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Shortly before the November release date, Japanese game site GameWatch ran a special on the Four Heroes story in Lunar: Silver Star Harmony. It's roughly the same information as the last Famitsu special (available here), though with even more details on the Four Heroes' background and new villains!

This time, we have both Kizyr and newcomer Shiva Indis translating here. Let's run through some of the highlights first:

  • - The villain that the Four Heroes faced in their final battle is named Aiferun (English transliteration: Eiphel.
  • - Aiferun has captured Althena, and enlisted the help of the Five Princes of the Black Star to take over the world as a god and destroy it. (Naturally...)
  • - Aiferun is hiding out in an underwater fortress named Leviathan.
  • - Mel's wife finally has a name: Relina.

Lastly, the original article, where you can check out some higher-res images, is available here:
GameWatch - Lunar: Harmony of Silver Star
Now onto the translation! (Oh and keep in mind, Shiva Indis, not Kizyr, translated the bulk of this.)

Lunar: Harmony of Silver Star (Four Heroes and Character Special)

Release Date: 11/12/2009 / Price: 5040
CERO Rating: B (Age 12+)

On November 11th, GungHo Works will be releasing the PSP RPG "Lunar: Harmony of Silver Star". This special exclusiev contains content on the new scenes and characters, special places to explore, and information on the "Bromides". Also, we bring you some comments from Kei Shigema, the creator of the Lunar series:

A word from Kei Shigema:
You know, it's been a long time since I've revisited "Lunar". When I began my work, I looked up at the sky and thought, "When I see the shining moon, I remember an adventure there with wonderful friends, and I smile..." That is the sort of RPG I wanted to make, and with that in mind I created the story behind it, as I recall. I think that this new PSP title could give you the chance to look up at the sky like that, too.

Presenting New Scenes of the Four Heroes' Final Battle

Long before Alex and his friends set off on their journey, on the magical world of Lunar, at the bottom of the open sea, in the Underwater Fortress Leviathan...

In the throne room, surrounded by walls of machinery, stood Aiferun, a man in a grotesque mask, and the Goddess Althena, imprisoned in a magical furnace, in a ring of light. It matters not that Aiferun is a human; he means to replace Althena as a god and to destroy all of humanity himself.

Aiferun: Do you really think anyone can come close to the Underwater Fortress Leviathan? Well, then I'll just destroy the world first!
Althena: No, you will not destroy the world. That is certain.
Aiferun: Hmph... Then I'll just extinguish that belief with magic fire!

Holding fast to her belief in humanity's latent strength and potential, Althena was sealed within the magic furnace. Aiferun the summoned the Five Princes of the Black Star, intent on destroying the world, as he turned up the fires of the magic furnace... And then:

Dyne: Not so fast, Aiferun!

Dyne, Ghaleon, Mel, and Lemia, the Four Heroes who protect Althena, burst into the throne room.

Aiferun: You dare get in my way again, Dragonmaster?
Dyne: Yes, whenever you choose the wrong path, no matter how many times...

Aiferun, with the power of the Five Princes of the Black Star, attacked the Four Heroes. After the battle, once Dyne tried to approach the defeated Aiferun, sheer power shot forth from the Five Princes.

Five Princes: In the end, you're nothing more than an empty human vessel, too weak to handle Althena's power. Perhaps the vessel we give you will be enough?
Aiferun: Wh... what? No, wait! Stop!

Thus Aiferun was absorbed into the Five Princes of the Black Star. And the form that appeared before the Four Heroes was...!?

Characters of the New Scenes



Dyne. 24. He is the Dragonmaster, guardian of the Goddess Althena, who commands the Four Dragons. A warrior skilled in both swordplay and magic, the most powerful human in the world. He possesses a broad heart and an iron will, is passionately empathetic with a kind smile. No matter how difficult the situation, he never gives in and always wears a smile. He will rescue a sopping wet puppy that has fallen into a river even when he must rush into battle, to the constant confusion of Ghaleon, who acts as strategist. Likes pranks and annoys everyone around him with bad puns. Has a close relationship with the Goddess Althena that goes beyond master-servant, approaching romantic feelings. But he is easily embarrassed and does not take it any further. For his age, he has the face of a middle-aged man.

Ghaleon. 25 (roughly). Belongs to a long-lived race, and thus is many times older than his apparent age. He is calm and collected, wise and far-sighted. As a realist, he seems cruel at times. Previously he only observed human affairs as a bystander, but thanks to meeting Dyne he discovers human potential and gets involved. Dyne exceeds his expectations, and he is puzzled by the way he gets dragged into Dyne's misadventures, often ending up in unfavorable roles. He lectures Dyne about this each time, but deep down he enjoys it. No matter how sticky the situation he is always cool and never over-reacts. He may seem emotionless on the exterior but he actually has quite a passionate heart. The foremost beautiful man of the Lunar world.




Mel. 27. A Beast-man. A muscle-bound strong man who was originally a pirate chieftain. A man of the sea with a strong sense of chivalry. His impolitic side stands out where his behavior is concerned. His personality is well described as frank, uncomplicated, and free-spirited, but he has a talent for seeing straight to the heart of the matter at hand. There is no man more dependable to his allies and he is a veritable demon on the battlefield, but he has a soft spot for women and children which makes him maudlin. Is romantically involved with a nobleman's daughter named Relina, whom he rescued by chance; she already has him wrapped around her finger. He and the refined Lemia like to argue with each other, though they actually are on good terms.

Lemia. 19. Leader of the Magic Guild, which governs magic in Lunar, and a magical prodigy, as her responsibility requires. A world-class refined lady, she normally is somewhat cool and aloof. Her views are frequently at odds with the unrestrained Mel and they often argue. She is also critical of Dyne and his habit of acting on hunches. However, she is actually grateful to them both for teaching her things she couldn't learn in her sheltered upbringing, and important things that she hadn't realized, though she doesn't show it very often. Ms. Hot-cold Personality.

Althena. 21 (roughly). The goddess that rules Lunar, she reincarnates over and over with an uninterrupted memory and heart. For over a millennium she has been at the center of the world; a true living deity, possessing both an impression of motherly gentleness and dignified strength. She has watched humanity for many years and has faith in their potential. She loves and trusts humans, even in their foolishness. Loves the human culture of song, and sings songs herself; her songs comfort the people and spread hope. Has fondness for Dyne not as a goddess but as a woman, though her position prevents her from acting on it.


Five Princes

Aiferun. 24 (roughly). Human. Due to his mask his age is unknown, but seems to be about the same age as Dyne. Journeyed around Lunar with Dyne, Althena, and the others at one point; at that time he did not wear a mask and he behaved as an ordinary human. He put on the mask after parting ways with them. He disagreed with Althena, Dyne, and the others about the state of the world and the divine presence in it, and they became enemies as a result. After a number of fierce battles he captures the Goddess Althena. He has built a mechanical fortress on the bottom of the ocean and intends to become a god himself. Due to some sort of deep-seated complex or compulsion, he thirsts for power that exceeds human boundaries. In reality, he is a very weak, human-like person.

Five Princes of the Black Star. Gods summoned by Aiferun. Their outward appearances have a mask-like form. They hijack Aiferun's body in a plot to destroy the world.

"Bromides" Found in Exploration and Conversation

There are over 10 kinds of bromides. When you equip them (which bromides you can equip depends on the character) then they can do things such as raise the attack power of your magic or skills, and raise your wisdom. Also, if you use them as items, then you can enjoy a special photo of the female characters.




1992 Game Arts / Toshiyuki Kubooka / Kei Shigema
1996 Kadokawa Shoten / Game Arts / JAM
2009 Game Arts, Original Character Design by Toshiyuki Kubooka
"Lunar: Harmony of Silver Star" official site:
* All screens are from development stage. 1999-2009 ENTERBRAIN, INC.

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