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Vintage magazine feature on TSS
Thanks to forum member Arlia, we were able to get ahold of an incredibly hard-to-find special feature on Lunar: The Silver Star from way back in 1992, just two months after TSS was released in Japan! The... - Full Story


Lunar: Eternal Blue Complete released on PSN in Japan!
Thanks to jay_are for the tip-off on the Lunar: Eternal Blue Complete form, we've learned that the remake of Lunar: Eternal Blue has been released to the Japanese Playstation Network! Here's to hoping... - Full Story


Wolfgang Landgraf pages back online!
A couple of months ago, we had to take down the Wolfgang Landgraf pages for Lunar, Phantasy Star, Shining Force and others due to hosting issues. Thankfully, someone has stepped forward to host these great... - Full Story


GameArts Survey!
Hello LUNAR fans! We've got a bit of news for you that should be worth 10 minutes of your time. The GungHo America team is currently doing an online survey in regards to GameArts titles in North America.... - Full Story


Lunar: Silver Star Story Touch Major Update!
Just got word of a major update to LUNAR: Silver Star Story Touch for the iOS! This update is being submitted to the app store for approval. Some of the main updates include a refined rendering pipeline... - Full Story


21 more music tracks from Eternal Blue
Apparently we had several music tracks from the Sega CD Eternal Blue missing from our music section -- specifically, from the "PCM Files" section with music taken directly from the game disc.... - Full Story


Vintage Magazine Scans for TSS, EB, and SSS
Thanks to forum member liquidpolicenaut, we have dozens more scans of vintage magazine articles from 1992 through 1996. This includes previews and reviews of The Silver Star and Eternal Blue for the Sega... - Full Story


Magazine scans for TSS/EB
Greetings, travelers! Thanks to forum member liquidpolicenaut, we now have a few magazine scans from the early 1990s, back when Lunar: TSS and Lunar: EB were first released. My personal favorite is a 1991... - Full Story


Lunar: Silver Star Harmony Section: Upgraded!
Sorry for the delay, but now we have LunarNET upgrade nine: "Lunar: Silver Star Harmony"! We've redone much of the section and even added plenty of new content. This was an interesting one, since... - Full Story


Lunar: Dragon Song Section: Upgraded!
And almost instantly we have LunarNET upgrade number eight, "Lunar: Dragon Song"! We revamped several sections of it, and trimmed out a lot of the unnecessary parts (a lot of this was designed... - Full Story

Last Novel Update!
Magical School LUNAR! Walkthrough!
Magical School LUNAR! High-Res Screens!
Vocal Song Translations!

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