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Name: Lunar The Silver Star Original Soundtrack
Release Date: 4/22/92
Track Listings, Descriptions and Information by Alunissage

There are essentially four remixed tracks on this CD, and accompaniment versions of two of them. The remainder of the music comes directly from the game (including the original opening song), but without the dialogue and usually fading on the second rep instead of just ending abruptly like the game CD tracks do. In the annotated list that follows, I have made up names for the in-game music as to my knowledge there is no official source of names for these. All of the instruments are synth, with the possible exception of the harp, although if the harp pieces were on a real instrument, it was one with a rather small soundbox or an oddly-placed microphone.

(IMO the most interesting track is #2, the medley of in-game music. Of the game music in other tracks, Quark's introduction is perhaps the most different sounding, as it includes a good 30-35 seconds more of music beyond where the in-game scene ends in both Japanese and American versions of the game.)

1. LUNAR. This is the techno-sounding remix that's been bouncing around the net for a long time. For some reason it is usually called the
"original/Japanese version", to contrast with the "WD/English" version, thus implying that this is what plays during the animated introduction on the MegaCD game, despite it being nearly double the length of the animation. The actual intro is in a later track on the OST.

2. Saga of The Silver Star (MP3 Sample). This is an instrumental arrangement of several pieces from the game strung together with some transition material, including but not limited to:

  • Burg
  • Ghaleon/Xenobia's theme
  • Quark's introduction
  • Boss battle
  • Final battle
  • Alex and Luna's song

3. Funky Dance (Singing Girls Theme). A techno piece with the singing
girls' theme, starting with the "good" singer clip and ending with the "bad" (i.e., Meryod) singer clip. The music in between doesn't actually
seem to have much to do with the singing, though they overlap a bit at the end.

4. Sensitive Dream. A vocal song based on Luna's song, also found on Lunar Songs 1.

5. Introduction ~ LUNAR. The opening song of the game, starting with the fanfare that plays during the spelling out of LUNAR. This is the actual song heard on the Japanese game disc during the animation.

6. Tabidachi I (Beginning a Journey I)
Burg Luna's song (from the scene with her introduction at the beginning of the game)

7. Tabidachi II (Beginning a Journey II) (MP3 Sample)

  • Field music (before Luna's capture)
  • Battle
  • Dragon cave
  • Quark's introduction (longer than in the game)

8. Bouken I (Adventure I)

  • Village (i.e., Lyton, Lann)
  • Voyage to Meribia
  • Balloon ride (without slowdown - ends before that)
  • Ride to Goddess Tower? (longer than on the game disc?)

9. Bouken II (Adventure II) (MP3 Sample)

  • Meribia/Ramus's shop (no pause after first rep)
  • Weird Woods and other eerie places (i.e., Meribia after Mel gets stoned)
  • Town (i.e., Nanza, Saith)
  • Vane (no pause after first rep)
  • Althena's temple

10. Tabi no Naka de I (In the Midst of the Journey I)

  • Alex's departure from Burg (only one rep)
  • Xenobia/Ghaleon
  • Sad piano music
  • Tension (i.e., Talon after the Grindery leaves, Pao when everyone's sick)

11. Tabi no Naka de II (In the Midst of the Journey II)

  • Good guy introduction (i.e., Laike, Ramus)
  • Bad guy introduction/scene (i.e., Xenobia)
  • Good singer
  • Bad singer
  • Synth strings playing the "got an item!" sound (not on the game disc; slightly longer than in-game sfx)
  • ??? Short clip I don't recognize. Sounds menacing. Possibly an orchestration of the music box.

12. Shiren wo Horikaete (Surmounting the Trial)

  • Field music after Luna's capture, with the descending strings looping smoothly at the repeat
  • Manmade dungeon (i.e., Saith lighthouse)
  • Boss battle
  • Goddess Tower
  • Menacing music as Ghaleon orders Althena to blast Vane
  • Grindery

13. Saigo no Tatakai (The Final Battle).

  • Final battle
  • Harp music which plays as Alex runs to Luna
  • Background music to Luna's last scene, going into credit music.

14. LUNAR (karaoke). An accompaniment version (i.e., no lead vocal) of track 1. The backup voices are present, making it somewhat easier to make out the harmonies.

15. Sensitive Dream (karaoke). An accompaniment version (i.e., no lead vocal) of track 3, although it doesn't open with the chorus, for some reason.

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