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Lunar: Silver Star Harmony

Silver Star Harmony - Magazines - Famitsuu on Lunar: Harmony of Silver Star (2)

The week of May 13th, 2009, Famitsuu published its first article on Lunar: Harmony of Silver Star for the PSP. On July 3rd, 2009, Famitsuu published its second article, with greater detail about the storyline, battle system, and extra soundtrack. The first article is available here, and the second article plus translation below:

Here are some of the highlights, or at least what's new in this article:

  • The storyline of the game (Burg, the Weird Woods, Saith, meeting Nash, and leaving the Saith docks) appears almost identical to Silver Star Story. So, the storyline of the PSP Lunar appears to follow the Playstation version more than the Sega CD version.
  • Screens, including town maps and character images, are almost completely redrawn. Town designs are also different.
  • The battle system uses the range layout system of the Playstation Lunar games, and a gauge system similar to Lunar: Legend for the GBA
  • The soundtrack comes as a pre-order bonus. The CD jacket is designed by Toshiyuki Kubooka, and the soundtrack is arranged by Noriyuki Iwadare. It includes new songs and live performances, too.

Onto the genuine article!

Lunar: Harmony of Silver Star

Part 3 - Lunar ~Harmony of Silver Star~


GungHo Works, Expected Release: Fall 2009, 5040 (w/tax)

Adventure/Fantasy, RPG, 1 player, Review Planned
Input Method: [blank]

Development: Game Arts, original character design: Toshiyuki Kubooka

Aiming for the New Continent
Introducing the story at the game's opening!!

The masterpiece RPG "Lunar: The Silver Star" has been released on many consoles such as the Mega CD and Saturn, and now will get a splendid remake on the Playstation Portable! In Part 3, we introduce the flow of the adventure up to Alex's journey to the new continent, packed with new screenshots!* We also bring you information on the improved interface of the battle system.

* Translator's Note: "Part 3" refers to the third part of Famitsu's release. We have "Part 1". I think we missed "Part 2".

The story thus far

Alex, born in the village of Burg, aspires to be like Dragonmaster Dyne, who was born in the same village, and holds onto his dream of one day setting out on an adventure. One day, Ramus, the son of the village mayor, invites Alex to a cave. In the back of the cave they encounter the legendary White Dragon Quark [Fidy]. Alex receives the White Dragon Trial from Quark, and they return to Burg with the "White Dragon Diamond" in hand, when...

(1) Burg Village: To the Free City of Meribia!

Ramus tries to sell the Dragon Diamond at the item shop, but it's so expensive that they can't buy it. Ramus, not giving up, invites Alex to come with him to Meribia to try to sell the diamond there. But, upon seeing the Weird Woods, ever wrapped in fog, he gets scared and runs back to the village--which is when Luna finds out about their plans. She makes up her mind to go with them to Meribia. That night, she sees a strange dream...

Return to the village from the White Dragon Cave!
Alex and Ramus returning to Burg with the Dragon Diamond in hand. The villagers seem surprised.

The real adventure starts now!
Alex and his friends decide to journey to Meribia. And so the real adventure begins...

(2) Weird Woods: The Mysterious Man Laike Appears!

Once in the Weird Woods, they find the exit blocked by monsters! But, the mysterious man Laike dispatches of them with no problem. Alex and his friends say farewell to Laike and continue on to the port city of Saith.

Luna's song clears the fog of the woods!

Through Luna's song, the fog around the Weird Woods lifts. Why does Luna's song clear the fog? What is the secret of her song?

(3) Port Town of Saith: To the Wizard's Forest to Retrieve the Map!

Saith, the port city of Caldor Island. From here they will have to take a boat, but the captain informs them that a man named Brett [Chrysa] has taken the map. Once the party finds Brett, through Ramus's surprising skills, they place a bet against Brett for the map and win. But, Brett tells them that he no longer has the map--instead, it's in the hands of an old hag who lives in the forest north of town.

Bet against Brett for the map!

Brett gives you a staff instead of the map. Maybe you can exchange this for the map...?

To meet the old hag, Alex and his friends must go to the magicians' forest north of town.

(4) Wizard's Forest: Nash in the Party

When they reach the magicians' forest, they help a young boy caught in a trap. That boy is the elite magician Nash, who joins the party. After that, Alex and his friends safely arrive at the hag's house. But, instead of the staff, she wants Nash's staff of water. Luna convinces Nash to part with it, and the party leaves with the map.

Nash, the lightning-mage, joins the party! Battles should be easy now.

Enter Nash!

Get the map!
Get the map in exchange for the staff of water, and now returning to Saith is ok!

(5) Port Town of Saith: Leaving at Last!?

The party returns with the map, but the captain still can't leave as now a monster has appeared at the port! Once Alex and his friends defeat the monster, as a gesture of gratitude the captain takes them to Meribia free of charge. But, the day before they leave, Luna leaves the party. She says she's going to remain here on the island. And so, the next day when they leave, Luna sees Alex and the others off at the port. But what happens then...?

A monster appears at the Saith port!
The giant monster that blocks the docks. Everyone must combine their strengths to defeat it.

Luna has decided to stay behind, but...

This is the moment that Luna leaves Alex. But then what happens!?

Check the New Info on the Battle System!

Even the turn-based and simple command-based battle system has been powered up. To properly implement this, not only has the interface been updated, but it also includes special gauge techniques!

CHECK: About the Arts Gauge

Each time you attack, the "Arts Guage" slowly fills up. Once it's full, the character can unleashe a powerful special move.

Each time you attack, the gauge fills up more. Making use of the gauge is the key to battle.

When you unlease the special attack, it looks really cool.

Unleash the special attack!

CHECK: Improved Interface

With ceach command icon you can control the battle. If you select the "AI" icon, then the characters will move automatically, and battles will progress easily.

Choose the AI icon!

Leave the small fish to the AI. Use it well.

Eight basic commands
From the "Command" icon, you can select "Attack", "Defend", etc., to fight.

Pre-order bonus is a Limited-Edition Soundtrack!

Those who pre-order can receive beautiful soundtrack, with the jacket design by Toshiyuki Kubooka. The songs themselves are arranged by Noriyuki Iwadare. Those who want it should be sure to pre-order!

A word from Noriyuki Iwadare!
Once I got the opportunity to remake the songs for "Lunar", I thought to make it the best possible, so first I bought an ocarina (-laugh-). Then, I practiced, since Alex was an 'expert at the ocarina'. It was a high hurdle, but it felt great. Thus, I rearranged and composed all the melodies. It's full of live performances, so I hope you enjoy. There are new songs, too!

1992 Game Arts / Toshiyuki Kubooka / Kei Shigema
1996 Kadokawa Shoten / Game Arts / JAM
2009 Game Arts, Original Character Design by Toshiyuki Kubooka
"Lunar: Harmony of Silver Star" official site:
* All screens are from development stage.

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