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Lunar: Childhood's End - Chapter 2: Her Cry

Translation by Kizyr
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Lunar: Childhood's End
(Lunar - Yonenki no Owari)

Author: Akari Funato
Based on Work By: Kei Shigema
Publisher: Kadokawa Comics Dragon Jr.

Translation by Kaiser Farooque ("Kizyr").
Editing help from Robin Peters.
Translation may not be used without express permission of translator. Translation also may not be posted in part (longer than five pages) nor in full at any location besides LunarNET ( without express permission of translator.


Chapter 2: Her Cry

[The background is of Xenobia, with a sinister smile, over Alice smiling happily in a bed of flowers, turned in the opposite direction.]


[The Magic Emperor in full armor is shown from the shoulders-up.]

The ďMagic EmperorĒ was supposed to have been defeated by five heroes. Thatís not just a folk-tale; itís been recorded in history.

[The Magic Emperor draws his sword and swings.]

-metal sound-
But then, who in the world is standing before me now?

[The sword slices through the air, literally, right above Hiro.]

Hiro (nervous): Whoa, heís strong!

[Hiro holds his boomerang in his mouth, ready to counterattack.]

Hiro: Did someone uncover the Emperorís armor, and now heís wearing it? No, that couldnít be...

[The Magic Emperor fades in and out.]

Hiro: How would that explain... this dark premonition?


[The Magic Emperor takes a swing at Hiro. Hiro blocks with his boomerang, shaken.]


[Hiro is falling through darkness.]

Hiro: !!

[He looks to his side, and sees the figure of Lucia floating above the surface of water.]

Lucia: Hiro...

Lucia: Farewell...


[Hiro lunges towards Luciaís figure, arm oustretched.]

Hiro: No Lucia, I...!!
Lucia: Farewell...

[Luciaís figure disappears.]

Hiro: I...!!
Iíd nearly put that memory out of my mind...
Voice: Hiro!

[Hiro snaps back into reality. The Magic Emperorís figure is looming behind him, sword raised and about to strike. Hiro dives out of the way, just barely.]



Hiro (holding head): What just happened...!?

[The Magic Emperor gathers up energy.]

Ruby: Run away, Hiro! We have to search for Alice first!

[Ruby takes a deep breath, then breaths a large burst of flame on the Magic Emperor.]


[Ruby turns and flies off in a huff.]


[Meanwhile... Alice is huddled in a corner elsewhere. Another woman extends her hand out towards her.]


[The woman appears through the wall behind Alice. Itís Xenobia. She reaches her hands around Aliceís head; Alice is mortified.]

Xenobia: Whatís wrong?

Xenobia: What are you so afraid of, Alice?

Alice (to herself): This person...

Alice (terrified): How... how do you know my name?
Xenobia: Know your name?
Alice (to herself): She isnít human...
Xenobia: I know everything......


[Alice bolts away from Xenobia. She pursues and grabs her shoulder.]

Xenobia: Alice!

Xenobia: My name is Xenobia

[Alice stops. We see a flashback of Xenobia fighting against the five heroes from Lunar: The Silver Star.]

And I seek revenge

[Alice has a flashback of herself as a little girl. Other kids are throwing rocks at her while she curls up, crying.]


[Flashback of Xenobia again, a sword in her heart.]



[Alice breaks the flashback.]

Alice (shouting): Stop it!

[Energy radiates around Alice and Xenobia, destroying fixtures on the walls.]


[Xenobia gradually turns less translucent.]

Xenobia: Oh.... oh....!


[Xenobia looks down at her hands in amazement.]

Xenobia: ......
Xenobia: ...amazing!!

[Xenobia pushes open a doorway leading outside to a high ledge of Tabenís Peak. She extends her arm and a staff appears.]


[Meanwhile, the interior of the Grindery / Tabenís Peak is shaking; Hiro and Ruby brace themselves.]

Ruby: Yaahh!

[The view from the ledge is of Meribia from afar. Xenobia points towards the town, while looking towards Alice menacingly.]

Xenobia: Now Alice...
Xenobia: Watch this!


[Outside Tabenís Peak. Energy swirls up around it and amasses at the top. A beam shoots out from the peak.]


[The beam strikes the outskirts of Meribia, destroying houses near the outer wall.]





[Alice looks on in horror. Xenobia laughs.]

Alice: Meribia...!!
Xenobia: Ah ha ha ha!


[Alice has flashbacks to her aunt and uncle. Her uncle holds a book, while her aunt shows Alice some baked pie.]

Uncle: Oh Alice, youíre so adorable
Aunt: Arenít you happy here?

[Alice slaps Xenobia across the face.]

Alice: How dare you harm Meribia!!

[Xenobia goes blank, then grins, baring fanged teeth. A flashback of a younger Alice clinging to the peak of the Grindery / Tabenís Peak.]

Xenobia: Isnít this what you wished for, five years ago on that day!?
Xenobia: Atop this very Grindery!!

Alice (horrified): What...
Alice: What are you talking about!?


[Xenobiaís shadow covers Alice.]

Alice: I... I donít know what you mean...!!
Xenobia: Now itís my turn to have my wish come true...

[Xenobia reaches towards Alice and grins hungrily.]

Xenobia: Now then, Alice...
Xenobia: Give me...

Xenobia: your...
Xenobia: power......

[Xenobia opens her mouth wide, her fangs nearing Aliceís face.]

Alice: N...
Alice: No......

[She has a brief flashback of Hiro holding his ocarina.]

Alice (crying out): Nooo!
Alice: Hiro! Hiro!


[Hiro crashes down through the ceiling.]

Hiro: Yes!

[He lands right in between Xenobia and Alice. Xenobia glares at him.]


Hiro (grinning): You called?
Hiro: Hehe

[Alice clasps her hands over her mouth, somewhat embarrassed.]

Hiro: Now then.


Hiro: We came to bring you back home.

[Xenobia attacks Hiro; he defends. Xenobia flips over him and grabs at his throat. Hiro blasts her away with wind magic.]


Xenobia: !!

Xenobia: Grr...


Xenobia: You human wretch...
Xenobia: You shall not interfere with us again...!

[The shadow of the Magic Emperor appears behind her. Xenobia turns around, shocked.]

Xenobia: Master Ghaleon!

Hiro: Ghaleon!? No... it canít be...!?

[Xenobia clings onto Ghaleon. Hiro turns around.]

Hiro: ...Alice, run.
Alice: Huh?


Hiro: Theyíre in control here; we canít win.

[Suddenly, Ruby, in full dragon form, bursts through the wall from outside.]


[She breathes fire towards Ghaleon and Xenobia.]



[Ghaleon is shielded by magic from the flame.]


[Hiro leads Alice by the hand onto Rubyís back.]

Hiro: Weíll explain later! Right now we need to get out of here, and fast!!
Xenobia: Alice!!

[Xenobia calls out to Alice as she leaves.]

Xenobia: It was your power that attacked Meribia.
Xenobia: So what are you doing, returning to that city!?

Alice (frightened): My...


Alice: power...!?

[Alice and Hiro are on Rubyís back, flying back towards Meribia. Smoke rises from several houses in the city.]

-flap flap-

Hiro (worried): The city...

[Alice and Hiro are now amid a neighborhood of burned houses. Ruby is not with them.]

Alice: -gasp-

[Alice steps on something on the ground.]



[She picks up a broken mug.]

Alice: My cup...

[Her aunt and uncle approach, saddened. Hiro is relieved, but downcast.]

Uncle: Alice

Alice (smiling, tears in eyes): Uncle! Auntie!

Alice: Oh thank heavens youíre all right!! I...
Uncle (holding a bundle towards Alice): These are your things...


Uncle: Take these, and please leave.

[Alice is in shock. The image of Xenobia appears behind her, and she recalls what was said earlier.]

Xenobiaís Voice: So what are you doing, returning to that city!?

Alice (clutching her things): I... I...

[Alice runs off.]

Hiro: Alice!?

[Her aunt and uncle are sobbing. Hiro stands alone with them amidst the burned houses.]

Uncle: This is for the best. We only wish for her to be happy.
Uncle: This way...


[Ruby is flying high over the city.]

-flap flap-

Ruby (tired): -sigh-
Ruby: What happened to Hiro and Alice?

[She looks down and sees Alice walking alone through the forest.]

Ruby: Ah
Ruby: Alice!

[Ruby flies around Alice.]

Ruby: Hey, what happened to Hiro? Why isnít he with you?
-flap flap-
Ruby: Meribia isnít this way. Where are you going?

[Alice pushes Rubyís face out of the way.]

Ruby (angry): H... Hey!!
-sob sob-

[Alice wipes her tears.]


[Hiro runs through the woods, approaching Alice.]

Hiro: Alice!!

[She rubs her eyes.]


Hiro (smiling): Oh good, I managed to catch up with you.
Hiro: And Rubyís with you. Great!

[Ruby sits on Hiroís shoulder.]

Hiro: Say, Alice
Hiro: If itís fine by you, how about we continue onwards together?
Alice (back turned to him): Itís... itís dangerous with me around...


Alice: That woman might return, and besides...
Xenobiaís Voice: It was your power that attacked Meribia.

Hiro (smiling): Itís better than going on alone.

[Alice, still crying, buries her face in Hiro.]

Hiro: Where do you want to go, Alice?

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