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Lunar 3? - March 2010 - Post Lunar SSH Interviews

Even after almost 2 decades since the release of LUNAR: The Silver Star, fans are still asking for a LUNAR 3. And for once, the developers have responded. GameArts, GungHo and XSEED Games gave us all hope that the series isn't dead with the release of LUNAR: Silver Star Harmony. In the many interviews and comments during the development and release of LUNAR: Silver Star Harmony, numerous mentions of a continuation of the series have come to light. Not only that, but a few mentions of a possible remake of LUNAR 2 as well.

We have some more information collected here. The translations on this page were done by Shiva Indis.

Masato Dobashi Chicago Examiner Comments

First, an interview with XSEED's Jimmy Soga and LUNAR: Silver Star Harmony's director Masato Dobashi surfaced at The Examinor the day that SSH was released in North America. One of the questions posed was this:

We haven't heard anything about Lunar 3 since 2001. Are there any plans on finally giving gamers a true sequel instead of a prequel or remakes?

Masato Dobashi Silicon Era Comments

That's just the first interview with Dobashi. A second surfaced a week later via Silicon Era asking if Mr. Dobashi would change anything if they remade the game again. His response:

Another remake? Hmmm…that’s a tough one. This remake is pretty close to perfection. If we were to have some new elements to add on I think it’d be better to just develop a new Lunar altogether.

Shigema Comments On New Lunar Titles

Even better, Shigema-san himself updated his blog with a sort of "New Years" post for 2010, talking about the continuation of the series. Shiva Indis translated it and it can be found below:

"Happy new year! May this year be a good one for you all!
So, it's 2010... 2010!? I have a feeling I say something like this every year, but shouldn't 2010 be a future world where we go off to Jupiter chasing the monolith? It doesn't really seem that way. Strange...
Last year the game industury lacked energy due to the effects of the recession. Naturally, our scenario studio suffered some dashed hopes too.
Yet, for me personally, getting the chance to have you all enjoy Lunar again made it a truly joyous year. I hope that I can continue with 2, or 0, or 3!
On the other hand, mobile games and games aimed at girls sold very well, so we were were up to our necks in work.
How will the situation change in the coming year? I want to think carefully about the position the company is in, what we want to do, and how we should proceed, and act so as not to get burned.
Well then, I plan to work hard and enjoy it this year. I look forward to your continued support!
P.S. Apologies for neglecting this blog for so long. I've reached a point where I rarely post on Mixi either. Right now, Twitter best suits my sense of time. When I feel lonesome while I'm working I dash off a few words, like I'm talking to myself. (ha, ha)"

Shigema-san said even more the week of Silver Star Harmony's North America release:

"Lunar has always had active fans in America, and sometimes I recieve fan mail from them. (I can't read them since they're in English, though.) I'm really thankful for them. I hope we can use this game as a step to the next Lunar..."

A few days later and another Shigema-san update:

"Wha!? I hurried out to check because I just got contacted by the producer, and PSP Lunar is 1st and 6th on American Amazon!? Wow... It may just be the initial rush, but I'm really grateful for the enthusiasm of all the American fans. Thank you, I'm impressed!
I'm so happy about the North America release of Lunar that my wife and I had a toast. Game development is never easy, but it's really a joy to receive fan support like this.
Everyone, thank you very much for the congratulations! Even the [Edit: company] president!? I'm suprised! It really wouldn't have happened without all of you. Thank you so much!
I really do recieve your requests for Lunar 2. Still, I can't make it happen on my own... But I'll work as hard as I can. Thank you very much!
Personally, what I want to make most is Lunar Zero. That is to say, I just want to write more about young Lemia... (laugh) Well, if it comes down to it there's always doujinshi."

So as you can see, Shigema-san has shown some interest in, well, a remake of LUNAR 2, a Four Heroes prequel or even LUNAR 3! That doesn't mean it'll happen, but at least there is interest! More than we've had in a long time, in fact. I'll keep you updated on even more news about LUNAR 3.

Oh, and a big thanks to Shiva Indis for posting these translations of Shigema's blog and Twitter updates on the Lunar Threads.

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