am I to do?"

Lucia answered her own questions.

"I shall go to Lunar.
Since, Althena's power has not necessarily faded.
I should meet Althena, and seal away Zophar.
Whatever is happening, if I go I will understand."

In a blue light, Lucia made her ascent.
Towards Lunar.

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