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Lunar: Childhood's End - Chapter 5: Hero of the Old Guard 2

Translation by Kizyr
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Lunar: Childhood's End
(Lunar - Yonenki no Owari)

Author: Akari Funato
Based on Work By: Kei Shigema
Publisher: Kadokawa Comics Dragon Jr.

Translation by Kaiser Farooque ("Kizyr").
Editing help from Robin Peters.
Translation may not be used without express permission of translator. Translation also may not be posted in part (longer than five pages) nor in full at any location besides LunarNET ( without express permission of translator.


Chapter 5: Hero of the Old Guard 2

[From left to right are standing Jean (in karate uniform), Lemina, Ronfar, and Leo.]


[Ruby flies down to Hiro, at the base of the cliffside. She tugs at his cape in desperation.]

Ruby: Oh...
-flap flap flap-

Ruby: Oh...

[Ruby starts nudging Hiroís face.]

Ruby: Hiro...


[Blood is pouring from Hiroís mouth. Ruby is frantic.]

Ruby: Donít die, Hiro!
Ruby: Alice was taken by those bad people. You have to help her

[Hiroís clothes are also blood-stained.]

Ruby: Right Hiro? Right?
Ruby: Open your eyes!


[The silhouettes of two people, a man and woman, appear in view. Ruby turns around.]


[In the throne room at the top of Tabenís Peak. Alice is lying on the floor. Xenobia leans against a column.]

Xenobia: Why are you crying, Alice?

Xenobia (grins): Were you in love with him?
Alice (shocked): !

[Alice strikes the ground.]

Alice: ...I hate you


Alice: You attacked Meribia, you hurt so many people, even Hiro...!
Alice: What will you do next?

Alice: How can you be so cruel?

[Xenobia turns back towards Alice. Her eyes narrow.]

Xenobia: Cruel? But why?

Xenobia: Wasnít it you who wanted all of that?
Xenobia: Wasnít it your power that made it all possible?

[The shadow of the Magic Emperor looms over Alice.]

Xenobia: Or have you forgotten...


[A flashback. Aliceís mother is carrying a full basket when someone calls for her.]

Aliceís Father: Oh no! Alice just fell from a tall tree...

[Panel of Alice falling. Her mother holds Alice, who is unconscious, in her arms. Theyíre surrounded by other villagers.]

Aliceís Mother: Alice! Alice!!
Aliceís Mother: Itís no good... Althenaís power canít reach here...

[Aliceís mother begins to cry.]

Aliceís Mother: .......

[She raises her hands. Energy starts to gather.]

Aliceís Father: Dear? What are you...

[A disconnected flashback: one panel of Aliceís father leaving in the snow.]


[Aliceís father pushes through the crowd to the front.]

Aliceís Father: Phacia!?
-crowd talking-

[Aliceís mother raises her hands over Alice; energy gathers around and she is healed.]

[Another disconnected flashback: one panel of Alice asking after her father, leaving in the snow.]

Young Alice: Daddy, when will you be back?

[The crowd stares on, concerned, upset.]

Crowd: Why...
Crowd: Why can she use magic, without an incantation?

[Note: In the manga Tale of the Vane Airship, it was established that one of the Vile Tribeís characteristics was the ability to cast magic without need for incantations, unlike humans.]


[Another disconnected flashback: one panel of Alice, continuing to ask after her father.]

Young Alice: Tomorrow?
Young Alice: The day after?

[Aliceís mother is in tears.]

Crowd: Youíre... in the Vile Tribe!!

[Aliceís mother collapses.]

Aliceís Father: Phacia!
Young Alice: Mommy... come baó

[Aliceís father takes Phacia in his arms. Alice looks on, worried.]


[The disconnected flashback continues. Alice watches her father leave in the snow, then leans against the fence outside her aunt and uncleís house, waiting through autumn, winter, and rain. Xenobia briefly interrupts this memory.]

Xenobia: You were left behind... by your father

[We see another flashback, a little later, with Alice standing on her favorite spot atop Tabenís Peak, looking out. Snow is falling.]

Young Alice: Say, daddy, wouldnít you be surprised...
Young Alice: If Meribia were no longer there when you got back?


[Flashback ends. Alice is shocked into silence, falling back through darkness.]


[Lightning bolts flash around her. Xenobia flies down towards Alice, who is unconscious. Xenobia appears angered.]


[Xenobia grins as she takes hold of a magic staff which appears before her. Energy also swirls up around the Magic Emperor, and around Tabenís Peak itself.]


[Xenobia throws her hands up in triumph, standing before the balcony window.]

Xenobia: Itís time for my revenge!!
Xenobia: Revenge upon those humans who banished us!!

[Hiro leans against the wall, standing behind her.]

Hiro: Wonít happen.

[Hiro glares at Xenobia, breaking her revelry.]

Xenobia: You...
Xenobia: But you fell from the cliff...!?


[Ronfar also shows up, grinning.]

Ronfar: Heís protected by the Goddess.
Ronfar: With that small a wound, heíll heal in no time.

Xenobia (off-screen): A priest of Althena... So that makes just two of you.
Xenobia: What do you think you can do!? Do you really think you can defeat...

[A voice interrupts Xenobia from off-screen.]

Voice: You mean three

Voice: Youíve met your match, witch.
Xenobia: What!?

Voice: Do you know who I am!?
Xenobia: !!


[We finally see Lemina, standing their happily holding a magic staff behind her head.]

Lemina: The Premier of the historic, legendary Magic Guild of Vane!
Lemina: Lemina, the one youíve all been waiting for, has arrived!

Lemina (winking): Now that Iím here...
Lemina: You should prepare yourself -heart-

[Xenobia angrily aims her staff at Lemina; energy fires forth.]

Xenobia: Do not mock me, girl!!


[Lemina smiles in anticipation, her staff at the ready.]

Hiro (in protest): Lemina!!
Lemina: Just leave this to me -heart-

[Lemina closes her eyes and prepares a spell. The next instant, she raises her staff and magic explodes around her. Xenobia raises up a hand to counteract the spell and counterattack.]



[Ronfar jumps in front of Lemina to block Xenobiaís counterattack. Lemina shields her face.]


Ronfar: The Vile Tribe can supposedly cast spells without incantations...
Ronfar: So her next attack will come quickly!!
Lemina: But together canít we beat her?

[Lemina smiles and looks over to Ronfar, who is confused.]

Lemina: ......
Lemina: aww!
Ronfar: hold on now...
Ronfar: Hey...

Lemina (winking, sticking tongue out): So thatís why youíre here, Ronfar. Follow my lead, okay? -heart-
Lemina: ...Please?

[Ronfar slaps his forehead, frustrated but begrudgingly accepting.]


Ronfar (chanting): Let the power of Althena show itself before us...

[Xenobia angrily raises her staff.]

Xenobia (yells): Fiendish Quake!

[Energy fires toward Lemina and Ronfar, but is blocked by Ronfarís magic barrier.]


Xenobia: !!
Xenobia: Is there someone else...!?

[Hiro comes up behind Xenobia, magic gathering in his hands.]


Xenobia: You brat...!!

[Hiro strikes Xenobia point-blank. She blocks and knocks him back.]

Xenobia: That wonít work

[As Xenobia is turned towards Hiro, Ronfar begins a chant behind her.]

Ronfar: Let a thousand pillars become iron bars
Ronfar: to imprison the evil before us

[Xenobia backs away, enraged.]



[Xenobia stands before the throne. Hiro is several feet away, getting up from the floor.]

Xenobia: Alice! Come here with me.
Xenobia: You must not be here for this.

[Alice is in tears, her eyes blank.]

Alice: ......

[Alice stands before the Magic Emperor, his dark presence overshadowing her.]

Alice: But...
Alice: I...!

Xenobia (crying out): Master Ghaleon!


[The Magic Emperor readies his sword and lunges at Ronfar. Ronfar dodges and the sword strikes a pillar behind him. Hiro rushes over to pick up Alice before she falls to the floor.]


[Ronfar casts another spell towards Xenobia.]

Ronfar: All right then...

Xenobia: Tsk. Alice...

[Hiro gathers Alice in his arms.]


[Xenobia and the Magic Emperor repel Hiro, Lemina, and Ronfar. Hiro holds onto Alice. Ronfar and Hiro prepare a counterattack; Xenobia backs up towards the Magic Emperor.]


[Xenobia shrinks back to the protection of the Magic Emperor. Ronfar pulls Lemina back.]

Lemina: Canít we finish this!?
Ronfar: Never mind that!! This buys us time to make our escape...

[Hiro stares intently out from the balcony, holding Alice.]

Hiro: ...
Hiro: ...sheís here

[Ruby, in full dragon form, flies in.]


Xenobia (to Hiro): Hand Alice over to us, boy
Xenobia: This fight is ours

Xenobia: I have all the power I need.

[Hiro turns around towards Xenobia.]

Ruby: Hiro!
Xenobia: I no longer need the girl.

[Ruby flies away, with Hiro, Alice, Ronfar, and Lemina on her back. Xenobia smiles wide.]

Xenobia: The world shall soon be engulfed by the fires of our revenge.


[Ruby flies fast away from Tabenís Peak.]

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